Shelving Rock map

This map shows the location of the Shelving Rock day use area and accompanying parking lots.

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FORT ANN — The town and the state Department of Environmental Conservation will work together to add a parking lot and clean up eight others at the popular Shelving Rock hiking and rock-climbing area.

Town of Fort Ann highway crews will construct a new parking area on DEC-managed Forest Preserve lands along Shelving Rock Road and do cleanup work on the existing parking areas.

The additional lot and spaces created from working on the other eight lots should result in 92 parking spaces off the road.

In March, the Town Board banned parking along both sides of the road because emergency crews were having trouble getting past parked cars.

“The prime driver for banning park was our safety concerns. People were parking wherever they pleased,” said town Supervisor Richard Moore. “With the expansion of the parking lot, that should help us so we don’t have a problem when emergency crews need to get up to Shelving Rock.”

Washington County sheriff’s officers and DEC rangers will enforce the parking prohibition, Moore said.

Shelving Rock, on the eastern shore of Lake George, is popular with residents and visitors for the bay, along with trails to Shelving Rock Falls and the summits of nearby Buck, Sleeping Beauty and Shelving Rock mountains. There is also rock-climbing on cliffs on Shelving Rock and Sleeping Beauty.

During the summer, crews from the town of Fort Ann, under a DEC contract, will also make improvements to the 1.5-mile section of the Dacy Clearing Road between the Hogtown Parking Area and the Dacy Clearing Parking Area. The town crews will improve ditching and drainage, grade, resurface and rake.

That work will make it easier to get to the parking lot at Dacy Clearing and should allow the road to be open earlier in the spring and later in the fall. It should also prevent temporary road closures after heavy rains.

There are 13 designated tent sites along Dacy Clearing Road and Shelving Rock Road and restricted camping to these designated sites.

The parking area and tent sites allow access for hikers to more than 25 miles of trails and the summits of Erebus and Sleeping Beauty mountains; for backpacker access to the lean-tos on Fish Brook Pond, Greenland Pond and Millman Pond; for anglers to Bumps Pond, Fish Brook Pond and Greenland Pond; and for hunters and trappers to more than 20,000 acres of Forest Preserve land.

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