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Piccirillo named Saratoga Springs school superintendent

2012-01-05T16:42:00Z 2012-01-05T16:48:20Z Piccirillo named Saratoga Springs school superintendentDAVE CANFIELD -- Glens Falls Post-Star
January 05, 2012 4:42 pm  • 

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- An assistant superintendent at the Saratoga Springs City School District has been selected to be the district's next leader.

Michael Piccirillo will take over as superintendent when Janice White retires in July, the president of the school board announced Thursday. Piccirillo, 49, has been the district's assistant superintendent of secondary education since 2007.

He said he intends to stress a 21st century curriculum as superintendent and foster respectful student attitudes.

"This is an excellent school district," Piccirillo said. "There is a real solid foundation to work from, and I want to build on that."

Piccirillo began his career in education 25 years ago as a social studies teacher. He has worked at numerous area districts, including North Warren and Lake George. He came to Saratoga in 2007 from Guilderland High School, where he served as principal.

In July 2010, he was appointed superintendent of the South Glens Falls school district after a lengthy search. He turned the position down days later, however, and the district did not fill the position for nearly another year.

The superintendent selection in Saratoga Springs was made following an internal search, said Regina Gapczynski, president of the Board of Education. She said it was not necessary to interview candidates from outside the district because of the associated costs and the quality of internal applicants.

The board will vote to officially promote Piccirillo at its meeting on Tuesday.

"The board is unanimous in its belief that Mike Piccirillo is the right person at the right time with the right qualifications," Gapczynski said.

Piccirillo earns about $136,000 as an assistant superintendent. The salary he will receive as superintendent has not been finalized, Gapczynski said. The internal job posting listed the position's minimum salary at $160,000, increasing with experience.

White's salary in her final year as superintendent is $171,000. She announced in October that she would retire effective July 1 after six years as superintendent.

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  1. scottycc31
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    scottycc31 - January 06, 2012 8:35 pm
    Mr. Piccirillo probably did not take the SGF Job, because he was treated badly...even though, in the end, he was given/offered the job in the long run. I think He refused the job because of some of the board members. Some of them should really be kicked and booted out next time around!!!...or Resign. New blood needs to be on that board!!! I glad Piccirillo saw this, before he took the job at SGF.....Good for you Mr. Piccirillo!!!! I think you finally found your place! You have Morals and you stood by them. It does pay off, when you follow your heart.

    The SGF School disrict has some issues to deal with. I'm glad Piccirillo has gone to Saratoga. I think he will be a great asset, to a school district that cares!!
  2. sgfcitizen
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    sgfcitizen - January 06, 2012 12:58 pm
    Doubter_2 said: "I wonder if he had accepted the SGF job if he might not have jumped ship to go back to Saratoga anyways? "

    He didn't take the SGF job because he knew this oppertunity was coming. South Glens Falls BOE's buffoonery just gave him a nice exit out. Don't blame him, look at how SGF treated the last superindentant.
  3. LGpride96
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    LGpride96 - January 06, 2012 7:02 am
    Mike is a great guy - I'm very happy to see such wonderful things happen for this man. He'll do a phenomenal job... that's for sure.
  4. Doubter_2
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    Doubter_2 - January 05, 2012 10:52 pm
    Always nice to go (stay) where you are appreciated...
    I wonder if he had accepted the SGF job if he might not have jumped ship to go back to Saratoga anyways? Although reports say he is committed to doing a good job, so maybe he would have stayed at SGF. Looks like a win-win for Saratoga and Mr. Piccirillo!
  5. scottycc31
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    scottycc31 - January 05, 2012 9:53 pm
    @ "Ed"......."Ho Hum?" This guys seems to have standards, since turning down a job at So. Glens Falls School district. Wondering what's so "Ho Hum" about that??? This guy obviously has standards and just wont take ANY job. I'm Just curious at your apathetic response.....?????
  6. vetwhoserved
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    vetwhoserved - January 05, 2012 5:47 pm
    Nice to see he got picked by his home district. He's far better off than if he decided to stay with the boe in SGF....they blew a great chane at a great leader but as typical BOE in SGF self indulgence rules.
  7. Ed
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    Ed - January 05, 2012 5:10 pm
    Ho hum.


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