The RadioShack store at 797 Route 9 in Queensbury will close Dec. 31, as the corporation closes 16 of its remaining 28 stores following bankruptcy. The 425 independent franchised stores will remain open, but the closest is 50 miles away.

QUEENSBURY — Slightly more than two years ago, the town had two RadioShack stores. In less than three weeks, it will have none.

The RadioShack store at 797 Route 9 in the Northgate Plaza will be one of 16 corporate-owned stores that will close Dec. 31.

RadioShack has closed more than 1,000 stores this year, and only 12 of the 28 corporate-owned stores will remain open after the end of the year.

There are 425 independent stores owned as franchises, but the closest to the region is 50 miles away in Vermont. The franchise stores carry RadioShack-branded products, as well as items that would not normally have been carried in RadioShack stores.

The other local RadioShack store, in Aviation Mall, closed in 2015 after being open for nearly 40 years. The stock from that store was transferred to the Queensbury store that is now closing.

RadioShack, which was extremely successful during the CB radio craze of the 1970s and the early days of personal computing in the following decade, was founded in Boston in 1921. It has declared bankruptcy twice and its intellectual property is now owned by Kensington Capital Holdings, one of its creditors.

The latest round of closings includes three RadioShack stores in Colorado, Texas and New York. The other in-state stores closing are in Northport, Kingston, New Paltz, Carmel, Yonkers and West Seneca.

The closest affiliate that will remain in New York is in Cooperstown. The company’s corporate headquarters building in Houston was also closed this year.

At one time, RadioShack had more than 7,300 stores.

A RadioShack spokesman was not available for comment Monday.

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