Former Glens Falls Mayor Robert Regan announced Sunday he has formally entered the state Assembly race, setting up an intra-county battle for the Republican nomination with Queensbury Supervisor Dan Stec, who announced his candidacy last week.

"Dan has his strengths. I have mine, Ultimately the voters can compare the two and decide who can serve the area best," Regan said in a telephone interview after he announced his candidacy.

Regan said his campaign will center around changes he brought to Glens Falls during his tenure as mayor from 1998 to 2005.

"I think if you look at where Glens Falls was in 1997 and you look where it is today, and you realize the dedication and the commitment and the work ethic that went into the transformation that Glens Falls has undergone — that whole approach is what I would bring to this position," he said.

Regan cited his work for Empire State Development Corp. after he was mayor, and before he was mayor as an aide to state Sen. Ronald Stafford, R-Plattsburgh, as attributes.

"I am fully familiar with the inner workings of state government, how decisions get made and how policy goals become law," he said.

Stec could not be reached via phone or email for comment on Sunday. Regan and Stec, both Republicans, are the only two declared candidates, so far, in the race for the Assembly seat that will be open because Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, R-Willsboro, is retiring.

Other have said they are considering the race.

Stec received an endorsement on Sunday from an Essex County Republican who decided not to run.

Lorilee Sheehan, a teacher from Willsboro who had announced Thursday she was considering the race, said Sunday she has decided not to run and has instead endorsed Stec.

Stec has emphasized his regional focus in the campaign, and touted his recently becoming an Adirondack 46er, a distinction for people who have climbed all of the Adirondack High Peaks.

He has said that his membership in the Adirondack Mountain Club and his service on the Intercounty Legislative Committee of the Adirondacks has helped him understand regional issues.

Regan, too, on Sunday, said the race is about the region.

He said he doesn’t think of the election in terms of rivalry between Glens Falls and Queensbury.

"I think it’s about representing the region as a whole," he said.

Republican chairmen in Warren, Washington, Essex and Saratoga counties have agreed on a process to make a district-wide Republican endorsement by March 29.

The Saratoga County Republican Committee will make the first of four individual county endorsement votes on Saturday, said county Republican Chairman John "Jasper" Nolan.

Regan would not say if he would run in a primary if he does not receive the Republican endorsement.

"I’ll decide that later," he said.

Two other Republicans have said they are considering the race.

Thurman Supervisor Evelyn Wood said she has sent letters of interest to each of the four county Republican committees.

She said she will make a definitive decision whether to run after the GOP endorsement process.

Doug Hoffman, an accountant from Lake Placid, said he is considering running for either state Assembly or Congress, and will decide once new district boundaries are finalized.

On the Democratic side, Jay Supervisor Randy Douglas has said he will decide whether to run in a week or so.

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I hope the "Party" let's this go to a primary. Spineless "Sponge Bob Regan" nothing more than a yes man. We need NEW LEADERSHIP. Not the same ole party mouth pieces.


Good luck. Now there is a gentleman running. Go gettem!

Two political hacks! Regan has never had a job that wasn’t a political patronage position. Stec isn’t much better and is really a democrat in wolfs clothing. They don’t have an ounce of integrity between them. Is this all we have to offer?


A Republican Member of the Assembly is little more than a "joke" in Shelly Silver's Democratic Assembly! They are nothing but "seat warmers" for which Bob Regan is well suited. He can tout his 8 years of experience as Mayor of Glens Falls as a qualification for that position.(seat warmer) I can't wait to see him talk about "all the changes he brought to Glens Falls during his tenure as mayor." Now lets see there was Boscov's (oh wait, that never panned out and then Earthtech ! whatever happened to them?) There are all those elm trees that he planted ( at least the ones that didn't end up dying out back of the DPW garage on Dix Avenue and all the brick work and granite curbing he designed and had installed along Glen Street only to be torn out two years later when the street was refurbished As far as Dan Stec goes, the benefit of having him win the assembly race would be getting him out of the "chairman" seat on the "BORDE" of Supervisors before he screws anything else up!


I'd vote for the guy who's running to represent the Adirondack High Peaks. Those are tall Republican mountains, not wishy-washy Democrat foothills! Let's put a flag on top of each one!


Stop being so negative !! Bob is a hardworking & good guy.
You all should vote for him


I can understand that belonging to the Adirondack Mountain Club would enable Stec to participate in exercise-oriented activities that would be good for health. But that it would help him understand regional issues is doubtful. The biased tree-hugging spin doesn't improve what he already knows.


I hope all GF voters remember that our water/sewer bills will be going up because of Mr. Stec.


For those of us old enough to remember, downtown GF was an empty run-down shell of its former self before Regan became mayor. Look at it now. Vibrant, interesting and growing. He laid the groundwork for many of the positive changes that have taken place, from the streetscape to the developpment of the upper floors along Glen, South and Ridge, to the roundabout to the cleanup of rundown properties. Don't forget the industrial park, which was expected to pay off once Luther Forest got built. Glens Falls even has a real parking problem now! Anything Roy and Jack have been able to accomplish as mayor since, they owe to Regan's vision. Not everything he did panned out, but what did has been very positive for the city.


It will be interesting to see who (if any) Betty O'Connor endorses. One thing for sure is that when Betty decides to step down or retire Stec and Regan will be falling over each other trying to get her Senate seat.

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