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Black just might be the safest color in fashion - when in doubt about selecting a pair of pants to wear with a floral patterned shirt, we buy black. It may not deliver the trendiest look, but it will match whatever else is going on, and that offers peace of mind.

Besides being a safe color, black can also be bold, and it may just become the "in" color during our current recession. "We're going to be seeing a real surge in the interior [for black accents]," says Kate Smith, Color Marketing Group expert and creator of SensationalColor.com. "It's hard to go wrong with black."

At times when life seems less stable, people are attracted to the safety of black in interior design. Here's how to make black bold in your kitchen with affordable accents.

Dash. Don't drape

"I think every room should have a touch of black," says Smith. The key word here is touch. You don't want to cover your kitchen in black - paint cabinet handles and knobs black, Smith suggests. Think about small items like placemats, appliances and cookware. Jessica Lyles, associate brand manager of enameled cast iron at Le Creuset Inc., recommends the company's Black Onyx collection because it doesn't compete with other kitchen colors. "It makes its own stylish individual statement," she says.

Embrace differences

When buying accents, don't be afraid to add different textures and shades of black. When things match perfectly, the space becomes less interesting. "Match the general look and feel, and no matter what you bring in, it [will] work together," Smith says.

Wear it

You spend enough time in the kitchen - it's time you started adding to the décor. A flattering black apron is elegant and practical, says Claire Steele, co-owner of Jessie Steele, a Berkeley, Calif.-based family-run, vintage-inspired hostess and kitchen aprons retailer.

Don't believe the hype

"Generally people think black is too dark and it will make the room look smaller," says Karen Anderson, a Pittsburgh-based ASID interior designer. "Lots of time, a really dark color will make corners disappear." The contrast between black and other colors usually packs a positive punch.


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