LAKE GEORGE -- A second six-story hotel has been proposed for Canada Street, but this one is outside the village’s new zoning district that allows buildings of up to six stories in some areas of the village.

Salim Amersi, owner of the Surfside on the Lake resort on the east side of Canada Street, is proposing a project that would see the current resort demolished and replaced by a six-story hotel with a carport. The Surfside property wasn’t included in a new zoning district the Village Board approved this summer.

“We’re trying to upgrade the facility to meet the demands of the customer,” Amersi said this week. “We want to keep up the standards and be able to compete.”

The village Zoning Board of Appeals will consider the proposal at its meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Village Administration Building. The project would require a height variance, as well as a variance for the proposed carport.

The Surfside property, located at 400 Canada St., is in an area where buildings are capped at three stories without a variance.

Developer Dave Kenny has proposed a six-story, 120-room Marriott Courtyard hotel and conference center for the west side of Canada Street, roughly a quarter-mile south of the Surfside. The parcel where the Marriott is slated to go is within the village’s district that allows for six-story buildings.

A few individual parcels on the east side of Canada Street were included in the zoning district the Village Board approved, including the Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center and the property where Scotty’s Motel sits, north of the Surfside.

But officials generally stayed away from adding swaths of land on the east side of Canada Street to avoid obstructing views, both from Canada Street and the lake.

“We think there will be no visual impact from the lake at all,” Amersi said. “If there is any visual impact, (it) would be minimal from the lake because of the elevation and where the property is located.”

Amersi said he’s been planning to upgrade the hotel for about a year and a half now. The plans call for demolishing some of the resort’s oldest existing units, and replacing them with a newly constructed building that would stand at 72 feet tall, which is 32 feet taller than what the village code allows for on that property.

Four stories of the structure would be guest units, with a carport located on the bottom level. The carport would be necessary to meet the village code for how many parking spaces would be needed for the hotel. Amersi considered underground parking, but found it wasn’t feasible.

“I think we can do something that can be very attractive and appealing,” Amersi said. “The building is not a very appealing building as it is.”

Amersi said he doesn’t have a second option beyond the configuration of the new hotel as it’s currently proposed, and said he’d likely continue to maintain the current property if his plan isn’t approved.

“It will be interesting to see what everyone’s opinions are,” Amersi said.

Lake George Mayor Robert Blais said Thursday he hadn’t seen the plans for the Surfside and declined to comment on the proposal.

“I’ll leave it up to the ZBA to make their decision,” Blais said.

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Gonna be hard for the Village to deny this one. Hang on, more tall hotels are to follow. There needs to be an impact statement done on this - perhaps the APA will see fit to have one done but as we all know, they wrote LG off in exchange for their existance. Shame


Really? This is why the Marriot should not be built! Hotel rooms are abundant in this area, especially in the off season. What are the powers that be thinking? Do we residents want to walk down Canada St and see towering buildings? We are NOT a city, we do not live here to be in a city like environment. Where oh where is the APA and the Lake George Commission when we need them? You want the village to look better? Why don't you offer incentives to encourage the building owners to beautify their properties? So disgusted by this! The small town is why I live here...I just don't have the words to describe my loathing of these developments.


Ah, what the heck. Let's all forget that the problems the lake is suffering
are from overuse and overpopulation, and from the inability to monitor
the people already overusing the lake. Poop, clams, foreign plant species,
give them a chance, they will turn the lake into straight grey water.

Let's do it, why wait, the more the merrier.

And sure, a monster building on the lake edge will not cause visual pollution,
y'know, the ZBA will probably agree.

Just make sure you hire the right lawyers, plumbers, contractors etc, etc,
so everyone gets their cut; hate to see anyone miss out.

Let's go guys,
open season on Lake George, come one, come all,
even the Asian clams are applauding,
let's ring the lake with giant buildings,
after all, no one will see them.

On the other hand, it is refreshing to hear the owner
of one of these horrid little hovels classify their property
as "not very appealing";
sort of truth in advertising.

Maybe the new one will be a Super 8?


Again....all about the $$BUCK$$......Then watch the REAL Tourism fall.

Lake George is a quaint place to visit, vacation and live. This new "vision" with the stark, towering new "City Looking Establishments" are going to destroy the look and reason why most frequent LG. I think most come for the quaint feel and to get out of the big city feel.

Most importantly.....this apparent epidemic of wanting "sky scrapers" will just literally kill the lake with even more pollution. The Lake can't even handle what it has to deal with now, more or less all these new potential variances for expansion of these towering hotels.

This is the beginning of the end for Lk. George. Sometimes Karma takes it's time to come full circle. But once the Lake is rendered "useless" with it's final conclusion of contamination/pollution.....foreclosures will begin, with tourists no longer coming to vacation to this lake, that once meant something to not only tourists...but people who live/d and grew up here.


I love it! Raises my property value just like it's doing in good old toga town!


Gotta say the APA needs to step in on this one. lake George village is the reason the lake fell out of the nations top 10 cleanest lakes. And with the added hotel rooms it's only going to get worse. I know that lake George and queensbury along with Bolton landing and the surrounding communities need the tourism to survive but we don't need all these extra rooms on lake George. People choose to live in the area for its beauty. So let's not ruin it


Definitely opened up a can of worms this time !! Can't believe the powers that be , are allowing this to happen !
Sunlight on Canada Street from 11:45am til 12:15pm


I disagree with all the criticism of other Lake George citizens! Lake George has gone down-hill. Look at most of the buildings in the village. They are old and run down. Let's encourage re-development of the village to make it look new and clean. If not, Lake George will see a decline in tourism... the one thing fueling our economy. Some 6-story buildings will not make Lake George look like a "city." It sounds like the reason for the height is to increase parking... and in case you have never been in the village during the summer, there is never enough parking!

I welcome the prospect of more hotels and other businesses rebuilding and renovating to revitalize Lake George!


sandies1173 The town polititions have opened up a can of worms now! How are they going to denie hotels permits ? The town will be full of them . the greed of the outsiders to destroy the charictor of the village will be destroyed forever ! I can't belive they are allowing this .
What good is zoning if the rules are changed to please some outsiders that will come in change things to their liking , make their money and leave ? leaving the village destroyed forever .The Fix is in and anoters remember it come electionsd I hope the v


Sounds good but they really should include a heliport in the plans. Helicopter tours of the lake and surrounding mountains would be just as unobtrusive and would bring in more money from well-heeled tourists. Plus, if they did some mass transportation components, they could cut down on the air pollution and cure the ever-growing parking problem.


all of you whining about city living and too many hotel rooms.

1st, LGV is not the country. Its a Village. and a resort one at that.
2nd, do you think these 2 people are going to sink millions of dollars into bigger hotels if they don't think they are going to get a ROI? These are not being built for charity, they are businesses, and need to make profits.
3rd, People all whine about the T-Shirts certain ones specifically, so now some people want to build something different and you still whine.
4th I'm sure all the "extra" people that these hotels may generate for LG are all going to be carrying asian clams when they go in the lake.


Given your "theory" as long as a business come to make profits, then anything goes. LG may not be "country" per se, but it certainly is not city and far from it. These hotels are not in keeping with the quaint surroundings of the lake. They are cheap looking and hard on the eyes. The owners of these proposed towering pieces of cardboard don't care how these buildings look in regards to the look and feel of what keeps tourists coming back to certainly isn't to look at a towering chain hotel from the lake.

Try proposing the same to most towns on Cape Cod(another seasonal resort destination). Building restrictions remain strict and they must fit by keeping with the old Cape Cod charm. 1- 2 stories near the ocean front..No Exceptions!! And yet with ALL their MANY more restrictions tourists still come back and.not to stay at some chain hotel. They come back because of it's unspoiled charm and visual beauty. Great views from a towering hotel....still, they don't allow it.


LGV is not and never will be Cape Cod.

As I said before, lets open an other cheesy T-Shirt shop
Oh heck, lets open an other bar

That pretty much covers the "charm" of LGV


Can the Village waste water treatment plant even properly handle the waste now?? Upgrade the water/ waste water systems first before adding new occupancy to the Village load on the lake.

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