Robert Forcey Publisher 518-742-3211
Brian Corcoran Regional Controller/ Operations Director 518 742-3355
Mike O Sullivan Advertising director 518-742-3243
Ken Tingley Editor 518-742-3225
Michelle Giorgianni Circulation Director 518-742-3283

News editors

Bob Condon City editor 518-742-3250
Will Doolittle Projects editor 518-742-3274
Adam Colver Online editor/webmaster 518-742-3280
Angela Valden News editor 518-742-3259
Elly Gibson Sunday editor 518-742-3307
Jay Petrequin Monday editor 518-742-3272

Editorial reporters and staff

Nancy Gautier editorial assistant 518-742-3260
Callie Ginter reporter 518-742-3238
Michael Goot reporter 518-742-3320
Don Lehman reporter 518-742-3224
Gretta Hochsprung reporter 518-742-3206
Kathleen Moore reporter 518-742-3247
Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli reporter 518-742-3219
Bill Toscano reporter 518-742-3354


Lucinda Palmer obituary clerk 518-742-3325
Toni Miller obituary clerk 518-742-3325
Jolene Murray obituary clerk 518-742-3325


Greg Brownell editor 518-742-3277
Will Springstead reporter 518-742-3258
Pete Tobey reporter 518-742-3263
Ellis Williams reporter 5187423200


Jason Constantine Senior Multimedia Account Executive 518-742-3349
Patti Crotty Multi Media Sales Manager 518-742-3287
Caitlin Currier Recruitment/Monster Sales Consultant 518-742-3203
MaryBeth Fitscher Health/Wellness Multi Media Account Executive 518-742-3317
Sarah Gagnon sales assistant 518-742-3239
Jennifer Haskins Real Estate Consultant and Politics 518-742-3204
Ashley Jones Multi-Media Sales Consultant for Washington County 518-792-3131
Phoebe LaFave sales assistant 518-742-3288
Margaret Martin Senior Multimedia Account Executive/ Lake George 518-742-3311
Donna Morehouse Classifieds 518-742-3226
Kristen Seybolt sales assistant 518-742-3314
Donna Smith Core market and auto consultant 518-742-3300
Gina Tenner Market development coordinator 518-742-3365

Business, Customer service, Circulation, Production

Monica Bisson business 518-742-3291
Karen Hoolihan circulation 518-742-3264
Caren Kuhle production 518-742-3313
Debbie Kerr business assistant 518-742-3318
Kerri Ward customer service 518-742-3351
Jake Spriggs customer service 518-742-3289