LAKE GEORGE — The Courtyard Marriott hotel proposed for Canada Street has a new look, and the design’s style, with more of an Adirondack look than the old design had, is closer to what the village Planning Board wants.

“It’s night and day,” said Planning Board Chairman Robert Mastrantoni at a Wednesday night workshop on the Marriott project.

Since developer Dave Kenny met with the Planning Board last month when the members were critical of the design, the color, facade and some of the hotel’s interior configuration has been changed.

Kenny proposed a six-story, 120-room hotel and conference center for the west side of Canada Street, just south of the high school. A recent zoning change allows for buildings of up to six stories in that part of the village, up from three stories previously.

Kenny mentioned Wednesday the possibility of pursuing a certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, for the building, a designation granted by the U.S. Green Building Council.

According to the Marriott website, the Marriott International brand has 13 LEED-certified properties, including two Courtyard Marriott locations.

Wednesday was the second workshop session held on the project, and it was marked by a change in tone among Planning Board members from the first meeting.

Initially, members criticized the design for looking flat and resembling a dormitory, saying the white color didn’t blend in with the surroundings.

A more Adirondack-style design and a more visually interesting facade were among the calls for change coming from Planning Board members last month, calls reflected in the design presented Wednesday.

Planning Board members pointed to the look of the Courtyard Marriott and Hampton Inn hotels in Lake Placid as akin to what they were looking for and aligned with the new village design guidelines.

Kenny said this week, he looked to the design in Lake Placid to influence the hotel’s color scheme.

“It’s more appealing to me,” Mastrantoni said. “It’s more of an Adirondack look and you made a real effort to change what we were looking for.”

The new rendering shows a brown building with a green metal roof and exterior stone at the ground-floor retail level.

Parts of the building jut out farther than others, which Planning Board members said is more visually interesting, and timber detailing accents the roof lines.

The building was reconfigured so at the south end, it’s five stories while it’s six stories at the north end near the high school. At the southern end, the bottom floor will be a restaurant, with two floors of banquet space and two floors of guest rooms above it.

At the northern end, the first floor is retail, with five floors of guest rooms above.

At the highest point, the building will still be 72 feet tall, but the updated design has some height variation at the roof level. From Canada Street, the building will only appear about 63 feet tall, said Jon Lapper, a lawyer who represents Kenny.

“My only concern looking at this now is there are still some of the straight lines going up,” Planning Board member Dan Wolfield said.

Planning Board member Patricia Dow expressed concern the stone at the bottom level makes it look like a different building than the upper stories, and suggested more of an integration.

“It sounds like we’re a lot closer than we were a month ago,” Lapper said. “And you’ve given us some specific things to look at to move toward a submission.”

In addition to obtaining approval from the village Planning Board, the project will need approval from the Adirondack Park Agency. Lapper said the developers would take feedback from Wednesday’s workshop and make some design refinements before submitting the official application to the village.

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Much better! Thank you .


Really? Are actual designers rendering the new design or contractors in a hurry to get this passed? Those silver & black screens don't go with anything surrounding it including the building itself- which looks like a modern rendition of frankenstein's castle (seriously, did House of Frankenstein book the bottom floor?). It's a step up but lacky.


...and that big bare wall in the back left looks absolutely perfect for advertising space *cough! - for the Bloods & the Crips in the region.


this much better, this what he was going to do in the first place but by changing now he is a hero and everybody loves the new look and him. I still want to know about the parking? now for the bldgs. on the corner they look so out of place.(there next)


The best I can say is the new design is less ugly: It now looks a bit less like a giant cash register.


Whats it look like from the lake? And where are people supposed to park?


The parking will go behind the hotel where the current parking lot is that he owns.


A couple of things stand out for me. Even in the computer generated example the building still looks massive... even at an angled perspective. I imagine it would be even more massive if standing in front of it. The building also seems to make the other buildings look under sized. I am sure it is being addressed but where will the parking be for the hotel? Onsite behind the hotel? A parking structure? Under the hotel, doubtful? Yes, the color and structure is more appealing but this is still going to dramatically change the facade of Lake George's downtown.


It looks more Adirondack but I am not sure it is more LG Village, then again, LG Village has never had an Adirondack look, I think we need to look at this as a step toward the future of LG. For years the consensus has been that the village was Tacky, so if you want to get away from than anything new needs to not fit in but be the template for future looks. It would be nice to have more roof lines but that would involve it being taller which it is clear no one wants.


Wow - so in tune with our beautiful mountains - it's still an eye sore!


While this is less hideous, I still have the simple question "what makes this hotel so magical that it will bring in off season tourists?" The hotel rooms? nope, we've got a ton of those. Again the Fort, with its views and convention space STILL closes in winter for lack of business. The retail space? Nope, we have vacancies already in the village. And I would assume those store fronts are at a more reasonable rate then Mr. Kenny will charge. The convention space? See above about the Fort, not to mention the Forum which remains open thanks to hockey, not convention rentals. Simple questions about redundancy. Why should we allow such a large structure, which will obscure views weather you acknowledge it or not, which will put a busy (if you are to believe the hype) convention center right next door to our school. We are told to allow this for off-season tourism. My question is How will it bring in off season tourists?


Just a minor correction. The forum is closed, for sale, 6.5 million. Oh, and there is no ice, no hockey,(ask Queensbury HS) and, well, you can park there?. Some commentary here just shoots from the hip. Nice to have a LG hotel on Canada street that doesn't look like had't been remodeled since 1963.


Well, the theory is that all these bigwigs scheduling their conferences use a major brand hotel, perhaps always mariott, and would be unaware that the fort even existed or wouldn't use it because it wasn't a familiar brand. I don't necessarily believe it, but I don't have to, they rammed the zoning through, and I certainly don't have to justify my choice if I want to build a house within the existing zoning. As for the appearance, it looks like every other cookie cutter hotel out there, with some "adirondack" colors and "rustic" wooden phony trusses thrown in from the view shown.


It is not the towns business to legislate if they "Think" it is a good business decision and will succeed, that is the responsibility of of the person investing 10+ million dollars and your opinion on that is not his concern. It is clear you do not believe in the future economics of our village, glad it is not incumbent on you to succeed.


who cares are you bankrolling it,looks better than the rest of coney island north,let the hate go.


The building looks fine! Everyone needs to stop nitpicking small details. I mean... " 'My only concern looking at this now is there are still some of the straight lines going up,' Planning Board member Dan Wolfield said."... SERIOUSLY? Do you want the building to be round so there are no straight lines?? This building is going to class up the village. A step away from the tacky, honky-tonk look that the village has now. We can only help more and more business owners are encouraged by this to renovate their businesses... but with all the flak Kenny is getting over this from everyone... I doubt many will.


For some reason they want to ram this thing down our throats. If you put a casino in there that would bring people year round, Does Marriot have some magical marketing idea`s???


I'm really disappointed! I was hoping it would be taller!


I agree with a few other posters here............How is this place going to bring in off-season business???? I highly doubt corporations are going to flock to this towering, eye sore just because it's a Marriott and it's new. The building still looks cheap with a "plasticky" feel to it. I think since this is going to be so big, they could have done a tudor/mansion style hotel and be a bit more unique than the cookie cutter chain hotels.

As far as parking goes, I don't understand where there will be enough for 120 rooms and a conference that does not require booking of rooms. And the bottom floor retail space??? And the employees, where are they going to park??? I just don't see where all this needed parking space will be.....even given the lot behind this hotel.

Build a 3 story hotel and conference center if you must.....but this building just looks and screams OVERKILL!!!!!


It looks much better! Hope it does very well and they have some great ideas that will bring some year-round business.
I wish everyone would try to look at the positive side of things and not be so negative. We all should strive together as a community and do what we can to bring in more business.




Wow. I don't think any people here understand the concept of progress. This hotel certainly improves the look of lake George. And, it's only going to increase my property values. So I'm definitively all for it.


This building is just the beginning of a big change coming in Lake George Village! We can worry about the looks of this one and where people will park if there is a convention till the sun comes up. However, Canada Street will have more hotels and more parking garages and that is what is called progress and revenue for the Village. I thought all those parking meters would suffice! I'll be happy in 10 years if I can see the lake from Canada Street! I guess the families visiting will go to Bolton if they want a "quaint" and "Adirondack" looking vacation.


Is Kenny going to snap his fingers to make the people come in the winter? I remember the Spitzers and the Mayor arguing for building the convention center because "the people will come." Now it's vacant and up for sale. Lake George will never be a winter destination like Lake Placid for the simple reason it is a "summer playground" not a "winter playground." After this is built, and it will be built thanks to the mayor no matter what anyone else says or objects to, it will probably close in the winter. Kenny will use the excuse he can't keep it open without tourists.


Getting there but still no varied roof height to help integrate the building's enormous altitude. Also...NATURAL looking stone (local granite or river rock) is critical to making the building look year-round and FITTING to its environment. Store windows should be recessed and played down as they add further to making the 1st floor look like a strip mall. The Planning Board needs to send a strong message to developers that Lake George Village will no longer accept low budget, out of character, construction..the main street is not an amusement park and LGV is a viable, year-round community. Thankfully some board members with vision are on to this, wanting the village to evolve into a charming lakeside town we can all be proud of. Hope they influence the rest.

For me it's all about the 6 stories. If it wasn’t for the imposing 72 foot rectangle, I would sadly resign myself to another ordinary thruway type structure. The bottom line is 6 stories don't belong anywhere near the lake!

Serenity Now

This is ALL about what the mayor wants not what the majority of the community wants. And, yes, this was shoved through!!! The building is way too tall for the setting and should never have been approved by the Village. Remember this has still not passed the APA.


Still looks one big hotel for the talks I guess, because this cant be supported by anyone who really caress about what this will do to e village, or what it will start...this is not progress, this is New Jersey come to lake George...


It seems somewhat ironic that the town of Lake George is insisting on an "Adirondacky" design for a downtown hotel in an area that was never invested in looking as if it were located in the middle of virgin forest. One can see the design disconnect in comparing the present design with that of the adjoining buildings. Wouldn't it be more interesting to make this look line an in-town building--with perhaps a nod to the great Lake George hotels of the past?

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