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Two more movies have chosen the Glens Falls region to film scenes.

This weekend, a small film crew will be working on a 10-minute short that will be entirely filmed in this area.

On Friday, the crew of the short romantic comedy will be filming in Queensbury. They’ll move to South Glens Falls on Saturday. On Sunday, in a whirlwind tour, they will film in South Glens Falls, Glens Falls, Fort Ann and Lake George.

Another film is coming to the region in October.

A locations crew is still searching for the best spots. They plan to film entirely in this area, for about a month, ending in November, said Locations Assistant Connor Breen.

The movie, “Spy Intervention,” is produced by Sunil Perkash. Actor Lane Garrison is involved as well, but the crew is keeping a tight lid on the details. It is listed on the IMBD website as an action comedy.

They plan to film at locations from Glens Falls to Lake George.

Breen has scouted some potential houses, leaving letters asking the owners to contact him.

The letter says, “46 Peaks Studios will be in your area filming their newest film this fall, from roughly Oct. 23rd to Nov. 22nd, 2017. We are currently looking for a home to use as a location in the film.”

It offers a rental fee for use of the chosen home. The director hasn’t picked one yet.

“We’re still looking,” Breen said.

The rom-com that will film this weekend already has its locations set.

The short will be called “Unattainable” and is intended to be aired at next year’s Adirondack Film Festival.

The managing director of the festival, Bridget Dunnigan, is the lead actress.

“It’s a love story,” Dunnigan said. “The guy is moving away. So the girl is — it’s now or never to tell him her feelings.”

The organizers ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund the film, and are also being supported by local businesses.

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