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Fewer fireworks at Great Escape in 2014

2014-04-08T11:00:00Z Fewer fireworks at Great Escape in 2014 Glens Falls Post-Star

QUEENSBURY -- Great Escape is planning to use different entertainment options to draw guests to the Route 9 amusement park and properties this year, rather than relying so much on fireworks shows.

In 2013, the park hosted fireworks displays every Friday and Saturday in July and August. This year, while there will be fireworks around the Fourth of July holiday and likely for a few other special nights during the summer, the shows won’t be as common, according to Great Escape spokeswoman Becky Close.

“We’re planning on fireworks for the Fourth of July holiday, and then probably a few different times throughout the season, but we will certainly be communicating that with our neighbors in advance, as well,” Close said.

She would not say what, if anything, would replace the fireworks displays, as the amusement park celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

“We’re not really at the point where we have anything to announce in terms of what our entertainment offerings are for the summer,” Close said. “We are looking for that new, unique experience that guests will need to come into the park and be able to do, so fireworks — while they’re very valuable for entertainment, and we’ll certainly have them throughout the season for different special events — we’re very excited about some of the things that are coming along with our 60th (anniversary celebrations).”

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  1. DawgByte
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    DawgByte - April 10, 2014 7:23 am
    So The Great Escape has succumbed to the neighbors under pressure, eh?
    That's what the euphemism to the article indicates, without bluntly stating it. I honestly have no idea why anyone would complain about fireworks in the summertime on a twice-a-week basis. They're always enjoyable to watch, and if I lived that close to the park and was HOME on a Friday night or Saturday night, I'd pull up a chair outside, sit down, and enjoy the show for free.
    These local residents have some major narcissistic attitudes.


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