GLENS FALLS -- Circle this date on your calendar — Dec. 8.

That’s when Jimmer Fredette’s homecoming is scheduled to take place at the Glens Falls Civic Center. The contract hasn’t been signed, but BYU associate head coach Dave Rice said on Monday that his school and the University of Vermont have settled on that date.

Also Monday, BYU announced that Fredette has formally declared for the 2010 NBA Draft, but will not hire an agent. Fredette had said previously he would do just that.

By not hiring an agent, Fredette will maintain his eligibility to come back and play his senior season at BYU. Declaring for the draft allows him to attend pre-draft camps and participate in workouts at the NBA level. He must decide by May 8 whether he will pursue the NBA or return to college.

Fredette has said previously that it’s likely he will return to BYU. His father, Al, said two weeks ago he was “99 percent” certain Jimmer would stay in the college ranks.

BYU will not play in Glens Falls next season unless Fredette is on the roster, Rice said.

Jason Blumenfeld, general manager of the Civic Center, said it could be at least a month or two before tickets go on sale. They could be made available as early as June, or as late as early fall. He could not say what tickets might cost, but there probably would be variable pricing based on seat location.

Tickets will be sold through the Civic Center box office and Ticketmaster, just like any other Civic Center event, Blumenfeld said.

It’s likely to be a hot ticket. Aside from the obvious local interest, BYU alumni in the Northeast will almost certainly try to make the game.

“My phone has been ringing off the hook,” Glens Falls Councilman-At-Large Dan Hall said.

Blumenfeld said the Civic Center should be able to host the game without making any major adjustments. The setup should mirror what the building offers for high school basketball games.

“Global Spectrum (which runs the Civic Center) has done numerous college basketball games,” Blumenfeld said. “It’s nothing we haven’t done before.”

Rice said BYU would probably fly into Albany the day before its game at the Civic Center, then fly out the day after. The city is planning to set up a committee to organize events around the game.

Rice said that the city of Glens Falls owns the television rights to the game, and that BYU would be “very open” to the game being on television.

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As a local Jimmer fan from day one I'm excited, and I appreciate the work that Dan Hall and Jack Diamond have done to get this game. But as a friend of Jimmer's I'm disappointed that this couldn't have waited until his name was out of the N.B.A. DRAFT and back on the B.Y.U. ROSTER. I'm happy in knowing that he's not going to make any decision about his future based on this game coming to town. But it seems to me that B.Y.U.(a school that HATES suggestions from fans on how to run their sports programs) and Dave Rose are trying to keep him in the fold for next year. I hope he goes back to school next year because I'm selfish. And I would love to go see him in Ohio,(Creighton) Dec. 1st and right down the street Dec. 8th rather than only being able to see him in Vegas for the MWC Tourney. But I just wish that this could've been done AFTER MAY 8TH and not before, so that Jimmer doesn't feel like he's letting an entire campus, and now an entire region down because he wants to go the N.B.A.


I think it is everyone's dream to be like your favorite sports star and go onto the major leagues. Jimmer came from a small town in Upstate New York (where he has the biggest fan base of all time) called Glens Falls. When i tell people where I'm from they ask "is that near the city?" or "oh you live in "redneck town" in the middle of nowhere". I want to say "I'm from Glens Falls, New York" and have that persons eyes open up and i will know what they are thinking, "Do you think he knows Jimmer?" So whatever his choice is either to go to the NBA or stay at school i will still support him 100% of the way. You also know you made it when you have a Wikipedia page.


I honestly don't feel like he's letting down an entire region or a campus simply because he's decided to declare for the NBA Draft as opposed to returning to BYU. His goal is the NBA. We should all be supporting that. Not wishing for some college basketball game at the GFCC that will put the city in the hole for a long, long time. Give me a break. Hell, if Jimmer is drafted, maybe he can give some of his signing bonus back to Glens Falls to fix up the CC. Personally, I hope he gets drafted by a team he wants to play for and a team that needs him. What if he wasn't declaring for the NBA, but notifying BYU coaches he's ready for his mission. We need to stop being selfish and think about Jimmers' best interests. Trust me, it's not some meaningless CBB game in Dec. I don't even follow CBB until Feb.


Declaring for the draft for someone of Jimmer's talent is normal. It allows him to work out and speak with NBA teams. Jimmer knows he is not ready for the NBA--YET. This will give him an idea of what skills he needs to work on and possible round he could be drafted. He will be back for his senior year and will know what needs to be improved in his game. Jimmer has the right work ethic and is a great talent. This is a smart move but he is going to stay and everyone will see him play at the Civic Center. Great job those of you in Glens Falls putting this together. This will be a treat. I have been able to see Jimmer play numrous times and he is definately fun to watch.

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