FORT EDWARD — A Saratoga Springs man who used another person's urine to try to pass a drug test as part of his probation has been sentenced to up to 3 years in state prison.

Khylan L. Hunt, 33, pleaded guilty to tampering with a physical evidence, a felony, and admitted violating his probation for a prior conviction for criminal possession of marijuana.

The new felony was brought in connection with a Sept. 27 situation at the Washington County Probation Department, when he tried to pass off someone else's urine as his own. His probation officer noticed it seemed cooler than normal, and Hunt admitted getting it from another person.

Hunt was sentenced to 5 years on probation for a 2016 arrest in Fort Edward, during which he was found to have more than a pound of marijuana.

Washington County Judge Kelly McKeighan imposed two 1.5- to 3-year prison sentences, which are to be served concurrently.

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