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C.R. Bard announces layoff of 54 workers in Queensbury

2012-11-26T15:54:00Z 2012-11-26T16:54:57Z C.R. Bard announces layoff of 54 workers in QueensburyJAMIE MUNKS -- Glens Falls Post-Star
November 26, 2012 3:54 pm  • 

QUEENSBURY -- The C.R. Bard plant in Queensbury is laying off 54 full-time employees to bring its staffing level in line with demand for its products.

Employees were notified of the layoffs Monday, and the actual reductions will take place over the next few weeks.

The layoffs announced Monday are on top of 55 layoffs at the medical device manufacturing plant in July, said Scott Lowry, C.R. Bard vice president and treasurer.

“It’s a challenging health-care environment for a lot of reasons,” Lowry said. “We’re right-sizing to meet those changes. We’re not seeing the volumes we had in the past, the volumes we were expecting.”

No additional layoffs are planned for the plant currently, and Lowry said there weren’t layoffs at any of the company’s other facilities on Monday, but that’s something company officials continue to look at.

Despite the recent downsizing, Lowry emphasized the company remains committed to the Queensbury plant, and there weren’t any long-term implications about the future of the plant.

“It’s a key plant for us, but a lot depends on needs,” Lowry said. “We view it as a key facility for Bard. This was mostly a tactical reaction.”

The laid-off employees were offered severance packages, Lowry said.

The company last month reported a third-quarter earnings drop. The company’s net income was $129.3 million, a 1 percent decrease from the third quarter in 2011.

The company’s business has been shifting to overseas markets and its overseas sales grew by 3 percent in the third quarter, while U.S. sales were down 1 percent from last year’s third quarter.

The company announced in July it would lay off 55 employees from the Queensbury plant, with the cuts phased over a two-week period. That round of layoffs was attributed to a planned realignment that relocated a product line to another location and brought the plant’s workforce to about 750 employees, company officials said in July.

While that layoff was specific to the realignment, Lowry called this week’s cut a more general reduction that will match its number of employees better with the current needs at the plant.

Despite Monday’s announcement, Vicki Pratt Gerbino, president of EDC Warren County, said she felt positive about the company’s future in the region.

“My heart goes out to those families that will be affected by this,” Pratt Gerbino said. “These are people who, unfortunately, are going into the holiday season knowing they’ve lost their jobs.”

Pratt Gerbino works closely with C.R. Bard, and said the company is continuing to explore new products. She didn’t provide specifics, but said there are ideas the company is exploring now that give her confidence about it continuing to have a strong presence in the region, she said.

“I feel fairly positive about that company and the time I’ve spent inside that plant about the things I’ve been having conversations with them about,” Pratt Gerbino said.

Pratt Gerbino has spoken to representatives at other similar companies in the region, which are talking about adding shifts or increasing the physical size of their plants.

“In each one of these cases, we’re talking about adding workers,” Pratt Gerbino said. “I’m hearing sales are up, and we’re seeing some signs of real life there.”

Such positive trends may be promising for the people who were laid off this week and will again be looking for work with a specific skill set.

Queensbury Supervisor Dan Stec received a phone call earlier Monday from a C.R. Bard plant manager letting him know that plant downsizing was imminent.

The sense Stec got from the phone call was the reason behind the layoffs is the state of the economy in general, not issues with the Queensbury plant specifically, he said.

“Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a rotten time for that kind of announcement,” Stec said. “But it’s indicative of the economy and the overall situation in the country for their market right now.”

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(32) Comments

  1. Report Abuse
    - December 07, 2012 6:30 pm
    Norm OTHERS,

    Boat's offers to meet for civil discussion & he buys the coffee.
  2. Report Abuse
    - December 05, 2012 1:21 pm
    Norm, OTHERS,

    You've 0 prob that the Bush II/GOP monopoly (2003) tax cuts SPENT 3ish million on a tax cut for the Mitt Romneys (2010)? You'd "protect taxpayers" by firing teachers making in a LIFETIME no where near Mitt's 2010 tax cut alone? (It's been done & continues.)

    None have answered a simple question boat asks: Are you willing to continue paying higher TOTAL taxes to preserve Mitt/Buffett-class tax cuts? There's absolutely NO question the non-Buffetts DO & have been paying more for GOP tax cuts for the richest since Reagan. It's a simple & applicable concept. E.g., note what editor Tingley, "TPS," noted re: tax cuts for snrs. on prop taxes in Q'bury. Tax cuts for ANY group FORCE non-members tax shares to increase.

    It's neither isolated nor irrelevant. Median households, w/ a tiny fraction of Mitt-like income, pay the same 14ish % in fed inc taxes; THEN because they SPEND the rest of their income, & Mitt doesn't, they're exposed to other taxes Mitt isn't.
  3. Report Abuse
    - December 05, 2012 12:50 pm

    Joe 6-pk sent back GOP House control. There, as earlier, the Speaker & his party resist raising taxes on the richest. It was/is the ignorance of Votin' Joe 6-pk that makes this possible. Joe lives poorer as his "more power to 'em," attitude of NECESSITY MEANS LESS POWER to class war's LOSERS - Joes'. Eco goods (& $) are scarce.

    Elsewhere I point out that in this USA, the SYSTEM WE HAVE & ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, has yielded as much wealth to the richest 500 individuals as is owned by the poorest 200,000,000 - 2/3'S OF THE NATION. That's US REALITY - plutocracy - enabled by Joe 6-pk's GOP preference - I.E., JOE'S IGNORANCE. IT'S PRESERVED THE STATUS QUO LAST MO. (IT COULDA' BEEN WORSE.)

    REDUNDANTLY I argue that Joe's paying too high TOT taxes. Joe disagrees w/ assist from a rightwing 24/7 media blitz.

    RAISE MITT ROMNEY'S taxes - instead he got a $3ish million GOP cut in fed inc taxes, 2010! Joe's the victim; promotes the CORRUPTION BY $ that's crushing so many.
  4. Spiney Norman
    Report Abuse
    Spiney Norman - December 04, 2012 10:14 pm
    Well, there you go again boater: "GOP governors' ASSAULTS in Scott Walker's, Wisc" WHY don't YOU TELL the WHOLE STORY ? Like with Hostess, the union employees were asked to accept a temporary pay cut and lay offs would be avoided. Not some, ALL. The unions over played there collective hands and he did what the voters put him in office to do - TWICE. Spend the hard working tax payers money responsibly ! Yes, there are other workers in Wisconsin, didn't you know that ? And they SPOKE THEIR MINDS TOO. I know the entire history of labor unions in the USA. I get why they became necessary. Modern managers know they have to be much more considerate/fair in dealing with their employees. Modern managers believe in 'win/win' concept. There are exceptions to be sure but over all, this ain't the 20s. The world is 'shrinking' and we have to be competitive. Blaming 'big business'/CEOs for this is ludicrous - it comes from modern tech. advances. Is the GOP (which I don't belong to btw) responsible ?
  5. Spiney Norman
    Report Abuse
    Spiney Norman - December 04, 2012 8:39 pm
    More power to her as far as I'm concerned but I note how you guys aren't lined up with pitch forks outside Oprahs castle walls (gated communities) calling her and other 'stars' same as you call Mitt.
    I'm sure you know the recent story of Hostess Bakery right ? Teamsters out of work now because the bakers union wouldn't work with management to save the company (Teamsters tried). You point out the current woes but your trick is to place blame other than were it belongs.
    Which work unit is likely to be more productive/a better place to work A). All staff get the same pay regardless of work ethic/output and all are protected by a strong union which provides a defense against managements attempts to fire those who don't pull their own weight B) The work unit where staff who do the best work get the best pay - management can fire the 'dead wood' who don't pull their own weight ? Who spent 6 trillion ? All the CEOs money combined can't put a dent in just the interest payments on that !
  6. Report Abuse
    - December 03, 2012 4:07 pm

    To the detriment of most, union membership/STRENGTH IS DOWN; & w/ it, union & NON-union WORKIN' CLASS folks suffer.

    Results of unions' membership & therefore INFLUENCE decline's revealing - has been for decades. (E.g., Reagan w/ air traffic controllers, or more recently, GOP governors' ASSAULTS in Scott Walker's, Wisc., or Kasich's in Ohio). The lengthy decline in union membership coincides closely w/ the decline in inflation adjusted DECLINE in working class (UNION OR NON) WAGES.

    The struggle between workers & management/owners ain't new. The union hayday of the 1930's (FDR'S "New Deal,") specifically & ultimately produced a relatively better shake for a working class that escaped the ghetto AND had INCOME to PURCHASE goods & services. That, the fuel of job creation, shrinks, as both union & non, pub & pvt sectors, SUFFER DAMAGE. (NO Sp. BOEHNER, & GOP, the rich are NOT "job creators!")

    Joe 6-pk cannot SPEND as earlier. That's the core of eco/JOB probs.

  7. Report Abuse
    - December 03, 2012 3:20 pm

    The "hard work" to which you refer is for MOST - NOT all - in a system you/yours, though well-meaning, are destroying! Prospects for most who DO work hard are decimated. THAT'S ONLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE YOU/YOURS PROMOTE A WORK ETHIC, while IGNORING what has IN FACT HAPPENED DUE THE CORRUPTION?/POWER OF BIG $. DATA'S ABSOLUTELY CONCLUSIVE & REDUNDANTLY OFFERED HERE BY BOAT & A FEW OTHERS.

    For a very few privileged, "hard work" consists of signing dividend & GOP tax refund checks. Some won the "womb lottery." (Trump 65 mill, ML Whitney 100 mill, e.g.) It's SOLID DATA that conclusively proves that the SYSTEM (CORRUPTLY?) of the last 30 yrs left most WORKERS on a treadmill while GOP TAX CUTS aided winners of the CLASS WAR. (E.g., Since Reagan, GOP tax-dominant laws have taken the top marginal rate from 70% to 15% typically. That's ONLY for the wealthiest.

    Even IF Joe 6-pk WORKS HARD, he's likely part of the falling-behind aggregate. THAT'S INARGUABLE - FACT! Boat'll meet?
  8. Spiney Norman
    Report Abuse
    Spiney Norman - December 03, 2012 12:45 am
    I don't know your age boater but I've been around a very long time. Talk about Americans buying products manufactured elsewhere ? The 1970s was NOT a good time for American cars. The unions were much more powerful back then and got some nice pay increases for line workers. You might think that in return, the average auto worker would return in kind by making a superior auto for their fellow Americans to drive right ? NOT ! While a lot of guys may drool over the muscle cars of the day, that was about power/looks. Otherwise, the cars were junk. People started buying Japanese. People were also chided for doing so - Un American' but hey, you blame someone for spending their hard earned money on a quality product ? It wasn't until the US manu. realized Japan was giving them a run for the money that they started improving. We never regained the momentum. Unions made most products manu. here un affordable and often undependable. Thanks US micro chip manu.etc for some products still made USA
  9. Spiney Norman
    Report Abuse
    Spiney Norman - December 02, 2012 7:38 pm
    Ahhhhhh ,,,,, I see. Its a ,,,,,, PLOT !!!!!
    We used to call it 'hard work'.
  10. Report Abuse
    - December 02, 2012 4:36 pm

    Some ANS. to your quests.

    YES MITT made $ legally, pd taxes legally, does give to charity & the laws came outta' Cong. He pd many $'s & more than commoners earn in a lifetime. ETC. Joe 6-pk thinks that's end of story. IT ISN'T!

    Did Mitt create jobs or create net profits by cutting them? Did a GOP Cong write inc tax cuts for Mitt (YES $3,000,000 worth in 2010 alone.) Do workers make 10 bucks an hr. while the CORRUPTED system shovelled $10,000 an hr. to Mitt, 2010. It did! & 50k households can/do pay MORE TOT % in tax than Mitt!


    Were the Mitt's poor or close when they pd. higher Clinton yr rates? NO! What's changed?Joe's POORER - the Mitts' WEALTHIER!

  11. Spiney Norman
    Report Abuse
    Spiney Norman - December 02, 2012 11:38 am
    So, the 'filthy rich' 'Stars' get a free pass because they don't lobby Congress ? Sounds like they get a free ride huh - what would the labor unions say about that ? Only unions get to 'lobby' on behalf of their clients, I forgot.
    As a tax expert, you must know that the tax breaks for business that move over seas have been around for decades - before JFK (who, btw, decided not to alter them) right ? You know that 93% of businesses that start operations over seas do so to service the population of the country they set up shop in ? Any/all businesses that set up shop over seas get to delay (delay) paying taxes until they start making a profit and, like businesses here, they can deduct 'moving expenses'- these are the so called 'unfair tax breaks' given to companies that move over seas. But Sen. Harry Reid (D) didn't tell people this did he ? And, because ol' Joe 6 ruble cares about 'fairness', you came on here, pre election, to make sure people weren't misled by ol' Harry right ? Right.
  12. Spiney Norman
    Report Abuse
    Spiney Norman - December 02, 2012 12:50 am
    Did Mitt earn his money legally ?
    Did Mitt pay his taxes legally ?
    Who made the tax law(s) Mitt or Congress ?
    Did Mitt give to charities ? Same as taxes except you choose who the money is going to rather than the Govt. Did you consider the donations ?
    Mitt paid more in taxes than you and I will earn in a life time. No need to be grateful for that right ?
    Did Mitt use the public services taxes provide for (all of us) that much more than you or I ?
    Did you try to get for your client(s) every red cent they were entitled to ?
    Do you know anyone who doesn't try to find/claim the deductions they're entitled to under the law ?
    Do you or anyone you know over pay taxes so as to go the 'extra' to help those in need ?
    And BTW, how many jobs has Mitt created through his industriousness ? How many has our Govt created on the backs of the tax payer ?
    Do I have the unmitigated gall to ask a couple who has paid 60 MILLION dollars in taxes for another dime ? No, my Mom didn't raise me that way
  13. Spiney Norman
    Report Abuse
    Spiney Norman - December 01, 2012 11:45 pm
    I'm talkin' about your patronizing comments: "Joe 6 pack is the idiot not YOU fellow reader" but all the while your comments ARE aimed at your fellow readers here. Anyone here who isn't rich but sides with the GOP is a NASCAR lovin' beer drinking moron. I give credit to my fellow readers - I think they are on to you and resent your implications just as I do. I for one do not drink - period, not that it should matter. I find it very insulting that you categorize me as one of these 'types' just because I disagree with you. And don't start with the 'when did I ever call you or anybody here a ...." blah blah because its obvious how you play the game. Make it about 'the other guy' and hope the reader(s) will not want to be associated with the 'other' and therefore come over to your side -use 'snob appeal' to divide and conquer. Decent Americans do not believe in stealing other peoples money. If Mitt broke the law, were are the charges? 'Slandering' sts doesn't go over real well either.
  14. Report Abuse
    - December 01, 2012 9:21 pm

    The ball players/"stars" are LESS likely to be targeted because most of 'em aren't lobbying & lawmaking to favor their own tax havens. Mitts' ARE! So's the GOP.

    Your neighbor ain't likely far diff from you - OR HE'D likely MOVE! The wealthy live in gated communities on CHOICE real estate & snack on caviar & champagne. Joe 6 has cheese w/ BEER... often says he'd rather... which is to say he's been taught to love his servitude.

    Joe's makin war on other Joes. Jealous of his neighbor? He wars on teachers makin' $40 an hr as he ain't making 1/2 that. Joe's ok that Mitt got a $3,000,000 fed inc tax cut on his 10 GRAND AN HR reported income in 2010... voted GOP.

    Joe RETURNED the status quo to DC. The GOP wants cuts to Soc Sec. recipients IN ORDER TO KEEP TAX CUTS FOR MITTS'. Not at all an isolated case, I did taxes for a family in 2010 that pd the same 14ish % on 50k that Mitt pd on 20 million. They spent a greater % of their TOT. income on ALL taxes than did Mitt!
  15. Spiney Norman
    Report Abuse
    Spiney Norman - December 01, 2012 4:20 pm
    I see ol' Josef 6 ruble is at it again. The 'party' is certainly getting their moneys worth ! Speakin' of 'worth', how much is 60 MILLION in paid taxes worth ? Did Mitt use 60 million in highway maintenance ? Police/fire protection ? Medication or ER visits ? Maybe he used 60 million in food stamps, welfare and gov't. housing ? How much has 'ol Josef Ruble contributed financially over the years to the 'common good' ? No, its not you the reader here who is ol' ignorant NASCAR lovin' Joe 6 pack .... its your NEIGHBOR ol' Joe 6 ruble is talkin' about (wink wink - just between you and I). Spread discontent - hate thy neighbor because he has more than you - its not fair ! Ever wonder why they single out CEOs but you never hear them question Oprah or rap/rock stars, athletes or movie stars ? Why do they get a free pass ? Oh, thats right -. most claim to have 'D' next to their name on their ballot sheet. Wish 'ol Joe 6 ruble would take a slow boat back to China where he/she belongs !
  16. Report Abuse
    - December 01, 2012 4:15 pm

    Boat's redundantly admitted redundancy.

    You/yours DO pay MORE TOTAL TAXES BECAUSE of your anti-Demo posture - & have yet to be able to refute that. So what are we to conclude about you/yours? Either you don't mind paying a greater share of tot taxes so the richest can pay lesser shares than pre-Reagan as they do today, or you don't get it that you pay more for the rich' break. Tell us, which is it?

    "I was proud to be fired for objecting to the Bush Tax cuts of 2003." Repub., Bush II appointee, Sec. Treas., Paul O'Neill, who SAID so BECAUSE they gave too much to the rich. There's a diff between the O'Neill's & the 6-pks. He understands that tax breaks for ANY 1 GROUP FORCES a greater share on NON-MEMBERS as do editors @ "TPS." (1 has SAID so re: Q'bury proposed prop tax cuts for snrs.).

    Proven true, & IN FACT & W/ SPECIFICS, what's the prob? It's that so many not only DON'T UNDERSTAND THE SIMPLE MESSAGE, &/or that they don't object to their own higher tot taxes.
  17. Report Abuse
    - November 30, 2012 6:14 pm

    Boat noted the CLAIM for layoffs from Bard was LESSENED AGGREGATE DEMAND (customers) for whatever it produces. IF true, that emulates what's happened across the world. In the US, higher tot. taxes AND less income to the mid class has FORCED lower AGGREGATE CONSUMPTION & that means FEWER JOBS. What fewer jobs means IS STILL FEWER JOBS AS SPENDING DRYS UP. (The GOP mouthpieces sell that employers hire more folks if business (especially wealthy ) pay lower taxes. THAT'S FALSE in mkt economies. However, Demos have done a horrid job of making that point.

    A sustained & substantial econ US recovery DOES NOT depend on continuing tax cuts for the wealthy BECAUSE they're LESS inclined to SPEND those HUGE GOP tax cuts (SEE: Cong Research Service report - 1 drowned by Cong Repubs, e.g.).

  18. independentguy
    Report Abuse
    independentguy - November 30, 2012 4:36 pm
    boater: read my comments again, slowly this time. the products that were done by the locals went to Mexico. what part of that do you not see? keep believing the company spin. i have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona. you interested?
  19. Report Abuse
    - November 30, 2012 3:34 pm
    Jim T, etc.,

    Welcome to America. You're of course likely correct & that applies generally - NOT just in a Bard case. This is typical the world over. A privileged FEW, WINNERS OF CLASS WARFARE amass more - the masses LOSE - get less.

    The tragedy is that unlike many despotic nations, the US has cases where we are "created equal" - at the ballot box & the grave, e.g. Elsewhere "created equal's" a JOKE, flag-waving lip service, unreal.

    Voters returned the status quo to DC. Masses (WORKERS) suffer - millionaires enrich. IT'S DELIBERATE GOP POLICY... & NOT REMOTELY NEW.

    There's a relatively FIXED amt of wealth/nat income. 30 yrs ago, the top 1% took 9% of nat income. Today? Nearer 25%! How's votin' Repub, Workin' Joe 6-pk doin' w/ his pvt. OR pub sector JOB income? The DATA demonstrates Joe's a hurtin' ticket. Yet, in ignorance, Joe returned the CORRUPTED-BY-$, dysfunctional, all-for-the-richest, GOP House - a status quo. That's Joe crushing Joes'. Mitt's enrich!

  20. jimtagley
    Report Abuse
    jimtagley - November 29, 2012 7:23 pm
    I was the first commenter on this article and I can guarantee you that Bard executives are not feeling any pain as a result of these layoffs. Their world does not change 1 bit. Gated communities, Christmas in Aspen, Paris, or Rome. Private schools for their kids and absolute avoidance of military service. Let someone else's kid go out and fight. That's the motto of the people running corporate America today. It's beginning to sound like France in the 1700's.
  21. Report Abuse
    - November 28, 2012 2:11 pm

    READ what Bard says. Layoffs are a result (they claim) of too little aggregate demand! Not my claim... it's theirs!


    Automation & offshoring, regs & taxation, advertising & tastes also are among many factors influencing outcomes. BUT, item A IS nearly always AGGREGATE DEMAND.

    W/ his tot taxes up, & net worth down, mid class Joe 6-pk isn't able to sustain aggregate demand. Luxury goods sell well. The wealthy HAVE CASH. Joe's shoppin' the dollar store.

    Before blaming cos for offshoring, look at WHERE Joe shopped. His thirst for foreign goods was/is a CAUSE of jobs goin' offshore. Like drinkin', the good effects came 1st... Joe could consume more w/ price competitive Wal Marts. Now Joe looks for a job, is un or underemployed & has LESS aggregate demand.

    The election reproduced the status quo. The GOP House ain't likely to UNDO what ought NEVER to've happened. HUGE tax cuts for the rich!
  22. rdc
    Report Abuse
    rdc - November 28, 2012 1:31 pm
    note to self: might want to avoid Bard products produced since this went public.

    Would YOU want to use a medical product produced in a factory that just announced layoffs? Be my guest - personally, I'd look for another source.
  23. independentguy
    Report Abuse
    independentguy - November 28, 2012 12:17 pm
    Boater: there is demand for Bard Product. this is nonsense. Bard is a global corporation. there is no allegience to any community. the jobs went to Mexico. period. just as any large corporation does, when it does not get the returns for its stockholders and upper management, the workforce suffers. there is new product but it does not require the same amount of workers to do the work.
  24. rdc
    Report Abuse
    rdc - November 28, 2012 10:11 am
    Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!
    "Right-sizing", huh? I love how that infers that the U.S. employees were wrong-sized for the job. BUT, of course, the 'off-shore' employees who will be paid a pittance will be just the right size!
    Merry Christmas, Mr Lowry! I hope Bard treats its' 'international family' with as much respect! So Romneyesque!
  25. Report Abuse
    - November 27, 2012 10:08 pm
    Kak11, ETC,

    I have ZERO knowledge re: compensation @ Bard. BUT, if typical of what has in FACT HAPPENED in the US over the last 30 yrs., YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. E.g., 30 yrs ago the typical CEO made 40X the worker. Now? About 340X.

    W/ larger shares of nat income going to the top along w/ GOP tax cuts, workers have been shut out of gains & have a smaller share of "Am. Pie." E.g., 30 yrs ago the top 1% enjoyed 9% of LIMITED nat income. Today? Nearer 25%!

    Who/what made this possible? Same Joe 6-pks who just returned the status quo to DC!

    Who suffers/PAYS for his ignorance @ the polls? Right; not the wealthy... it's live poorer - vote rich, ignorant Joe 6-pk.

    Obama has caved before. The Reagan through Bush II GOP tax cuts remain because of what workin' Joe did @ the polls TO... NOT FOR... his own. Who denies the REALITY of accurate data/FACT? Encouraged by a 24/7 rightwing media, again, it's Joe 6-pk., who's already LOST the "Class War!" Proof? See the data!
  26. Report Abuse
    - November 27, 2012 9:43 pm
    Small sample. BUT, there's a classic & valuable MKT. ECONOMY EXAMPLE HERE.

    The REASON given for the layoffs IS LESS DEMAND than anticipated... i.e., LESS PURCHASES of product. The OBVIOUS point re: mkt economies is that W/OUT CUSTOMERS (DEMAND/SPENDING) JOBS ARE LOST!

    SPENDING from whatever source is stimulative of fuller employment. (NOTE: Congressional Repubs recently killed a Cong. Research Service study that reveals tax cuts for the wealthy do NOT create many jobs. The reason? MULTI-MILLIONAIRES DO NOT SPEND THEIR MILLIONS IN THOSE GOP TAX CUT WINDFALLS.

    Joe 6-pk voters AND the nat GOP insist (sell us) that the wealthy are the job creators. PATENTLY FALSE. Joe says he never got a job from a poor man, & thinks that's end of discussion. IT IS NOT.

    GOP unpd. for Iraq & tax cuts for the wealthiest reduced Joe 6-pk ability to SPEND. Welcome to higher levels of unemployment BECAUSE AGGREGATE MID CLASS SPENDING'S BEEN SO DAMAGED... & BEFORE OBAMA!

  27. doug900
    Report Abuse
    doug900 - November 27, 2012 12:05 pm
    I have worked at bard before, and I wouldn't work there again if it were the last job on earth. maybe that's just me, but I speak the truth.
  28. doug900
    Report Abuse
    doug900 - November 27, 2012 12:02 pm
    kakia11, you are absolutely correct. We live in a world of double standards, where the so called "little people" (the workers), are treated many times as mindless drones. The real boss would be like the grocery store owner that gave his employees his grocery business (I believe 4 supermarkets) for a Christmas present (recent article that I read). A rarity, for sure! We do live in a greedy world, but there are some that truly shine and make us smile, but not the case for much of the corporate world.
  29. kakia11
    Report Abuse
    kakia11 - November 27, 2012 6:51 am
    But I can guarantee that the heads gave themselves a big, fat, Christmas bonus... Way to go Scrooge.
  30. feckerpead
    Report Abuse
    feckerpead - November 26, 2012 10:00 pm
    Must be like sitting on death row working there at Bard. Wondering when your time is up. Knowing they are ultimately shutting down and leaving you behind. Another happy holiday brought to you by CR BARD and the US Government.
  31. gofishny5
    Report Abuse
    gofishny5 - November 26, 2012 5:33 pm
    Keep sending jobs out of the country...This economy is never going to recover!!! These poor people.
  32. jimtagley
    Report Abuse
    jimtagley - November 26, 2012 5:24 pm
    C.R.Bard should be ashamed and I have never heard such untruthful public relations spin. These people were layed off for the simple reason that Bard now manufactures its products in Mexico and the sad irony is that workers from the Queensbury plant were sent to Mexico to train Mexican workers. I know someone who did it. That person has since resigned. The plant is located right across the border from McAllen Texas.


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