WARRENSBURG -- Members of the local branch of the Aryan Nation made a recruiting trip through Warrensburg this past weekend, distributing fliers and membership information in at least one Main Street business.

And a leader of the national organization said the local group isn’t going anywhere.

Erik Evansky was working at the local Smoke N Save Saturday afternoon when two men, one in a paramilitary style uniform and another in a Klu Klux Klan-style robe, entered the business, Evansky said.

The two men bought cigarettes and then tried to recruit him, he said.

“They said to me, ‘Have you ever thought about joining the fight, brother?’” Evansky said.

The men discussed “white genocide” in South Africa and suggested Evansky visit their organization’s website for more information.

Evansky said he declined the pitch and the two men left an application with him.

The two men were seen on Main Street by several area residents, and were spotted handing out literature.

“I have a few boys up there. I’m glad to hear they’re doing their job,” said Morris Gullett, the Louisiana-based leader of the Aryan Nation in the U.S.

Gullett said the organization recruits in both rural and urban settings throughout the world.

Aryan Nation members have been actively recruiting in the Lake George area for more than a year, he said.

“You never know where you might find a white man who’s fed up with the racial quagmire we’re in,” he said.

Mary Gooden, president of the Glens Falls chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said she was unaware of the local recruitment push by the Aryan Nation.

The local NAACP board will convene soon and discuss how to best approach the issue, Gooden said.

The recruiters made rounds Sunday at the Warren County Fair Grounds, which is hosting the Warrensburg Bike Rally, according to the event’s organizer.

“They just walked up and down the aisles,” said event organizer Ed Zibro. “It was really weird. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

Evansky said one of the men said he works at a nearby tattoo shop and offered his services.

Smoke N Save manager Mike Swanson said the information the men left, including a local phone number and a membership application, was thrown out.

Warrensburg residents first reported last year the appearance of Aryan Nation literature posted on the walls at several area businesses.

The Aryan Nation is the political arm of the Church of Jesus Christ Christians, Gullett said.

The fliers had been removed when a Post-Star reporter visited the businesses last summer.

The organization’s website, www.southafricaproject.info, is stuffed with reports of racially motivated attacks on whites in South Africa and essays about the decline of American white people.

“The folks up there have no reason to fear the Aryan Nation,” Gullett said. “The only people who fear the Nation are afraid of the truth.”

The Aryan Nation’s base is largely populated by young, white males.

The movement’s racially charged hardcore punk rock has for years been a recruitment tool.

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the nonviolent activities of the Aryan Nation, and other similar groups, are protected under the freedom of speech clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

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Oh boy. Gee, I wonder if they'll be able to find any racists. Ya think?


They interviewed the "local" head of the NAACP.........start with them. If there was a NAAWP there would be an outrage! All exclusionary organizations ARE, by definition, racist.


Baloney! The NAACP welcomes non-black members. I have several white friends who belong to the local chapter.


they need togo back down south with that crap


Displays of ignorance by young men who are psychologically damaged genetically and/or socially is sad. The only reason racism has not left the United States is because stupid people continue to breed and raise children.


The PS finds a couple of buffoons wondering around newsworthy? How pathetic!


Yeah, let's pretend this doesn't exist. That'll make it go away.


yes, of course there are morons like this here. Thank you for publicizing this. If these clowns are going to recruit in the area rather than in their native habitat - our nation's prisons - we should record their every move. Use your cell phones, take pictures and video and let's protect our freedoms from this mentally deficient minority.


......um, freedom of speech????? Hello? Mc Fly? Hello?


of course, freedom of speech. Doesn't mean you don't pay attention. When a snake is in the cradle, you don't smile and pretend it's not a snake.


Oh but it's okay if "people" from the city come up here, recruit for their gangs, sell drugs and increase crime. How is what these guys are doing any worse at all? They aren't selling drugs or murdering people. Stop being so ignorant, You're the ones being racist. Don't think for a minute that I'm a part of this group but people like you need to see it from both sides.


i so agree with you


Additionally, I think the NAACP ought to deal with what the new chapter of the Black Panthers is doing and the racially disgusting rhetoric and actions coming from them. This group is even calling for the killing of the white man. People like Jackson and Sharpton make their living off racial discord. Shame on this President for working to tear this country apart, white versus black, black versus hispanic, rich versus poor. The day when he is ousted out of office is the day this country will start to heal.


Using this logic, the Republican Party should deal with the Aryan Nation. Good to see it's not just Southerners who can't accept a black man as President.


I thought Ron Paul campaigning was over? Dr. Paul receives money from Aryan Nation. You should have asked them about the good doc. They'd be happy to explain to you why they admire him so much.

"TPS" recently reported household income in some of its circulation that shows nearly 20% below the national avg. That's typically fertile recruiting ground - where those who who live poor, vote as if rich, & consider their positions & themselves superior to others due some color, sexual preference, religious or other difference. These times produce fertile ground for radicals too.

The great and most threatening difference isn't racial, religious or sexual preference based.... it's economic - & politically nourished by a Republican party that's moved, as Norm Orenstein points out, radical - behind a rightwing goal post.

We've outrageous & growing division between the hyper-wealthy and the rest. There, we're among the worst on earth!

Bad as national Democrats are, they can't hold a candle to Republicans in promoting a still greater divisiveness that's destroying this nation's prospects.

Romney policy? A ditto of G W Bush. Horrid for most - great for the few most privileged.


Ok Seriously??? People don't have anything better to do with their time. Come on we are not living back when people felt there was a difference between black and white. We are all the same no matter what skin color we may have. And for those that think otherwise it really is time to grow up and educate yourself !!!


It's really pathetic and sad that in 2012, we not only still have prejudice against color of skin, sexual orientation etc, but there are people going around to recruit such toxic ignorance.
It's hard to believe, that groups (as the aryan nation <----Yes, I refuse to capitalize it) would even get people to engage in conversation, once they know who they were. I'm sure any children of these sick people reek havoc in schools.....with bullying, racial slurs, emotional abuse and all that goes along with their elevated feeling of superiority. I would assume (most) belonging to this group (and others a like), would probably "home school" to ensure to mold and warp these young minds without interference. I often wonder how many attacks around our country/world (racially or sexual orientation etc) are active members of these "groups" that are fueled by hate, ignorance, intolerance, inflated egos and males with a... (let's just say size issues) in their mid-section.


What would your thoughts be on the New Black Panther Party and their anti-white hate speach? How about the New Black Panther Party putting a bounty on Zimmermans head. Zimmerman by the way is half Jewish and half Latino. How about the good Rev. Al and the Tawana Brawley dibacle? Didnt the good Rev Jessie Jackson call NYC hymie town. You people who get all up in arms over groups like the KKK or Aryian Nation are the same who sit by and say nothing when other groups pull the same crap. You cant have it both ways people. This election I would like to see what would happen if a group of klansman stand outside a polling place.

Proud American

I am proud of my Brothers in New York. White people need to wake up as our Nation falls into utter decay. The Klan is in the North to by the way. We have several Chapters up North. White Pride World Wide.

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