HUDSON FALLS -- Twenty-four people were arrested after police from four agencies broke up an underage drinking party late Friday on Pearl Street, officials said.

A Hudson Falls Police officer was hit on the head by a coffee pot that was thrown at him, but he was not hurt. No injuries were reported, though at least two fights occurred at the gathering, Hudson Falls Police Chief Randy Diamond said.

Nearly 40 people, ages 14 to 26, were present at 6 Pearl St., apartment 4, when police were called there at 11:10 p.m. Friday, Diamond said.

Officers were sent to the home because neighbors reported a fight out front.

"They all scattered when the officers arrived, and a number of them ran into the building and wouldn't open the door," Diamond said.

As police interviewed neighbors, another fight broke out inside the building, causing people to flee; some jumped from windows, the chief said.

Officer Ryan Pedone was hit with a glass coffee pot that was thrown down a flight of stairs by an unknown person as officers were going up to the apartment where the party was occurring. The pot did not shatter and was empty when it was thrown.

Officers from the Washington County Sheriff's Office, State Police and Fort Edward Police assisted Hudson Falls Police. Alco-Sensors were used to check underage attendees for alcohol use.

The chief said 24 people between the ages of 16 and 20 were found to have been drinking and were charged with underage possession of alcohol, a non-criminal violation.

He said a number of others who had been drinking were younger than 16 and were turned over to their parents. Under state law, those younger than 16 can't be charged with non-criminal violations.

The investigation was continuing to determine who threw the coffee pot and who hosted the party, as well as to discover who supplied alcohol and who caused damage to the home. Additional arrests were likely, police said.

According to police, those charged with underage possession of an alcoholic beverage were:

* Cody Turner, 20, of Walnut Street, Glens Falls. He was also charged with disorderly conduct, a violation.

* Amanda Bemis, 17, of Birch Avenue, Glens Falls.

* Joseph Fusco, 18, of Pearl Street, Hudson Falls.

* Joseph Reynolds, 16, of Pine Street, Hudson Falls.

* Roseanne Pickering, 20, of Alta Avenue, Queensbury.

* Kaitlyn Kearns, 20, of Sweet Road, Gansevoort.

* Lezzette Hughes, 20, of Lock Street, Fort Edward.

* Johnson Gooden-Prunty, 17, of Duane Street, Schenectady.

* Tyler Ignazio, 17, of Maple Street, Glens Falls.

* Madeline Cifone, 16, of Cooper Street, Glens Falls.

* Jordan Branchocomb, 18, of Main Street, Queensbury.

* Drew Vine, 16, of Davis Street, Glens Falls.

* Anthony Fitzgerald, 16, of Montcalm Avenue, Glens Falls.

* Dillon Ball, 17, of Geer Road, Kingsbury.

* Jenna Harrington, 18, of Marigold Drive, Queensbury.

* Justina Wilmont, 18, of Vanderbuilt Terrace, Saratoga Springs.

* Dylan Bruhns, 18, of Clifton Park.

* Kyle Wilcox, 16, of Lawton Avenue, Glens Falls.

* Michael Taylor, 17, of Broad Street, Glens Falls.

* Brinna Moultrie, 17, of Vanderbuilt Terrace, Saratoga Springs.

* John Bellon, 18, of North Creek Road, Porters Corners.

* Caitlynne Sima, 18, of McCrea Street, Fort Edward.

* Jenna Jackson, 16, of Montcalm Street, Glens Falls.

* Jessica LeBrun, 18, of Montcalm Street, Glens Falls.

All 24 were released pending prosecution in Hudson Falls Village Court.

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And the amazing part... ZERO drug possession charges ???




I find it strange how many far ranging places the kids are from. How do they know each other? And why did they locate their party in Hudson Falls? I imagine it was just a simple factor of who had the open apartment/house to have the party. Also, What is a 20 year-old doing hanging out with kids under-16?


Granted the parents should have known where some of these kids were ... but lentini most of these kids are college aged and as a parent of 2 kids in college one in MA.who is 21 the other in Troy 19... we don't have any control over our adult children. All we can do is teach them responsibility and accountability. And as far as the ages 16-20... it sounds like a vast age difference but it really isn't. Would my 21 year old hang out with a 16 year old probably NOT..could it have been family members maybe...does he hang out with 18 year olds.. YES. They are college age. You cant control the world. Teach them is all we can do.


why does the post star feel like it needs to play the role of moral advisor by posting these kids' streets and towns? did they post the street of the guy that abandoned the dog? no. did they post the street of the child molester in vermont? no. white creek burglars? no.

is underage drinking really a bigger problem than burglary? i'd like to know if there's a burglar on my street. i don't care and, indeed, even fully expect there are underage drinkers on my street.

please just be a newspaper, you are not even locally owned! stop trying to play parent or moral advisor by trying to shame our young adults.


Very well said Downtown!
Common sence isn't always common!


Oh, here we go again with the "Kids will be kids," snivelling.

The police were not called because a nosy neighbor smelled gin.

They were called because of a drunken, noisy fight. And found 2 dozen drunken, out of control people. If violent drunks were shrieking and pummeling each other in earshot, the only responsible thing was to call the police before it got even more out of control.

Their far-ranging addresses indicate they only got together to get polluted, which is a far sight from a well-deserved beer at the end of a hard day.


most of these kids were students of GFCS

it must be the teachers fault

Muz i Belka
Muz i Belka

What are you saying? Yes, there would be "zero drug possession charges" if "drugs" were not found. Alcohol =/="controlled substances" (a/k/a "drugs" in the common parlance). I'm sure if there were any "drugs" found, Hudson Falls finest would have cited the kids for that. BTW, possession of alcohol by a minor is a $100 ticketable "violation" (not a crime, like a speeding ticket). It was made a violation, not a crime, when the drinking age was reduced under President Ronald Reagan as a condition of a state getting highway funds from the feds.

@Downtown: right on. Only the fighters'/coffee pot thrower's name should have been listed, and probably not his address.

@one_citizen: "GFCS"??? Where/what's that? Where are you a "citizen" of exactly? (And teacher's fault? Why is that? Maybe the DARE officers fault? Maybe no one's fault?)


Could have done without the running the kids through the mud. Putting all these names out there is a bit much, consider you might have put a minor in danger for a predator to look them up more easily. They have the name and town of children posted publicly on the internet, more than enough information to put someone at risk.


underage drinking is a problem, these kids made a mistake and will now suffer the consequences, i should hope it's a lesson that they learn from. more importantly to me, who provided all the alcohol? no mention...and that's the person who deserves to have their name/reputation tarnished.

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