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Resignation leaves open seat on Glens Falls school board

2013-01-18T20:00:00Z Resignation leaves open seat on Glens Falls school boardOMAR RICARDO AQUIJE -- Glens Falls Post-Star

GLENS FALLS -- The Glens Falls school board has an open seat that will remain vacant until the May election.

The seat has been vacant since Jan. 1, when Kevin Rosa resigned to take a job in Florida.

In September 2011, the board appointed Rosa to fill the seat of Jennifer Hogan, who had resigned, for the remainder of the school year. In May, he was elected to a five-year term that began July 1.

Rosa, a former director of sales and marketing at The Sagamore Resort, has accepted a job at a Florida resort.

Anna Poulos, president of the board, said she appreciates Rosa’s service on the board.

“We are always sad to see our board members leave. We wish him well,” Poulos said.

When a seat becomes vacant, a school board can schedule a special election, wait until the May election, or solicit interest from the public and then choose a candidate.

Poulos said the board chose to wait until May for a few reasons.

The board wants to wait for the result of a vote in March on whether to merge the city school district with the Abraham Wing school district. Only Abraham Wing School residents will vote.

Poulos said her board has assured Abraham Wing School officials that they will have a representative on the city school board if the proposal is approved.

The board also felt it could get by with a vacant seat until May, she said.

In addition, filling the seat now will not leave enough time for that candidate to learn the position, unless the person already has board experience, she said.

“It takes so much time, literally, years to understand the ins and outs,” Poulos said.

Two seats will be up for election in May, including for the expiring term of James Clark. The candidate elected to Rosa’s seat will begin immediately after the election and finish the remainder of his term.

The candidate picked for Clark’s seat will start July 1.

If Abraham Wing School residents approve the merger, it’s unknown, as of now, when their representative would join the city school board because the merged district becomes effective July 1, Poulos said.

Poulos said the board can get through the next few months with a vacant seat, even as the board works on two budgets.

“I think we are going to be fine,” Poulos said. “We are a relatively seasoned board. I don’t anticipate any issues.”

The district is creating its 2013-14 budget and a second budget that includes Abraham Wing School expenses.

The second budget is needed in case of a merger. In this instance, residents of both districts would vote on the budget in May.

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(2) Comments

  1. Uzi
    Report Abuse
    Uzi - January 19, 2013 5:12 pm
    When Dr. Poulos said this.....
    “It takes so much time, literally, years to understand the ins and outs,”
    She really meant this.....
    "It takes a few meetings before you realize you're just supposed to ask a few questions, raise a few points, and then ultimately do what Paul Jenkins tells you to do".

  2. Oilman6
    Report Abuse
    Oilman6 - January 19, 2013 8:54 am
    How come the Glens Falls residents do not get to vote if we want them?


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