Editor's Note: This story was clarified at 11:27 a.m. on Feb. 25, 2011, to reflect Bill Teator's current status as a lobbyist.

Bill Teator, a lobbyist whose clients have included several energy companies, will chair a panel U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson is putting together to develop a regional energy strategy that will include locating a nuclear plant in the region.

Teator, who was executive director of Gibson's congressional campaign, will serve as an unpaid volunteer on the panel, which will hold its first meeting on March 23 at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority's STEP park in Malta, said Stephanie Valle, a spokesman for Gibson, R-Kinderhook.

"I support an ‘all-of-the-above' energy policy that includes investments in solar, wind, biomass, hydro and nuclear energy. All of these industries will be represented on my Energy Advisory Council," Gibson said in a press release announcing the March 23 meeting.

Teator is president and chief executive officer of Capital Advocates, a lobbying and communications firm with offices in Saratoga Springs and Washington, D.C.

The firm's clients have included Energy East Corp., now known as Iberdrola USA, a wind energy company; and Farmers of Clean Air & Water, a coalition of agricultural organizations, according to the firm's web site.

Other clients listed on the website include New York State Electric & Gas, Central Maine Power, and Rochester Gas & Electric.

Teator said on Friday that he stopped representing the energy companies in 2009 and stopped representing the agriculture coalition about four years ago.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Wednesday issued a press release criticizing Gibson's selection of Teator to head the panel.

"Bill Teator has been paid tens of thousands of dollars to look out for the interests of energy companies, and that's exactly what he'll continue to do in his new role for Rep. Chris Gibson," said Josh Schwerin, northeast regional spokesman for the campaign committee, which is the political arm of the House Democratic conference.

Schwerin previously was the spokesman for U.S. Rep. Scott Murphy, D-Glens Falls, whom Gibson defeated in November.

Valle, the Gibson spokeswoman, said Teator will be one of many members of the panel.

"The panel is going to be made up of a broad range of interests - organized labor to government leaders to people advancing renewable energy like solar or wind or hydro. So I think it's pretty unfair to say that we're advancing any one particular interest or person's objective," she said.

Valle said Gibson is still seeking commitments from volunteers to serve on the panel.

The complete membership will be announced prior to the March 23 meeting.

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Anyone surprised? Gibson is still following orders but now they come from the RNC. It's sad, changing out a thoughtful centrist for a party stooge. What company or industry will get what they paid for next?
Regretting that vote yet?


Obama (with Gibson in tow) wants to authorize 36 billion in loans for Nuke Energy companies which are well aware they could never pay for these toxic boondoggled on their own. This has proven to be the most expensive energy form available--and undoubtedly the most dangerous by far.

36 billion for nukes, but major cutbacks to education, fuel for seniors and the poor, and massive cuts to small local programs throughout the US. Corporations have a stranglehold on democratic processes.

One good thing is that I do believe if this plan starts to materialize opposition will come from both local Democrats--and Republicans... the latter may want big business and big money in the area, but not at the expense of the quality of life here or their health or their future in the region (including property values)


If Obama can hire a GE leader to head up energy position, then I guess that Gibson can do the same. I as much as I dislike seeing these leaders of industries getting into government positions which could pose a conflict of interest, I would far rather see one of them in the job than an acorn nut or a community organizer, or even a person who was glad to see the towers fall.


Does this mean that Mr.Gibson now has a special interest group that he will have to help in some way in the future.I thought we needed to get rid of the special interest groups.They seem to cloud most politicians eyes with what they can give the politician not what the politician can get the public.


retired, ACORN has enrolled many new voters, mostly low income and working poor (which tend to vote democratic which is why the GOP would love to shut them down permanently) along with advocating for increases in the minimum wage, and assist the working poor and disabled. Who else would lobby for their interests?

Top corpoations receive tax subsidies from our country, corporations are now allowed to contribute endlessly to our political system and through the shadow PACs.

I'll take the advocate for the little guy, in these times, they need all the help they can get. The corporaton's profits are booming.


Hmmmm, I seem to remember a lot of focus in the past election (local, state, and national) on getting the lobbyists out of the process. Gee, that didn't take long to drop by the wayside,did it? Dem or Repub, they're all cut from the same cloth, same ol', same ol'. THough I will say the Repubs do seem to be much more beholden to the lobbyists. Some things never change.....


[quote]fxkane said: ". Nuke Energy .. has proven to be the most expensive energy form available -- and undoubtedly the most dangerous by far."[/quote]

Exactly. They even try to present Thorium reactors as clean.

Don Donofrio

Why do we need organized labor represented on a panel to look into our Energy policy?


Let's play connect the dots.
GE is a global player in the new "alternative energy" business. GE gives millions to both Dem and Repub parties. GE head to be head of energy commission. GE is given enviromental waivers. Only GE and other governemt approved corporations are given complete contol of source and supply of energy. What a deal. There's more oil in the US than the rest of the wortld, but the corporations that own our government, media, and the oil, will never let you know. Don't blame the Arabs, they're the scapgoat. Find the facts for yourself.


A true man of the people *wink*.


well he IS providing jobs.

Yes, they are to his friends but it all helps the economy, right? Good job, keep it up! Lobbyists need work too!


How quaint the Gibson is hiring an energy lobbyist to develop energy policy. I wonder whose interests the lobbyist will put first. I also wonder what industry Gibson plans to enter once he is out of Congress.

Any representative that would hire a lobbyist like that ought to get out or be driven out of office. Corporate lobbyists are the last people we need on the federal payroll. They certainly are the last people we can expect to put the peoples' interests first.

Absolutely disgusting!


How does giving complete control, a monopoly, help the economy? Do you like what you pay for electricity and heat because ONLY a foriegn corporation has exclusive rights to our Hudson River? The jobs come but then they go and we are stuck with paying what the market will bear with NO competition for the rest of our lives. Why are not we, the folks alond the Hudson , able to build publically owned power dams? How much water power is available that we are not allowed to even consider for energy sourses? We must realize that the same banker-corporation folks that own the energy sources own the politicains, having paid billions over the years to both parties making sure they, and only they, have the "rights" to our energy. The US has more oil than the rest of the world, so why are we paying almost $4.00 per gallon? It's time we ask questions and seek answers from those that are not on the payroll of Wall St., the political parties and seek honest news sources.

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