GLENS FALLS -- A drawing will be held Friday morning at the Glens Falls Civic Center, not for Powerball jackpot, but for a chance to buy tickets for the Oct. 23 Phish concert.

City officials are seeking to prevent a mass campout in front of the Civic Center by fans trying to be first in line.

Starting just after midnight Friday morning, each person 12 and older will receive a numbered wristband. The wristband must be worn at all times and does not guarantee a ticket to the event.

Friday morning, a number will be drawn at random, and the person with that numbered wristband will become the first person in line when tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. The person with the second-highest number will be the next person in line and so forth.

For example, if the number 64 is drawn, the person wearing the number 64 wristband will be first in line. Number 65 will be second.

The number will be called 30 minutes before tickets go on sale. Ticket-buyers must be present when the number is called to enter the line. Anyone not present will be moved to the end of the line.

Civic Center officials decided to use a lottery to give people a chance at obtaining tickets without having to camp outside the box office, according to General Manager Jeremy Huelsing.

“This way it gives everybody a fair shot to be at the front of the line,” he said. “Whether you have wristband number one or wristband number 100, there’s really no advantage.”

He added that the wristband system, which has been used at larger venues, also helps to prevent scalping.

The Vermont jam band Phish last played at Glens Falls Civic Center in 1994 in a notorious five-hour Halloween concert. Now on a summer tour, Phish will take a monthlong break starting in early September, then begin a fall tour in October.

Tickets cost $65 and will also be available online at at or by phone at 1-855-GFCC-TIX.

Huelsing said he expects that all 7,500 tickets available for the concert would be sold.

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Chairman of the Boards

That statement of 'expecting' to sell all tickets already shows that the CC doesn't understand the scope of this show - all anyone can talk about in the Phish community is this show. The only way this show doesn't sell out in 30 seconds is if the CC website crashes, which there is probably a 99.9% chance of happening.

I want this show to be so enjoyable, but the thought of people running the place who don't realize what these shows are like scares me. What about vending/bathrooms fo 7500 people for a show that is all GA? Does the C C realize how much beer they'll need.

Again, this is a dream show, but I have this creeping suspicion that the CC will make it a nightmare.


Hope all the eateries in town stay open after the concert!


Now it starts. Government yet again taking your rights away. A drawing to sell the tickets how could this mandate be legal. Fans who take the time out of their lives to "campout" to get in line for tickets should be allowed to do so. this insures the most dedicated fans get to see the show. instead some of these prize tickets will undoubtedly be "won" by people who could care less about Phish but will resell them for 10 times their face value. Way to go government you take away our basic rights and promote activity like scalping at the same time all the while crying it's in the name of public safety. camping out is part of a FANS life no matter if it is a concert or movie release or just about anything else. how come you don't intervene for lines on "black Friday" oh wait I know corporate America would kick your butt in court if you tried something like that so go after the little guy. people can congregate in America we don't need or want this intrusion in our lives


Can't wait!

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