HUDSON FALLS -- A pedestrian hit by a vehicle Friday on state Route 4 suffered a head injury and was in critical condition Saturday.

Hudson Falls Police said Zachary L. Girard, 22, of Fort Edward, was struck while crossing Route 4 by a vehicle driven by Paul E. Lindsey, 78, of Hudson Falls.

The incident occurred around 5:40 p.m. in the area of Rite Aid pharmacy. A pedestrian crosswalk is located nearby.

Girard was transported to Glens Falls Hospital by Fort Edward Rescue Squad.

He was later taken to Albany Medical Center because of the severity of his injuries. A spokesman there said Girard was in critical condition Saturday afternoon.

The driver said he was not exceeding the speed limit at the time of the crash, Hudson Falls Sgt. John Kibling said.

Police will continue to investigate the accident, and witnesses are asked to contact them at 747-4011.

No charges have been filed in connection with the incident.

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I feel sorry for the person who was hit but I think this accident is the result of the stupid law that allows pedestrians the right to cross, at will, at any crosswalk. I'm sorry but vehicles should always have the right of way on streets. Streets where created for cars not pedestrians. Many walkers now assume they can just step into the street at any given time, at any given place and you should stomp on your brakes to let them cross. I've seen people just walk into the road without looking and seen many near accidents resulting from this dangerous disregard for personal safety. We need to go back to the old rule of look before you cross. Cars have the right of way on streets, period.


This article would get additional clarity if it had pointed out whether the person crossed at the marked crossing or not.
My own personal experience in that area has been that people cross the road without looking first left and then right.
When we still use crossing guards for High School students our system is really broken. Teach kids how to cross any road on their own and teach drivers to be defensive and these kind of accidents should not happen.


Our hearts and prayers go out to Zack and his family. Zack you are loved far more than you know and many people are praying for your speedy full recovery. We love you all..hope he wakes and gets well soon!


Wow couldn't the two above just say..Good Luck Zack and Our Prayers are with You..Now is not the time for such negative remarks..The Prayer is There..


Although I feel bad for the kid that is hurt I have to lean to the same side as mongoo and cutwatse. Ever since those crosswalks and flags were put up in that area, it gives pedestrians that almighty feeling that they can just waltz right into traffic. I see it everyday since I drive through this area daily multiple times. At least the folks in Glens Falls have enough since to peek out around the cars before they jump out in the street.

Hopefully this boy recovers fine from this incident.


I love how someones son was haning on a thread for life and people think its right to bolster there ideas of pedistrian crossings stop. Not the time or place from the way i was told the car looked this driver didnt even stop and was speeding and that the kid did look both ways before crossing


If you negative nellies knew Zack you would know that he would never just boldly and arrogantly cross the road like that. The man crosses that road in that very spot everyday. If you are all so negative why haven't any of you talked about the age or the driver? Come one...everyone knows older drivers that shouldn't be on the road but are. Not saying this is the case..but at least consider it before you pass blame on this tragedy. And by all means let the police finish their investigation before you pass judgement. Zack is a great man who would give you the shirt off his back. He doesn't deserve this. What he does deserve is your prayers. If you want to do something active then pray for his recovery and for strength for his family and friends. A traumatic brain injury is soemthing that could affect him for the rest of his life! Love you Zack and all your family. Hold strong and keep praying! See you all soon!


I agree with "extremez" observation about he difference between pedestrians in Glens Falls and Hudson Falls. I drive around both GF and HF during the day and, too, have observed that pedestrians in Glens Falls more often than not look both ways and establish eye contact with the motorist. Then while crossing, many give at least a brief wave of thanks and scurry across the street, as not to hold up traffic. Contrarily, in HF, I have seen countless pedestrian just walk into traffic (without looking), saunter across the street without any sense of urgency whatsoever, and without a wave of acknowledgement or thanks to the motorist in front of whom they just walked.


@ ontheoutside. What do you expect in the discussions? People should be aware of their surroundings. Drivers and pedestrians. Too many walk without looking. Too many crosswalks that are unlit. Too many crosswalks next to parking spots. It's a dumb law. I happened to be driving by after all was said and done and noticed an 18 pack of beer scattered all over the road. I wonder if this played a part in this accident.


[quote]cixelsyd said: "@ ontheoutside. What do you expect in the discussions? People should be aware of their surroundings. Drivers and pedestrians. Too many walk without looking. Too many crosswalks that are unlit. Too many crosswalks next to parking spots. It's a dumb law. I happened to be driving by after all was said and done and noticed an 18 pack of beer scattered all over the road. I wonder if this played a part in this accident."[/quote]
Obviously if it was spilled across the road, it wasn't consumed. Be careful what you put out there.


sorry truthplz just stating facts. Don't know if they were full or not. Didn't stop to check but I'm sure someone didn't scatter them across the road to come back later to pick them up. Could have been the drivers returns or the guy walking might have bought some beer to bring home but they were there. Don't take it personal. I implied no one.


The accusations here are ridiculous. I myself was hit IN the cross walk about ten years ago. The woman was on her phone and speeding and not paying attention. Ive had more people WILLING to stop in Glens Falls. As for Hudson Falls, no one ever stops...atleast with my experiance and I have ,for the most part, lived around here for the last 18 years. But for you guys to start shooting off saying all these accusations are absurd, instead of being so quick to point fingers and come up with your own stories. why dont you wait for the REAL story to come out and then you can start flapping your lips..or maybe even PRAY and worry about this young man pulling through and making it out alive. Wow people....


Might I add, I was hit in the crosswalk, on main street of hudson falls.Where Rite Aid used to be located, across from Cumbys. There have been several accidents right around there where pedestrians have been hit.


This law is a dumb one alright. How many people look - they take a flag if your lucky and just walk expecting everyone to just stop with no warning.
WE DO NOT KNOW what happened in this case-people saying he didn't consume beer as it was all over the road. HMM you can drink and walk to the store for more. People still sell beer to people intoxicated. I hope this was not the case.
Why don't we not speculate as all these "rumor"type things hurt the families!Don't you have something better to do.I do, I am going back to work. I was on break!

something is wrong

You can't even mow your lawn along these roads without dying .Getting your mail is taking your life in your hands! 1 person dead on Washington County Roads per month.Driving a car is a privilege , walking is a GOD given right. Their is a serious problem on these roads and drivers. The paid people who are suppose to oversee the laws of the road are useless. Even some of the Town leaders are incapacited and unable to drive a motor vehicle. Some should think before blaming this poor pedestrian.


It has been 2 days...
I do hope Zack is doing better ????


To m1ssp1der - Let me just say from an insider, it is my belief that that alcohol had nothing to do with this accident.
Doubter_2 Thank you for your concern. Zack's condition has improved. He isn't out of the woods yet, but everyday a small improvement is seen.
To the Negative Nellies - Please guys, with all the time you have to type these absurdly negative comments- pray for his recovery and for the man who hit him to find peace with this awful incident.
A big thanks goes out to all of you who have been praying. Keep it up it's working!


We are praying for a full recovery for Zack. Such a sad situation and guys remember his family is probably holding a bed side vigil I'd say they need our love and support as a community not people playing the blame game. They do call them accidents for a reason and no matter what the reason a young mans life is at stake!! To Zacks family and friends my children went to school with Zack and this has truly effected our family our promise to you is prayers day and night!! Please get well soon we are all pulling for you!!


I haven't heard of any updates on this "kid." I say "kid," as my kids are his age. Does any know how he is doing or what the hopes are for his recovery??? I do pray for him. And will keep him in my prayers. Such a young nice lad to have this happen to.


Sending Prayers out to Zack and his Family. Prayers also to the driver as this is a tragedy to go through for all involved. God will keep you all strong to get you through this!


Thank you for prayers given and for ongoing prayers. Zack suffered some setbacks this week and is still listed in critical condition. We are all hopeful he will come back to us.


Zack Has passed away..He is with the Angels..His dad said on the Zacks recovery Page on Facebook..He will be donating organs that will allow 8 People to live..I did not know Zack but have been praying for Him and keeping up with Him since the accident..From what I read He will be greatly missed and that He is an Awesome Guy..RIP Zack and thoughts and prayers go out to Your Loving Family..


For those of you who may still be looking here for updates...Zack passed away on Saturday due to his brain injury. We will be holding a benefit to help his parents cover the costs of both his uninsured stay at Albany Med and funeral expenses. The benefit will be on February 18 from 12-6 at the McCrea Pub in Fort Edward. Come on out and help this family, have some fun and listen to/ share storeis of Zack's short life.

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