Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo will make a series of stops in the area on his "Drive for a New NY" RV tour.

Cuomo will be at the Greenwich Elks Club on Route 40 in Easton at 11 a.m. today (Wednesday), the Washington County Democratic Committee announced.

The committee suggests arriving by 10:30 a.m. to get a seat.

At about 2 p.m., Cuomo will be at the Charles R. Wood Theater on Glen Street in Glens Falls, said Glens Falls Democratic Chairwoman Melody O'Donnell.

The event will be in the meeting room on the second floor.

People should arrive around 1 p.m., O'Donnell said.

Both events are open to the public free of charge.

Later in the week, Cuomo is scheduled to appear at 4 p.m. Friday in Port Henry, at a location to be determined, announced Essex County Democratic Chairwoman Sue Montgomery Corey.

Cuomo is expected to be in Saratoga County on Sunday, said Saratoga County Democratic Chairman Larry Bulman.

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Welcome Governor-elect Cuomo!


"New NY" my butt! His contributors list says otherwise!
Now, he gets to galavant around NY state in an RV while still getting paid to do his job as AG. Don't you think that these fools should have to give up their job to do this? Nice safety net that none of us "regular people" have, though, being able to fall back on our chosen career in the job we have if our campaign goes south.

People - get a clue. Cuomo only cares about his own political future - not your or I! Career politicians are nothing more than thieves that live in a higher economic class. None of them deserve the money they make and we should really be throwing them all out of office!


Let him visit, I'm up to date on my shots.


Yippee, another Cumo... Do these people who vote for a family name forget so soon what the last one accomplished for the State?


Why is the media giving him a free pass on his actions as HUD commish? His actions and policies played a direct role in the collapse of the housing market. I can only imagine what he will do to NYS.


one can disagree on his policies, his political affiliation or his past accomplishments, but "I've had my shots" shows a complete lack of civility. Post Star...why would you publish this?

And these are some of the same posters tht call "downstaters" rude? Geez.

common sense

Please do not lose focus, although he is Attorney General he
is still part of the present administration. You can't tell
me he knew nothing about the then Gov. Spitzer. He is just another problem in the system.

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