Four Saratoga County men were arrested early Thursday for failing to pay child support as part of a sweep targeting 12 scofflaws around the county, police said.

The four owed a total of over $35,000 in child support, and were arrested based on warrants issued in Saratoga County Family Court. Police did not say whether they faced criminal charges or civil charges in Family Court.

According to the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office, arrested were:

* Joshua L. Tucker, of Castle Road, Moreau.

* Ricky P. Allen Jr., of Main Street, Corinth.

* Gerald C. Lawrence Jr., of Lewis Road, Ballston Spa.

* Derrel E. Coppage, of Brookline Road, Ballston Spa.

All four were arraigned in Family Court, and all but Coppage were sent to Saratoga County Jail for lack of bail.

Police are seeking 8 more for whom warrants have been issued.

Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo has assigned two deputies full-time to Family Court.

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Bolton Insider

Good Job ..I wish they would arrest welfare people that can not afford to breed but are covered with tattoos.. Makes Me sick


Hopefully, these gentlemen have big cars and trucks to seize,
homes, maybe even savings, or wages to garnish.

It is sad for the kids, that most DA's and police, do not take this crime seriousely, deadbeats just get away with it.

Bravo to whoever got up steam for these 4,
hope all the other deadbeat "dads"
and moms,
take fair notice.


It`s about time something has been done. Putting their names in the paper is a great start along with the arrests.
Put the names of the other ones they are looking for also in the paper and maybe the law will get some tips of their whereabouts
It is a terrible thing not to support your own flesh and blood


Washington County should follow suit! Here child support cases are pushed aside. The laws are written to protect children but no one is enforcing them. A DeadBeat Parent in Cali can get a lawyer but a CP can't afford one. They irony is I wouldn't need to go to court if NCP (NonCustodial Parent)was paying arrears/support. How is this just? Any given day the Post Star blotter is filled with drug arrests and violated orders of protection. Start with my case and I will personally advocate for the rest of Washington County children. God Bless


If they were sent to jail for lack of bail, I doubt any of them own much. Saratoga county is usually pretty unfair to the custodial parent. This is highly unusual.


The whole system is unfair to custodial parents,

I am amazed this happened,
not paying is usually treated like a victimless crime,
people should try to call a deadbeat "dad" to task,
cops laugh, especially when they have moved out of state..

We should put a big local fine on it,
system would be all over the perps like white on rice.


Dead beat parents do need to be exposed and penalized in all counties! Additionally, there needs to be more investigation. The unwillingness of the offenders to do the right thing by declaring income or selfishly spending gifted money on cell phones, cable bills, cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs is a slap in the system's face when they are thousands in arrears. You continually go back to court and nothing changes...they declare no income, no job, no assets year in and year out...but somehow they manage to have a roof over their head, food in the fridge and a 55" flat screen tv? The pink elephant that they never want to admit is that they justify not paying because they think the money is somehow a windfall for the custodial parent. They have no true concept on the real cost of raising a child and the sacrifice the custodial parents make on a daily basis.
I hope the Warren County and Washington County Family courts are taking notice and have budgeted investigators and police


guess non custodial parents are the only ones not having a tough time in this economy ? maybe they lost their job unemployment ran out and they can't find another job ever give any thought to why they have not paid? but putting them in jail is a good idea now we the taxpayer can support their kids and them too? if the court can prove WILLFUL non-compliance then they should be incarcerated for contempt but if they simply are finding it hard to get work then let them keep trying


All certainly possibilities.

Of course there is the probable cause, they are just lowlifes.


also the court can only impose criminal charges that fall within the contempt of court guidelines to make nonpayment of support an actual crime would go against the constitution as said document prohibits debtors prison in our country. I am not saying that we should not compel non custodial parents to support their children but we need to find a way that does run down the us constitution. by the way anybody have any idea how much it's costing to keep track of all this child support? I am sure it is more then they collect the question is how many times more


NYS Child Support Standards act sets a price based on income; child support Magistrate Densmore runs to the beat of his own Drum. Reformers like Judge Judith Kaye supports "right of first refusal" when the custodial parent is away the noncustodial can get the child, which if the non custodial has the kids 72 hours a week, they need not pay support. The Local family courts don't promote this and let custodial have executive say. Picture seeing your child or grandchild with a no relation (boyfriend or girlfriend) of custodial, when you haven't seen child in months.

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