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Red Shift

Red Shift, from left, Erich Hobus, Chad Jones, Tim Ortiz, Kieran Dupper and Andy Frasier, will perform at 10 p.m. Saturday at Gug’s, 18 Haskell Ave. in Glens Falls.

Courtesy of Rachel Ortiz

GLENS FALLS  Tim Ortiz has played in plenty of bands before, but not one like Red Shift.

He and the other members of the group just click.

“I’ve never been in a band before that is this motivated,” he said. “Everyone hadn’t done a band in a while, so they’re all excited to do it.”

Ortiz, Andy Frasier (of C-Toe fame), Kieran Dupper, Chad Jones and Erich Hobus all played together at some point, but it had been a while.

So when Ortiz approached them, the guys were game.

“Tim called me a few months ago and I was like ‘Absolutely,’ because he’s a really talented singer/songwriter, so I was fully in,” Frasier said.

Dupper hadn’t worked on any music projects in about five years and the last was with Ortiz.

“After five years, it was time to give it another shot,” Dupper said. “It has been fun so far.”

The band plays all original music, much of it written by Ortiz, a professional musician who is the younger brother of Rich Ortiz and part of the fifth generation of a musical family.

“I hear everything at once when I write,” he said. “I’ll hear the whole song, record it on my phone — the main guitar part and the main vocal line — then I bring it to the band and we’ll expand on it.”

The band is being compared to Incubus, Deftones and A Perfect Circle, Ortiz said.

“We’re just exciting,” Dupper said. “It’s exciting to be playing music again.”

“It’s nice to have an outlet,” he said, “to get away from the day-to-day stuff and be able to just focus on music.”

Red Shift’s music is being noticed, with airplay on Hits 95.9; on SUNY Adirondack’s 92.7 WGFR; and Sunday nights on 102.7 WEQX.

“This is a nice project with good catchy tunes with nice melodies,” Frasier said. “If you like the stuff you’d hear on EQX, you’ll like this band.”

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