The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied Gov. Andrew Cuomo's request to provide aid to area residents affected by April's floods.

In late April, the Hudson River and Lake Champlain reached record levels due to a combination of heavy rains and snow melt.

The floods caused an estimated $36 million in damage to public infrastructure across 23 New York counties, including Warren, Washington and Saratoga, and resulted in a federal disaster declaration.

While FEMA has declared the affected region eligible for funding to repair damaged public infrastructure, agency officials found damage to private waterfront properties didn't warrant public financial assistance.

"It has been determined that the damages to the residences as a result of this event was not of the severity and the magnitude to warrant the designation of the Individual Assistance program," states a FEMA letter received Friday by Cuomo's office.

The April flood stretched into early May and left many homes inundated for weeks, causing mold to grow and walls to rot.

The governor has 30 days to appeal FEMA's decision.

"I urge the Governor to appeal this decision and will support his effort should he decide to do so," said Congressman Bill Owens, D-Plattsburgh. "Severe weather has caused a great amount of damage to property and local economic development, and it is critical that our communities receive the assistance they need to recover."

A late May rainstorm also caused localized flash flooding in northern Warren County. But FEMA officials said the estimated $13 million price tag for repairs to property damage from that incident occurred too long after the initial flooding to be considered as part of the first request for disaster relief.

Congressman Chris Gibson, R-Kinderhook, has been calling on the administration of President Barack Obama to expand the federal declaration to include the late-May Warren County flash floods, which left dozens of local roads and bridges in tatters.

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Obama to Upstate: Drop Dead.


[quote]YipSkip said: "Obama to Upstate: Drop Dead."[/quote]



Hmmm. Nobody ANYWHERE in the U.S. should get public funded assistance due to weather related incidents if it is for a personal financial gain. If a private citizen erects a building, builds a driveway (or beach, etc), or reneges to maintain their property, why should the tax payer pay when a natural disaster strikes? It's just another form of public welfare.


obama to Upstate. Governor Cuomo is accomplishing something and all I can do is make big debts, and run interference.


re: While FEMA has declared the affected region eligible for funding to repair damaged public infrastructure, agency officials found damage to private waterfront properties didn't warrant public financial assistance.
Given the current economic climate, this seems to be a prudent course of action. Just because someone wants to live on the water, does that mean those of us who don't have to pay to rebuild? I feel for these people, but I don't think my tax dollars should go to rebuild a home that is sited so close to the water that flooding is nearly a given. Why do you think private insurers will not issue flood insurance to these homeowners? How many times should the public absorb the cost of rebuilding homes in flood prone areas? If you choose to live in an area that is in a flood plain, you assume the risk of....flooding. It's not rocket science....


Of course upstate NY was denied the money for this. We are not a heavily urban and Democrat stronghold like NYC or a high minority area like New Orleans. Just as when hurricane Katrina rolled through New Orleans, all of the focus was there and little on Mississippi and surrounding areas because New Orleans was high minority and the rest was well, not. Here we are again, a bunch of rubes and rednecks in the minds of Cuomo (doubt he will appeal we are not Albany or NYC so we are not important enough) and Barry O so why should be matter? Again, 2012 cannot come soon enough, but for all these people who have been frankly told "go to Hell" by the Obama administration, lets get a petition going, lets get it in writing, lets get Fox news or Glenn Beck involved and shame this crook in the White House into at least acknowledging that fact that we are here. No More!!


im sure the 13 mil has allready been earmarked to be given to some foriegn entity, its not good when we cant even take care of our own !


Oh gee what a surprise!!! If you asked any of them where we are they couldn't answer, we just pay the taxes for the fun of it!


Hooray for "less government" and "less spending"!

Kyle York

With FEMA's tradition of rewarding "Army Corps" stupidity, our neighbors deserve the aid.

OUR floods happened due to the incompetence of the HRBRRD, the Regulating District. A full 25% of our flood waters came from the overflow of the Great Sacandaga Lake... which was completely avoidable.

Had the lake been lowered in anticipation of the annual snowmelt, engineers could have contained ALL water from the lake's 1,044 sq. mile watershed and stored it all behind the Conklingville dam. The Hudson flow would have been only 75% of what swept through the area...with NO flooding.

But today's engineers are unaware of their own dam structure, insisting the lake overflows at 773 feet. The FACT is that the dam spillway begins flooding at 771 feet.

It's been that way ever since it was completed in 1930... and says so the website- "Reservoir filled to capacity (at) elevation 771 ft." or click on "Year-to-date Elevation"

-Kyle York

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