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Sayward torn over vote in 23rd District

2009-11-02T15:05:00Z Sayward torn over vote in 23rd DistrictBy MAURY THOMPSON Glens Falls Post-Star
November 02, 2009 3:05 pm  • 

State Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, R-Willsboro, said Monday she is indecisive about who should represent the 23rd Congressional District now that Republican Diedre Scozzafava has dropped out of the race.

"You know when I get into that booth tomorrow (Tuesday) I'll make my decision," said Sayward, an early and vocal supporter of Scozzafava's, a fellow Assemblywoman who dropped out of the race on Saturday and endorsed Democratic candidate Bill Owens on Sunday.

Scozzafava dropped out of the race after a recent Siena College poll showed her running a distant third behind Conservative candidate Douglas Hoffman, an accountant from Lake Placid, and Owens, a lawyer from Plattsburgh, in the special election to fill the seat vacated when John McHugh was confirmed as secretary of the Army.

"Dede is a very dear friend of mine. Unfortunately, today I am really wrestling with that whole issue," Sayward said in a telephone interview on Monday. "I certainly would have wished that she hadn't come out in support of the Democrat. That I will say strongly."

The race has drawn national attention, as conservative figures in the Republican party, such as Sarah Palin and Fred Thompson, lined up behind Hoffman, claiming that Scozzafava was too liberal because of her support for abortion rights and gay marriage.

Sayward also supports gay marriage.

The 23rd District includes all or parts of 11 counties, including all of Hamilton County and part of Essex County, including Willsboro, where Sayward lives.

State Sen. Elizabeth Little, R-Queensbury, issued a statement on Sunday endorsing Hoffman.

"On the issue that matters most in this election - the economy - Doug Hoffman has the right ideas and the right experience," Little said.

Little lives outside the 23rd Congressional District, but represents several of its counties in the state Senate.

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(14) Comments

  1. sstranahan
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    sstranahan - November 03, 2009 6:08 pm
    Hey incredible,I was out there,Talking with the people,they didn't want her(Scozzafava)disliked her values and her policy!I am always game for some more input,what is it about her you liked??
  2. incrediblywellinformed
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    incrediblywellinformed - November 03, 2009 3:40 pm
    Also, did you hear the reports about Hoffman's people at the polling places and the allegations of intimidation? I bet not.
  3. incrediblywellinformed
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    incrediblywellinformed - November 03, 2009 3:39 pm
    Hey Skip,
    Guess you didn't see all of the things Hoffman's people and supporters were doing to Scozzafava during the campaign. It would have made Rove and Atwater proud. Sore loser?!?!?! There is a reason she supported the Democratic candidate. Did you even follow that race?
  4. jmac1020
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    jmac1020 - November 03, 2009 11:52 am
    It is unfortunate that the radical right has captured the Republican party. Their litmus test on social issues is driving numerous moderates out of the party and driving the party itself to irrelevance, left with speaking to 20% of the deep south. Gerald Ford, George Bush (Sr), Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, John McCain and even Ronald Reagan would be either out of the current party or uncomfortable with the extremists. Palin and Limbaugh as standard bearers? You have got to be kidding me.
  5. Sceptical Mass
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    Sceptical Mass - November 03, 2009 9:34 am
    Jihad? Infidels? I think not: and how offensive are those terms to miltary families which make up a large percentage of the 23rd district's voters, many of whom have served in the Middle East? Disgusting. This is nothing more than the electorate speaking in the voting booth with a loud clear voice. Isn't that what we want in America? Or is it only a good thing when it's a liberal wave of anger? People have the right to define their own party's philosophy. The final tally will be what it will be. One thing, however, is clear as a bell: in the 23rd district the people have been awakened. Let's hope some of this anger at the established well-entrenched "good old boys" is felt in the local elections.
  6. Ed
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    Ed - November 03, 2009 9:24 am
    The Obama administration didn't do their homework..again. Shouldn't have messed with upstate New York.
  7. PissedOffTaxpayer
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    PissedOffTaxpayer - November 03, 2009 8:15 am
    I hope Hoffman wins. That will send a nice message to Barry.

    People are sick of big government and even more sick and tired of paying taxes so lazy people can stay home and do nothing.

    We need people like Hoffman so Obama and his lib friends can't pass another stimulus package and piss away billions more of outr money.

    It amazes me that Barry and Nancy can't give seniors a COLA the next two years yet they gave Pakistan $8B and keep giving greedy corporations millions of our money. Funny how Ford took no government money and seem able to turn a profit without big brother's help.
  8. sstranahan
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    sstranahan - November 02, 2009 8:22 pm
    Sayward should be concerned,The public are standing up to the big party mongers,they are over burdened and taxed to death by the elitist and fed up with big governments violations of their most basic rights.We The people refuse to be led into their moraless,socalist form of tyrant leadership.I applaud Mrs.Little for taking a stance on this issue and hope the citizens of the 23rd will see the dropout Scozzafava for what she really is a sore loser and a traitor to her people.
  9. brian
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    brian - November 02, 2009 7:11 pm
    "let me enlightened you"

  10. maude
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    maude - November 02, 2009 6:26 pm
    Assemblywoman Sayward, It's nobodies business how you vote! Vote for the person that you think will do the best job. I'm sick and tired of this party stuff. If we had a little more bi-partisan in this country, we would be alot better off.
  11. brian
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    brian - November 02, 2009 6:16 pm
    It's pretty obvious why Assemblywoman Sayward is torn. She is fairly conservative economically but not fanatically ideological on wedge social issues. In short, she's exactly the kind of "infidel" that the Beck/Palin jihadists are trying to purge the party of.
  12. Stephne
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    Stephne - November 02, 2009 4:33 pm
    "Little lives outside the 23rd Congressional District", not to worry Ms.Little, so does candidate Hoffman.

    Watch out Mrs. Sayward the 'baggers will get you next!
  13. Buttercup
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    Buttercup - November 02, 2009 4:21 pm
    What the heck is she so "torn" about? I don't care if Scozzafava is a dear friend, she's a liberal and she dropped out. That should have cleared up any misguided indecision. Now she's torn between the voters who put her in office and doing favors for her friends? Represent the party or leave it. I'm so sick of these RINO's who put an "R" next to their name only to facilitate their liberal agenda once in office.
    Scozzafava is a Democrat and Sayward supported her. She knows very well who she's voting for but is too cowardice to admit it. How weak and untruthful.
    Stand for something except indecisive waffling. We have enough of that in the WH now.
    Let's ask her again after Tuesday. She should have made up her mind by then. Maybe she'll close her eyes and pick one or get a Magic 8-ball to help her decide. I hear Barry has one. It's how he makes his wartime decisions.
    We'll vote her out next.
  14. patcher
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    patcher - November 02, 2009 3:47 pm
    Teresa, your "bud" Dede quit and through her support to Owens ... what's there to think about especially if you want to keep your job? I like how you describe the "national attention" behind Hoffman and forget to mention the President and Vice President throwing their weight behind Owens and the fact that the President created this special election just so he could increase his power. For once Teresa, step up to the plate and let us all know just where YOU stand.


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