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Fort Ann Town Board, Oct. 11

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The board dealt with a number of issues involving solar panels, including opting out of the state tax exemptions for solar panels and farm waste projects and setting up an ordinance limiting where the panels can be erected. The longest discussion involved a request by the Fort Ann school for the board to consider allowing Solar City to install panels on 4 acres of town-owned property on Route 149. Moore said the Fort Ann Youth League has also inquired about using some of the land, which is behind the town and county highway garages. Several officials and residents suggested there might be better uses for the land. Moore said he would have the solar company come in to make a presentation. The solar panels would produce power for the school.

Other news

Moore said he had received a letter from the North Queensbury Rescue Squad, requesting payment for 49 calls to Pilot Knob. He said there was no request for a specific amount and said he would contact the rescue squad for more details.

Board member Deb Witherell said she has noticed there have been more accidents on Clay Hill Road than in the past and noted some of the guardrails have been repaired by being wired together. “Cars are winding up in people’s yards,” she said. Moore said he would speak with Highway Superintendent Paul Winchell about the issue.

Board member Dennis Fletcher said he has been asked whether the town will consider paving Quarry Road.

Gretchen Stark, another board member, said she and her group are continuing to work on extending the Champlain Canal Bike Trail and are waiting for the leaves to fall before attempting a test ride. She said she is looking for ways to avoid using Clay Hill Road.

Board member Floyd Varney said he and others on Hadlock Pond Road are continually hearing gunshots from a private residence on a nearby road. “We’re not talking a .22, we’re talking a 30.06, and they are firing a lot.” Moore asked Varney to contact Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy the next time he hears the gunshots.

Mark Miller, the town’s code enforcement officer, said he is investigating two trailers illegally parked near Hadlock Pond and “kind of a junkyard” on Route 16. He also said there is an unregistered motor sports shop in Comstock and noted Oct. 31 is the final date for the Denton junkyard to be cleaned up. “If it’s not done, I will go to court on it, and we can fine them for each day,” he said.

Moore announced the board will begin meeting at the Fort Ann Fire Company as of Nov. 17. “It’s really for safety reasons, especially if we get snow. There is just not a lot of parking at Town Hall.” All meetings until then, including budget meetings Monday and Nov. 10, will be held at Town Hall.

Next meeting

7 p.m. Nov. 10 at Town Hall for final budget approval.


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