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Board votes no on townhouses in Lake George

2013-04-16T20:30:00Z Board votes no on townhouses in Lake GeorgeJAMIE MUNKS - Glens Falls Post-Star
April 16, 2013 8:30 pm  • 

LAKE GEORGE -- The Village Board on Monday defeated a motion to allow townhouses in the village’s residential zone, one proposal in a long list of changes village officials are currently considering.

The Village Board voted 3-2 Monday against allowing townhouses in the village’s single-family residential zone.

Village Trustee Ray Perry said townhouses could attract some younger residents and people who are interested in living in the village but want something new. Trustee John Root said townhouses could appeal to older residents, too.

“You could also get people who are retired and want something new, something simple,” Root said.

Perry and Root voted in favor of allowing townhouses in the residential zone, but were defeated by Mayor Robert Blais and Village Board members John Earl and Joseph Mastrodomenico.

Officials have said they want to encourage more year-round residency in the village, which has a lot of seasonal residents but largely shuts down in the winter.

One of the problems Blais sees with townhouses is the potential for people to rent them out by the week — an issue they already see in some homes in the village.

“You can put a use restriction in the zoning, but enforcement is the problem. How are you going to stop someone?” Blais said. “We have a problem on the back streets with people renting out their homes by the week.”

Earl said he had a problem with allowing townhouses in the entire village residential district, while Mastrodomenico said he’d like to see the areas where townhouses would be allowed narrowed down.

Village officials are considering a wide-ranging group of changes, including rezoning some areas of the village to allow for taller buildings. The package of changes, which the village attorney is drafting to send to the Adirondack Park Agency for consideration, are geared toward enticing more year-round development and residency in the resort community, and ultimately growing the tax base that has decreased in recent years.

Perry said he would look at the zoning map to find some areas where townhouses could be allowed and others that could remain single-family residential. The Village Board may consider a modified townhouse proposal for parts of the residential zone in the future.

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  1. bornonthebayou
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    bornonthebayou - April 18, 2013 12:56 am
    From 2000 to 2010, the Lake George's population dropped by -8.02%.

    From 2000 to 2010, the Lake George's population for ages of 5-17 years old dropped by -43.89%.

    From 2000 to 2010, the Lake George's population for ages of 18-62 years old grew by 0.32%.

    What does this mean? It means Lake George is growing older and young families are leaving by the droves.

    With little opportunity for skilled work and only low paying tourism jobs available, the village is not attractive for young people.

    Until the economic conditions change, the region will continue to decline. Until our region promotes technology, math, science, arts, and industry, our young people will continue to flee.

    They will continue flee their homes and move to cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, and Portland. Places that offer high paying jobs in industry, engineering, and technology.

    As long as our community relies on Tourism, we will continue to decline. It's time for the village to wake up!


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