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Site for new townhouses

The burned-out building on Culvert Street in Glens Falls was demolished to make way for new residential units. The Glens Falls Planning Board on Tuesday approved, with conditions, plans for two 3-unit townhouses to be built on the site.

GLENS FALLS — Plans for a yoga training facility on Bay Street and new townhouses on Culvert Street were approved Tuesday by the Planning Board, while a proposal to build an addition onto the Flomatic Corp. plant was tabled to get more information.

Stephanie and Atilla Kayalar received approval to open a Restore Balance training center at 107 Bay St.

Stephanie Kayalar told the board that this will be a second location and will complement her existing yoga and meditation facility at 451 Glen St. She said the business opened last year and has been very successful.

This second location is planned as a retreat center for use every other weekend or once a month, according to Kayalar.

“It’s planned for eight to 12 people at a time for small retreats, bringing people from out of town,” she said.

Kayalar said she teaches a type of weighted blanket restorative yoga and this center would train other people in this style, so they could start their own businesses. People would likely be staying overnight. There are accommodations for about eight people on the second floor.

She said there are about six parking spaces on site. However, there is additional parking at her other facility on Bay Street, which is not open on the weekends.

Kayalar said she plans to make some cosmetic upgrades, including changing the siding and replacing the stairs in the front on the same footprint.

“We’ll make it look much better,” she said.

The board had no issues with the project.

“Having dealt with this same site for the last applicant, I would say there’s certainly less people in opposition to what you’re putting in,” said board member Ethan Hall.

Hall, who is an architect, had represented Queensbury Taxi in its effort to put an office at that site a year ago. The company abandoned the plan after an outcry by neighbors who were worried about an increase in traffic and other activity at the site.

“I think it’s a great use for the building. I’m glad to see something finally going in over there,” he said.

Also on Tuesday, the board approved with conditions to a proposal by Mike Stevens to build two 3-unit townhouses at 14 Culvert St. That location was the site of an apartment building that was set on fire in September 2016.

The project had been tabled from a previous meeting because of a lack of information on the plans. Board members had some concerns that some of its questions had not been answered.

“We have guidelines for architectural and site plan review and there’s a whole checklist in there that includes pretty much everything,” said board President Dan Bruno.

Stevens said he thought that some of these conditions did not apply because he was rebuilding on the original footprint.

“It applies regardless of whether it’s on the same footprint or not,” Bruno said.

The board approved the project with the condition that he submit a stormwater management plan, a lighting plan and a planting and landscaping plan.

Stevens said depending on the cost of lumber, he would like to begin construction this summer and have it completed in one season.

Also, the board tabled a proposal by Flomatic, which makes valves, to construct a roughly 19,000-square-foot addition to its facility at 15 Pruyn’s Island in order to increase its capacity by 50 percent.

Bob Clear, of Rozell Industries, said the site plan was not totally complete.

The board preferred to hold off on both the architectural and site plan review until all the plans are finished.

“There’s not enough information submitted as far as I’m concerned. I think they should have some better details. I think it’s a great project,” Hall said.

Mayor Dan Hall made an appearance to show his support for the project.

“I’m very excited about it. It’s more jobs on Pruyn’s Island,” he said.

The company hopes to add 15 jobs in the next three years, which would bring employment to about 65 people.



Reporter for The Post-Star, covering the city of Glens Falls, town and village of Lake George and northern Warren County communities.

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