SARATOGA SPRINGS u Saratoga Springs High School students will get new yearbooks this summer after a student's photo was doctored to include a pair of gold teeth.

High school principal Brett Miller announced the decision to reprint the books on Wednesday, a day after students received yearbooks from which the doctored photo had been cut out by school faculty.

Miller did not return a call seeking comment but said in a written statement that the new yearbooks will be given to students at no additional cost. The yearbooks were not paid for by the district; they cost students $60 each.

The yearbook publisher, Balfour Publishing, will absorb the cost of reprinting the yearbooks - approximately 1,000 of them - even though Miller said the company was not considered to be at fault.

Jason Kurchner, the father of the student whose photo was doctored, said he was pleased with the decision to reprint the books. On Tuesday, after the altered photo was discovered, he had asked school officials to hold the yearbooks and give them out only after they were corrected.

"At this point, I think everyone just wants to do the right thing, move forward and have a fabulous graduation," Jason Kurchner said.

Officials are still investigating how the altered photo made its way into the yearbook.

The Saratoga Springs Police Department and the New York State Police Computer Crimes Unit will assist the school district in the investigation.

"We're continuing to look into this, and we take this situation very seriously," Miller said in his statement.

Jason Kurchner said he felt it was important that whoever was responsible be held accountable.

"Whenever there's an issue of bullying or mistreatment of others, that needs to be addressed," he said.

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I'm glad the school has decided to reprint the yearbooks, however, I wish they had made this decision prior to handing out the altered yearbooks... maybe they should require the students to return the altered yearbooks before they are allowed to receive the reprinted ones. I also believe that if the culprit is found that they should be punished for what they did.


I agree adirondack. Good idea about returning the old one. And whoever is responsible should also pay the publishing company for the new yearbooks.

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