GLENS FALLS -- Congress is "incredibly broken" and needs "some systemic reforms" to reduce the role of partisanship, U.S. Rep. Scott Murphy said Wednesday.

Among the reforms Murphy is suggesting is placing term limits on House leadership positions, and possibly term limits for House members.

"It feels like there is just a lot of time that is spent thinking, ‘OK -- how can we angle for the better story and the better sound bites positioning for the next election,' as opposed to sitting down and trying to solve the problem," he said in a meeting Wednesday with The Post-Star editorial board.

"That's not one side or the other. That's kind of the culture that I see in Washington that I find incredibly broken and frustrating," said Murphy, D-Glens Falls, who is running for re-election in November.

Last week, the congressman's Republican challenger, Chris Gibson, called for eight-year term limits on House members, with a change from 2-year to 4-year terms.

At the time, Murphy said he hadn't given too much thought to term limits.

On Wednesday, Murphy said term limits could be placed on leadership positions simply by changing House rules, and would not require legislation.

Murphy said the current leadership system "leads to extremism" because posts tend to go to those with the most seniority.

"The people that are around for 35 years to be in charge tend to be the more extreme in both of the parties," he said.

He said he would be open to term limits on members, but for longer than eight years.

"Conceptually I think the idea of having some kind of limit is not a bad thing," he said.

At a forum later on Wednesday at the Glens Falls Senior Center, Murphy said he would consider term limits of perhaps 12 to15 years for members, but felt eight years might be too short because Congress would lose members who have institutional knowledge.

"I like having some new ideas and idealism, but I also like balancing that with some experience," he said.

Contacted later on Wednesday, Gibson said he is pleased that Murphy is thinking about term limits.

Gibson said that changing to four-year terms, with a limit of two terms, would be the same term arrangement as for the president.

Limiting the number of times House members could run for re-election would reduce the influence that money plays in elections, because candidates would not have the opportunity to build up large "war chests" over time, said Gibson, a retired Army colonel from Kinderhook, in Columbia County.

Murphy said he has co-sponsored legislation to establish a voluntary public financing system for congressional candidates.

Gibson said he opposes a public financing system because of the cost.

"This is not the time for more big government and more spending," he said.

Murphy said he understands concerns about the cost of a public campaign finance system, but feels it would enable House members to spend less time on campaign fund-raising and more time on creating policy.

Murphy said he also has co-sponsored legislation that would increase public participation in the congressional redistricting process that will take place prior to the 2012 election.

The legislation would require the entity responsible for redistricting in each state to maintain a public website and post information such as meeting schedules, proposed redistricting plans and transcripts or video recordings of meetings.

Gibson said he, too, supports the proposed redistricting legislation.

The two candidates are gearing up for the November election.

Murphy said he has recorded campaign commercials that he expects to be airing "in the next few weeks," but had not yet determined just when.

"I've done some ads already," he said. "We're talking about my experience and my values and what I've done in the world being an entrepreneur -- built businesses and created jobs."

Gibson said he has a media plan in place that will begin "at the appropriate time."

Gibson said his commercials will have "a positive message about how we can restore our republic."

Gibson will get some help with fund-raising next week from a national GOP leader.

House Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio will be a "special guest" at an event to honor Gibson on Aug. 20 at the Saratoga Reading Room in Saratoga Springs, said Dan Odescalchi, a Gibson spokesman.

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If the average voter wasn't so wrapped up in what celebrity was sleeping with whom and when the next reality show was on elections would serve as term limits.


Here's a term limit for ya. One term for Scott Murphy.


The reason Congress is "broken" is because we elect people like Scott Murphy. When over 60% of the people said no to ObamaCare, he voted for it anyway. When we overwhelmingly rejected more spending, he voted for more spending. Then he has the audacity to introduce a bill to roll back the 1099 paperwork, which wouldn't have been required if not for the very same bill he voted for? (the one he promised he read) Democrats are running NYS into the ground. I used to believe voting would take care of the question of term limits, but I'm losing faith in the ability of the average citizen to see beyond the left wing control and propaganda of the media.


You're right here, of course. The coming debate re: extending the Bush tax cuts is a case in point. Republicans, squeal about deficits, ignoring the Reagan and Bush disasters there.

Now they wanna' keep the Bush "across-the-board," tax cuts - the ones that gave most workers $300, and millionaires 100's of thousands. Demos prefer to roll back the cuts for the upper-most brackets.

I'll vote Murphy. He'll likely lose because of what people don't know - or don't do.

What makes this outrageous disparity worse? Joe 6-pk. votes conservative Republican - if at all. The very clear record is available for all. Many are blind to all but the ball scores.


There are just as many dems who do not want to roll back the Bush tax cuts as there are reps. Enough of Joe 6-pk. Thanks to the dems and their grandiose spending programs, OBAMA socialized health care and entitlement programs, that black hole called the deficit will never see light. Insurance rates have already started to sky rocket due to the passing of OBAMA care. Here's the poo - once people realize that the insurance companies have become too expensive to afford, OBAMA care will step in with an argument that the government needs to take it over - abracadabra socialized health care. Imagine that. This White House and this Congress, including Murphy, are about to be kicked to the curb come election.


"Joe 6-pk. votes conservative Republican - if at all. The very clear record is available for all."

Thats because Joe six-pack typically works and cannot stand watching the Dems waste money on social welfare for people too lazy to work.

Joe six-pack is sick of Uncle Sam spending billions to expand the size of government. $26B to save public union jobs yet only $600 million to secure our border with Mexico. Our national parks along the borders have become nothing more than a place for illegals to grow pot, traffic drugs and people. Yet Obama and the Dems refuse to do anything about.


I for one will wait to see about "Obamacare", it has been demonized by the right (as was Medicare and Social Security) so it must have some good points.

I will not subscribe to a party who has no ideas to move forward, cut all programs in a time of great economic distress, whose contituents also rely on government assistance and are to ignorant to connect the two.

I find little in Mr. Gibson to believe he will be independent from the republican party. Boehner coming to campaign for him and welcome him into the fold proves that point.

The repubs may make some gains on election day but longterm they are doomed.

A party with no ideas, hateful spew for gays, minorities, anyone different than themselves, deflates their "big tent" rehetoric.

Hope I see the day when they are marginalized into non-existence. They have a faithful base up here in the North Country though, poor as we may be.

T Wayne Lucas III

Don't worry about it Murph; you're gone come November.

And boater1; give the sterotypes a break.


I am a registered conservative and vote republican/conservative. Democrats appear to be pro-socialist, anti military and anti big business. The prosperity we enjoyed post WW 2 was due to big business. We actually produced goods and services which allowed employees/consumers to buy homes/cars/washing machines/refrigerators/etc which resulted in a circle of more production (jobs) and more consuming (spending). Democrats now control congress. We are $13.400,000,000,000 in the hole and increasing daily. Federal employment has increased by 250,000 during this presidency. Federal employees average $141,000 salary/benefits. Any goods/services created here?Obamacare will bankrupt the US, it is unsustainable. A $26,000,000,000 payback to the teachers union was just passed with claims of savings by cutting food stamps. Does anyone actually believe the food stamp program will be cut? People with money (business owners) provide jobs. Cut their taxes and revenues will increase. Happens every time.


SMurphy is picking up his rivals suggestions, acting like he will run with the ball, but when it comes time to vote, he will do just like he did with health care. This is just pre-November chat to try to pull in votes.


Hey Scott, you said "the current leadership system leads to extremism because posts tend to go to those with the most seniority." If you admit that's a problem, then why have you voted over and over again based on what your party leadership wants instead of what the people who elected you want? Have you forgotten already that you are an elected official who is supposed to represent your district's interests? Oh, and by the way, you are supposed to read and understand a bill BEFORE you vote on it. Buyer's remorse during an election year makes you look like an idiot.


[quote]Stephne said: "They (Republicans) have a faithful base up here in the North Country though, poor as we may be. "[/quote]

You said a mouth full, especially the ending!


Steph, Are you serious? Your gay and minority comments are spewing the same hate you are trying to condemn. No ideas?, wrong, my ideas are just different than yours, like stop looking for government to solve all our problems by creating more welfare programs and start showing some fiscal responsibility. The thing that annoys me the most about liberals is that they really think they are smarter than everyone else. Just let the nice govt take care of us and everything will be OK.
You hold up Social Security and Medicaid as having good points. Like what? They are both broke and probably beyond repair. Just like Obamacare will be.
One more thing, when Obama was elected, all you libs thought the republican party (with all their flaws) WAS marginalized into nonexistence. See how long that lasted? Obama and his administration have screwed up, and although I certainly don't yearn to see the days of Bush return, I can't wait for Barry and his socialist ideas to ride off into the sunset.


Hey Murph, your too late...we the people already passed term limits...yours is up this November!


I can't believe some of the comments on here! Murphy agrees with Gibson you still fault him. That is the problem with government. If people would learn to work together, more would be accomplished! If you have a better idea, say it! Negativism gets you nowhere!


Boehner wants to change the age of collecting SS to 70. Is that what Gibson wants? Of course neither one of them have to worry about that!


boater: i've tried to stay off of this discussion, but you've forced me to comment: tax limits encourage hiring and private growth. Did you not live thru the good times of the 1980s (following the disaster of Carter)? And the evil Bush tax cuts helped stave off a recession in 2001-2002. But why would you care? You dont pay any taxes do you?


"tax limits encourage hiring and private growth".

If that statement is true, and the Bush tax cuts are still in effect, why no job growth?

Also yankee, you would be hardpressed to find a hateful spew of gays or minorities from me. Your post was either poorly written or you're confused.

I stand by my comment, though, that the GOP has no ideas other than extend the Bush tax cuts to the richest Americans.


Steph, I'm not confused at all. Let me clear up what I meant. You attacked republicans by commenting about "their hateful spew for gays, minorities, anyone different from themselves". Don't you think that statement is a bit "hateful"? You are basically calling any republican a racist and a homophobic. Let's see, wasn't it a republican president who freed the slaves? And exactly what hateful spew has there been about gays?
Even your statement of "no new ideas" is a crock. Republicans are starting to wake up to the idea of fiscal conservatism and smaller government. Democrats want to keep trying to spend our way out of a recession with money we don't have. They want bigger government, more bloated programs to "help" the poor, and Obamacare, which will only drive up cost and red tape. Since Obama took over, things have gotten MUCH worse. But that's George Bush's fault right?

Yank, (Observe +),

Bush didn't create this depression w/out help from a rubber stamp Republican Congress from 2001-07, and from Reaganomics that was but Republican "trickle down" all-for-the-rich policy of the 1920's in a new suit.

Positions claimed as fact here aim at truth, and miss badly. Historians rate SOME Repub. administrations highly; GWB's among the worst!

As I've said, and the factual evidence supports, FDR couldn't fix, the inherited disaster and Obama has little better chance after the gigantic hole left him.

TRY to sort out the party positions on keeping the Bush tax cuts? Repubs. wanna keep ALL of them. Demos would ONLY restore levies on the upper-most. You don't describe yourself as rich. Which would leave YOU w/ less tax burden? Clue: NOT the Republicans'.

Joe 6-pk. still has problems w/ these gov't. workers' lucrative lifestyles, while continuing to ignore real fabulous wealth of the CEOs. An outrageous disparity's deliberately made moreso by Republicans.


I KNOW you mean well. So perhaps some eco. facts might help. (I can be contacted through Vals Place, Ft. Ed., and am happy to listen.)

Actually, the Bush tax cuts and deregulation helped produce today's disaster. Why?

They stimulated an over-extention of margin (credit) buying. TEMPORARY job growth DID happened. The NET result was debt > crashed spending. It is spending (consumer-type) that produces jobs. Why would an investor buy in plant and equip. for a product that won't SELL?

The rich are buying bigger ships that dwarf their present crewed yacht. Joe 6-pks's stuck trying to pay off his canoe.

Tragic that gov't spending needs now be substituted for what Joe 6 cannot do in the economy because he's broke &/or debt-ridden. But, w/out these deficits still LESS purchases > LESS production (if it ain't sellin', why make it? > FEWER jobs > LESS aggregate income > LESS ability to purchase > MORE layoffs, etc.

Investment follows demand, That's Keynes NOT supply-side VOODOO.

Past couple yrs. significant profits are reported by many corps. How's that occur in this staggering economy?

It's been done largely through layoffs of workers. Profits 1st! Are the corporate moguls injured - the shareholders angry w/ increased dividends? NO, of course not. The now unemployed and threatened Joe 6-pks. suffer the pain. The lion's share of profits went where they always go - to the most well off. Yep, same ones that made off w/ those REAL Bush tax cuts.

Those cops and teachers NOT unemployed because of the latest Democrat "giveaways" will use the $ to buy goods and services which helps others remain employed. Deficits are VERY BAD news.

Well-meaning people here hate deficits - me too. Is the Iraq spending (2-3 TRILLION) related to the debt - now 13.5 trillion? YEP. Has the debt accumulated more under Republican administrations or Democrats? (R's.) Would Republican screams for deficit reduction NOW match w/ their 30 yr. record? Not even close! Who's fault is this?


"wasn't it a republican president who freed the slaves"

did you have to go that far back in history to cite an example of a republican's caring act towards minorities?


Steph, if thats your best response, I guess I made my point. However, I could bring up the democratic party's long history of racism, which by the way didn't end until the Kennedy/Johnson years. Now all of a sudden, republicans want to secure our borders and stop the drain of American dollars to Mexico and other Latin American nations, as well as the free health care provided to those who jump the fence. That makes them racists right?
Boater...OK, so we keep all those teachers and policemen and firefighters when we can't afford to pay them, and they spend their dollars to stimulate the econmy right? Whose dollars are they spending? Mine and yours. When the economy gets worse, we have cash for clunkers, cash for appliances, cash for crap, and who pays for that?. And who is buying the stuff that has the rebates? Not the poor folks you want to help. Just those evil rich people who don't pay any taxes and steal money from the poor. O


now there you go again, you just said rich people are evil and steal money. Not nice.

People with limited income pay little or no taxes. Why is it fair that the people with endless wealth should also pay little taxes. All kinds of tax shelters for the richest Americans. Our republican friends set it up that way.

The Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans should be repealed. The middle class (what's left of it) should contine to receive their paltry tax cuts.

Pathetic that you still had to go back to the 60's to find the repubs caring for the poor and minorities.

If you can think of anything else, get back to me.


Steph, You still haven't answered my question. If your way of debating a point is to attack me personally and make absurd comments about a certain group of people who happen to disagree with you, then I'm not going to waste any more of my time. Give me one example of how republicans are racist or hate gays. And by the way, my "rich" comment was meant to poke fun at Boater1. I think you two might be married or something, because your evil republican rants are way too similar.


Oh please Yank, is that a threat or a promise. It would be wonderful not to hear from you anymore. I'll give you an example, A friend of mine who is gay went to a function for our local State Senator. The Republican Senator, in a speech, stated that he did need the votes of gays. My friend approached him after and told him he is gay and voted for him and campaigned for him. Left him speechless. I would have loved to have been there!


and you're making absurd comments about people that disagree with you. No, I am not married to Boater, don't know who he/she is. I guarantee, though, that there are more than two people out there that have noticed the disparity in the tax structure.

Care to see how the tea party (majority align themselves as repubs/conservative) conduct themselves at their rallies? You Tube Robert Greenwald - Carly Fiorini "I agree with them". Actually, Greenwald went easy on the demonstrators, I've seem much more vile behavior. The people demonstrating don't know or don't care that Ms. Fiorino, former CEO Hewlett Packard, tanked the company, thousands of American workers lost their job and she walked about with $23,000,000.

Except for the camera man, count the people of color at these rallies and get back to me.


yankee: there are alot of people in here using different alias names. they want readers to think that others think like them and are the majority when in fact, they are the minority. this country is going thru a crisis and a constitutional showdown is about to happen. i am not a dem or repub. they are puppets to the same one world government masters and puppets to the world bankers. our citizenry is waking up and are demanding less Federal intrusion and more states rights and individual rights be preserved. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, and others before them bow to the world mover and shakers. the only obstacle for their master plan is the USA. if they can bring it to its knees, they can take over. loss of sovereignty is happening with treaties and backroom deals being made. driving the economy into the toilet is the goal. unfortunately for them, we, the people, are waking up and fighting back.


Indy..I agree that our current two party system is broken. Unfortunately, special interests have bought our government and I don't see a quick way out of this mess. The only reason I lean more to the right is because I feel they will cause the least amount of damage. Pretty sad huh?

Ohyeh, I'm not going anywhere. Someone has to keep you liberals in line. I'm not sure what your point was in your "gay friend" story, but since neither one of us was there, I guess we will have to draw our own conclusions

Steph, I was just messin with ya when I asked if you and boater were married. C'mon girl, there has to be a sense of humor in you somewhere? That's was so fun about messing with liberals, they get so ANGRY when people disagree with them.
As far as "people of color" not attending tea party rallies, that's their loss. They are certainly welcome. Are there racist, homophobic people who call themselves tea partyers? Sure, but I'll bet there are just as many who are registered democrats.


Yankee: one of the main organizers of the Albany tea party is black. i am not a tea party worshiper. i attended a rally there for what i thought were independents only to be subject to republicans who can't get their party endorsements who are running on independent lines. i wanted no part of it. a true independent neither endorses nor supports dem or repubs. what i did get from their message is the states rights movement. that is what we independents are seeking without dems and repubs polluting the effort for political gain.

Yank, Truth and SO many others,

Steph and boater ARE NOT your enemies. Why? We argue that YOU (since you work and describe yourselves as NOT rich) SHOULD HAVE MORE.

A defining reason workers (union or not) struggle in this disaster is because a few have so much of what's available at any given point in time that relative little is left for the many.

It's as simple as that. More for the few NECESSITATES less for all other's. Question. Which party wants to KEEP the all-for-the-rich Republican/Bush tax cuts.

Steph and boater are your allies in seeking a better life - for YOU! You and yours (Joe 6-pk.) ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMIES. You defend domestic policies that have favored the wealthy at YOUR EXPENSE.


Boater writes "They stimulated an over-extention of margin (credit) buying. TEMPORARY job growth DID happened. The NET result was debt > crashed spending. It is spending (consumer-type) that produces jobs. Why would an investor buy in plant and equip. for a product that won't SELL?"

You are confused, incoherent, and wrong. Consumers (at all levels) do drive the economy. Yet, if you re-distributionists soak "wealthy" Americans (ie businesses) economic growth will be stifled. Look back to the Carter Administration for proof. Or study the effects of the "Millionaires Tax" here in NY over the last 2 years: tax revenues DECREASED, instead of increasing by taxing upper income earners. You speak of Joe 6 Pack as some ignorant slob with his hand out waiting for government beneficence. The problem with you Statists is that you are impressed with how much you know. The problem is so much of what you know is wrong. The US was not founded based on the premise of socialism or classism.


Boater, thanks for your concern, but I don't think that truth or I need you to advocate for us. I know I am capable of advocating for myself. I don't consider myself rich, but I live a comfortable life and I have everything I NEED. I pay my FAIR share of taxes and I don't envy those who have more than me, regardless of how they obtained it.
I think the real problem is that YOU want more, and for some reason you have not been able to get it. You call it a glass half empty, I call it half full.
You say the republican policies of the past have created all our current problems. I say the policies of both parties have put us where we are. One in particular was the idea that every American should own their own home. The dems floated the idea and Bush went along with it. The result, sub-prime mortgages provided to people with little or no income at rates which would adjust to payments they couldn't afford. Now the dems want to "stimulate" our way out of this mess. Bad idea.

Yank Stimey,

Yank, your overstatements re: what I argue OR what is factual are inaccurate at best. The task of an owner/ruler class is to teach the masses to love their servitude while the rich bask in luxury. I argue that, ALL CONSIDERED the LEVEL of disparity is obnoxious - then cite the historical evidence (facts) to prove that. You don't (can't) argue the numbers and do accept your status. Your privilege. Joe 6-pk. loves his servitude too - wants rid of the Democrats and unions that have defended his hitherto "comfortable" lifestyle.

I argue that YOU (and Joe) PAY TOO MUCH TAXES, because the richest, under Republicans, pay too little. You disagree; your perogative. Republicans COULD NOT put us where we are w/out reliance on ignorance from proud Joe 6-pk. He's "independent."

Stimey, Stay away from "facts" unless you're willing to look at ALL of them. Fair? I'm willing to do nothing less - and can easily be reached (Vals Place, Ft. Ed.). Bush, all considered, produced disaster.


Boater, and just what did I say that was inaccurate or not true? Accepting the fact that I pay taxes is not "servitude". Sure, I would love to pay less, but my way of getting there is not taking more money from the evil rich. I would prefer to hold our government responsible for spending the money they already get more wisely. You complained in an earlier post (which Stimey pointed out) that "they (the horrible republicans) stimulated an over-extended of margin (credit) buying. Its terrible when the republicans live off of credit, but its OK for Obama to let our entire country do it , right?


Boater: You employ the same debating techniques when you're at a loss (with yankee and me). Ignore the facts that are presented and restate the same drivel. And now you've resorted to the standard liberal loser tactic: Blama Bush, blame Bush. He's been gone for 2 years. I agree that W spent too much in his last year, but the economy has gotten worse under Barry and the Dems. Those are the facts, pal. Your class warfare arguments fall on deaf ears among people who don't look at the gov't as their savior (ie people who just want to make a living w/out govt interference). Jobs (for middle and lower income folks) are created when businesses (evil wealthy) are doing well. Gov't should protect and encourage the private sector, not punish it like you want to. And your ignorant railings against regular people make you seem like an elitist (yes, a Ft Edward elitist!). Statists like you think they know better than the rest of us, and when your plans fail you only want to plan some more.

Yank, Stim, ETC.,

I don't just blame Bush, "Reaganomics," and a Repub. monopoly 2001 - 07. Demos had a hand in this disaster which was in the cards for the US anyway. Offshoring's been progressing since the 1960's.

Their ain't no savior - gov't. or otherwise. I DO blame a public intent on what results in HIGHER taxes for itself while the wealthy escape paying less of a share - and AM redundant in making that factual case - distorted by your observations re: mine.

Cutting gov't. spending NOW will only create MORE UNEMPLOYMENT due now-lessened consumer spending. DEMAND (purchases!) drives investment. If it ain't sellin', why produce it? Overtaxed Joe 6 is job-lost or income-challenged, and, w/out subsidy, ain't got his previous income level to generate demand/jobs.

Whatever taxes are pd. by 1, DECREASES the taxes pd. by all others. If I pay 1/2 of all the costs for 10 at dinner (whatever!) the other 9 owe LESS than a 10% = "share."

Joe 6 insists on his own funeral.

Guys, Unemployment? Bad, & to get worse. Deficits? Bad (worse now w/out them). Nat. debt? Horrible! Eco. prospects? Lousy for Joe 6-pk. - but, the wealthy are fine, Republican tax cuts help THEM. Joe 6-pks. tax burden? Increased - largely due those same Reagan/Bush/Republican tax cuts. Democrats? Bad! Republicans? MUCH worse excepting for the rich, of course! "Obamacare?" looks like a sellout to the ins. cos. (ditto Medicare to the drug cos. - more accurately to the OWNERS of the cos.). Gov't regulation? Bad, but absent while banksters "Madoff" w/ "zillions." Bring back the "conservative" Republicans? It's a goal of Joe 6, ignorant or in denial of a clear historical record. His tax burden overall? Increased. The wealthy's? Decreased. Who's reliant upon Joe's self-abusive ignorance? Republicans. Who suffers? Joe 6. Who's fine? Recipients of those 10 million $ bonuses pd. the brokers in the financial industry even AFTER their fraudulent actions! Good luck Joe.

Edited by staff.

Stimey (others),

You'll wanna' see my comments, but now gone from "Most Commented" is Murphy Gibson Disagree on Jobs Bill. It's easily available using "The Post Star," search.

You're aware - I'm easy to contact and always make time for discussion.

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