Brown’s Cemetery in West Fort Ann is seen from Tripoli Road.

FORT ANN — The Town Board will hold a special meeting Friday to discuss its options regarding the boundaries of Brown’s Cemetery in West Fort Ann.

“I expect we will meet in executive session with our attorney, and we might have a decision on what we want to do going forward after the meeting,” Supervisor Richard Moore said Tuesday.

The meeting will be held at 10 a.m. at the Fort Ann Fire Company.

The cemetery’s boundaries have been an issue for several years, especially in the last year since Ed Paradis, who owns the land next to the cemetery and parts of the roads that run through it, put up a fence while building a house on his land.

The Town Board has received a series of complaints from people whose family members are buried in the cemetery and who own plots there. At times, board meetings have drawn 50 or more people on the issue.

Moore said he had hoped to have a report for the board at the Feb. 13 meeting, but did not receive correspondence from Paradis’ attorney, Mark Rehm, until the following day.

According to Moore, he has met with Rehm, Town Attorney Jeffrey Meyer and William Nikas, who is representing some of the plot owners, twice now and has also worked with a professional surveyor, who has done a second survey of the plot.

“We really want to get this straightened out, because it is something people are concerned about, Moore said.

Moore said Paradis, who also owns the land on which Moose Hillock Campground is located, continues to be concerned about negative internet postings about the business by people upset over the cemetery issue.

“There’s really nothing the town can do about that,” Moore said.

Paradis has said he tried to work with the town for four years on the cemetery issue, but it was not seriously addressed until the fence went up last year.

“We have a proposal for Mr. Paradis, regarding what the town would like to do,” Moore said. “We will have to see what happens next.”

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