Two local men were arrested Monday on felony charges that accuse them of receiving more than $4,000 in unemployment payments to which they were not entitled, police said.

John W. Smith, 32, of Queensbury was charged with third-degree grand larceny after an investigation by the state Department of Labor and State Police.

He allegedly received the payments while living at a relative’s home in Dresden, police said.

Roger D. Myers, 28, of Hudson Falls was also charged with third-degree grand larceny in connection with allegations he received unemployment payments to which he was not entitled while living in Kingsbury.

Both men were released pending prosecution in Dresden and Kingsbury courts, respectively.

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I hate to Brake the Bad new to the State but most everyone on unemployment is doing some type of side job to get by.
So when is it a crime. When you make $50 extra or thousands?
Is there a Difference whe you break the law a little or a lot?
Example: I only Sold a little bit of Drugs.
Or I only stole a little bit from NYS.


I don't condone this at all but what's being done about Goldman Sachs? Us lower middle class unfortunately move to illegal activity to get by.

Bill In Glens Falls

Listening: You can work while you are on unemployment and many of us who were on it did work, basically to try to survive.

You are allowed to work in a temporary or part-time position, but for each day you work, you lose a day of unemployment. If you work four days, you lose the whole week.

You can go back on if that job ends.

Sometimes, as in my case, that part-time work leads into a full-time job and gets you off unemployment.


Atheist1- I did not move to illegal activity to get by. I stopped smoking, canceled my cable, stopped ordering pizza, and got another job, just like many of my friends. However, every time my tenant says they can't pay the rent they still a full pack of cigarettes, digital cable, etc. stealing is stealing. Morals/ethics - you have them or you don't.

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