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It is not our job to say who won

2012-10-04T15:07:00Z It is not our job to say who won Glens Falls Post-Star
October 04, 2012 3:07 pm

Presidential politics is an ugly, dirty business and the news media often gets dragged into the fray for no reason at all.

I had one reader send an email Thursday morning wanting to know why we did not have a headline screaming that Romney won the debate. The reader said that every other newspaper in the country did.

We know that is not true.

Most newspapers, just like ours, treat big political stories like the national conventions and presidential debates very carefully. There is a lot of scrutiny these days over whether there is a bias with our coverage. We bend over backwards to cover the story fairly. We try to run photos of both candidates and we tend to be neutral with our headlines.

Most small newspapers rely on The Associated Press to cover the event and provide sidebars and analysis. We have great respect for The Associated Press and in my 33 years in newspapers, I have never had a reason to believe that The Associated Press takes political sides.

It is not the news media’s business to say who won or lost a debate. Each person can make up their own mind because it is so subjective.

Our packaging of The Associated Press coverage of the debate was fair and detailed. Each person who watched the debate can make up their own mind who they want to be the next president.

-          Ken Tingley

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    - October 15, 2012 1:26 pm
    It wouldn't be a very scientific study, but would likely reveal that "TPS" regional readership as a whole wouldn't be as different from typical Mississipians than they'd be like folks from more urban, more liberal voters elsewhere in NY.

    E.g., MS, & upstate folks TEND to be more Repub, more atuned to their God, their guns & their conservative opposition to abortion & gay marriage then in the more populus, more urban areas of the state.

    "TPS" also noted that in at least much of its readership area, incomes are 20% BELOW THE NAT MEDIAN.. (That'd translate to about $850 LESS ea. mo. in a typical; household here & that too's more MS & evangelical country typical.)

    W/out many live poor - vote rich cooperation, we'd have less disparity between rich & the rest.. Mitt's wrong. Many in the live poor areas, it's likely more of the pop is recipient of those bennies to his 47%. Sadly many do live poorer for voting rich (GOP)!

    Need evidence? It's clear & in the RECORD.
  2. Native
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    Native - October 15, 2012 10:52 am
    It's been almost 500 years since Copernicus proposed his theory of Heliocentrism. If the Post Star chooses to cover this event I would hope that they demonstrate their objectivity by giving equal weight to the views of the Roman Catholic Church at the time...
  3. independentguy
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    independentguy - October 14, 2012 2:15 pm
    yes, Ken, your paper does endorse more repubs than dems since most of those running or repubs locally and majority repub voters, until recently with independents growing and repub and dem voter enrollment declining. tells you how much the voter want more repubs and dems. another article you basically kiss the feet of Betty Do-Little who has done nothing for this area. our youth leaving in droves. business failures unless given handouts, high unemployment, high taxes, etc. while under the watch of this incompetent woman because she comes from an influencial family or families by marriage does not make one the best person. McDonald's ouster is a start. Little's ouster would be the ultimate prize for this area. your endorsements are affected by advertising dollars just like the Chronicles.
  4. Report Abuse
    - October 13, 2012 1:17 pm

    Boat's coffee offer's always open to ALL!. But, Joe 6-pk's 0 time for OBJECTIVITY. (It's difficult to figure out, e.g., why 1 calls himself "Iwillnotcomply" when here he redundantly PROVES himself compliant w/ ONLY right's agenda.)

    (A local Tea Party "leader," after announcing himself anxious to meet w/ boat to discuss the FACTS of the nation's probs, & in front of 20+ of HIS supporters, not only has since refused, but DENIED such offer was ever extended. Reality denial seems to be characteristic of distortionists who've little else. & boat even agreed to accept the TP's co-chair as moderator!)

    Boat doesn't take the approach of Teaers OR those who object to huge & growing financial disparity (OWS). BOTH sides have valid arguments.

    Sadly, objectivity is obscured, w/ blindness on EITHER side. We DO REQUIRE a gradual reduction of gov't spending & rules that cost business (though those costs are passed to consumers). Joe's broke! WE MUST TAX MITTS'.

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    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 12, 2012 4:50 pm
    Watch out next it will be meet for coffee!
  6. Report Abuse
    - October 12, 2012 3:43 pm
    To: Ken Tingley,

    Your, I assume lil' sorta' "tongue-in-cheekie" comments below reveal that on ocassion, you're willing to comment re: reader's comments. Below, & elsewhere, OFTEN IN CAPS boat's posed several questions that he still hope's you'll favor w/ a response. ??

    Re: your observation that the "pres race" isn't 1 at all in NY, only the most severely deprived Joe 6-pk wouldn't understand your correct observation.


    Yet, you're still undecided?

    Btw, Owens didn't sign the Norquist pledge! Doheny? Understanding the regional economy as you do & sorting positions as well as you do, it's hoped you, & "TPS," will NOT endorse another all-for-the-rich Republican.

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    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 11, 2012 2:35 pm
    Mr Tingley I would be very concerned if I was you Boat is on your side!
  8. Report Abuse
    - October 11, 2012 1:40 pm
    575, ETC.,

    The only thing more evident in your posts than an entirely 1- sided apporoach to evaluating evidence is your endless ability to ignore reality. (It's tragedy for the nation & the live poor - vote rich Joe 6-pks that there are so many ignorant in the electorate.) Tell us what it is SPECIFICALLY making you/your evaluations more accurate & credible than the views of recognized pres scholars. (Siena poll)

    E.g. how is it that Obama's responsible for Libya, while G W Bush is not only exempted from or ignored by you/yours, that on Aug. 6, 2001, he was informed SPECIFICALLY that terrorists might use airliners?

    Thanks for redundantly PROVING boat AND Ken Tingley's point to re: G W Bush legacy AND Joe 6-pk ignorance.

    That G W Bush, "... did a lot of goocd..." you reference saw the nation committed to an unjust expensive war in Iraq & witnessed a doubling of nat debt, THEN handoff of an economy in worse shape than any since Hoover's. GOOD? Obama's fault?
  9. 5756917
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    5756917 - October 10, 2012 5:12 pm
    Hey Boater, If Obama gets four more years as you want him to, you can be sure Big Bird will be safe. Not sure about the American people, but he'll save the bird.
  10. 5756917
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    5756917 - October 10, 2012 5:11 pm
    Considering how the Bush presidency turned out? Obama is not tainted by the democratic brand? Seriously? I'll take George Bush any day over Obama. Yes, Bush made a few mistakes but he did a lot of good for this country. Obama has made many mistake and then tries to cover it up. Bush partook in all daily security briefings and had discussions with the military to make sure this country was protected. Obama hasn't bothered to go to more than 50% of his daily security briefings. The ambassador to Libya, the man who was brutally murdered by Muslims, asked time and time again for more military protection. He was denied over and over again. On that fact alone, Obama and Clinton should be ousted. Oh yea I forgot, Obama has not had one meeting with his jobs council this year, not one. With the lack of jobs and the poor economy on every American's mind first and foremost, you'd think the leader of this country would make it a priority. Nah, he'd rather party with Beyonce. Pathetic.
  11. Report Abuse
    - October 10, 2012 3:14 pm
    Ken T,

    Good you take time from other duties & show up here.

    I certainly understand your failure to ans. questions that might damage "TPS" goals. W/out profit or prospect, in free mkts, pvt entities perish. It's justifiable. It's to "TPS" credit to not shy away from your critics... myself included.

    Journalism & commentary aren't the same... nor close. You know the diff. Many of your readers don't & FAIL to understand that diff. If experts qualified better'n we commoners have contributions to the truth it'd be far better to hear/be persuaded by their analyses then to be bought/sold by campaigns & ad $ from partisan LIARS, who're NOT confined to either camp.

    It's all about SALES - papers & politicians.

    In terms of domestic policy, the LAST thing Joe 6-pks should agree to/PROMOTE is greater disparity between wealth & WORK. Promoting 1 direction's detrimental to the other.


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    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 10, 2012 2:05 pm
    Mr. Tingley here are some quotes from discredited sources you won't print about Obama'a big bird add- MSNBC contributor: Obama camp has jumped the shark
    POLITICO: "... not at all serious."
    ABC's Rick Klein: "Big Bird?"
    MSNBC's Chuck Todd: "When is the Obama campaign going to stop talking about the debate?"
    Morning Joe: "Stunned"
    UPDATE: Sesame Street demands Obama camp pull ad
    If you want to stand by that opinion piece that is clearly a liberal hit piece go right ahead and you clear up any doubt that creditable and the Post Star do not go together. Sorry but trying to say now that your a paper that focuses on local issues is hard to believe when you print that on the front page. Its funny there has been no front page stories about Libyan-gate and all the lies from the White house and trying to cover up this big mess! I stopped buying the post star years ago because of your slant and I would buy it if you would a least cover all sides fairly and not bury bad stories about Obama.
  13. UR Mom
    Report Abuse
    UR Mom - October 10, 2012 11:17 am
    boater1 - 11 hours ago
    "Bingo doesn't bother to note what coal fired plants do to lungs. What he doesn't say is as revealing of Joe 6-pk as the idiocy he shouts!"


    Do you still smoke?

  14. Ken Tingley Staff
    Report Abuse
    Ken Tingley - October 10, 2012 10:56 am
    The front page story was based on recent poll data and also points out that the Democratic Party brand is not much better than the Republican brand. That is fair and addresses both parties. It also explains that Romney has to overcome the Republican brand but because Obama has his own record, he is not as tainted by the Democratic brand. That makes sense to me and itis a good analysis of the presidential race. It does not take a side one way or another.
  15. Ken Tingley Staff
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    Ken Tingley - October 10, 2012 10:29 am
    Actually, I am just one of four members on the editorial board when it comes to endorsements so it is not up to me alone. Honestly, I have not made up my mind regarding the presidential race. Our history of endorsements is a matter of record with us endorsing more Republican candidates than Democratic candidcates (about a 60-40 percentage the last we checked). I see no conspiracies with Associated Press. We're a local newspaper that concentrates on local news and issues almost exclusively.
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    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 10, 2012 10:06 am
    Hey lets take the 1st page of the PS today AP piece by Charles Babington you show under the headline (analysis). Give me a freaking break this is such a liberal left opinion piece the disdain for Romney and the GOP is just dripping from it. 1st paragraph Romney needs every possible advantage to overtake Obama in the next few weeks, What about the creditable polls showing Romney taking the LEAD?. Then the crap about the congress blocking key issues, yea its only the GOP that blocks votes, how about the fact that the senate has voted down Obama's jobs bills. Where was the get along when the democrats rammed obamacare down our throats and told the GOP to get lost, and the American people did not want it then and still don't want it. Then he claims the GOP has the lowest image in modern times, funny how the polls show its all of congress and the senate that have the lowest ratings.(seems to miss that point) So run that as an opinion and not some serious analysis piece.
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    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 10, 2012 7:41 am
    Mr Tingley no conspiracy just simple logic, we already know you are going to endorse Obama. This area is mostly conservative and your newspaper continues to run mostly left leaning stories. I'm not saying you should be all right leaning but what about a little balance? Your claim that AP is a great source go over there stories and in the first few lines I can see the direction of the writer and are you going to tell us that 80% of the news people are not left leaning? Prime example- the editorial about McDonald and how he lost, whats so hard to understand he went against the people he represents and paid the price for it. A lot of American's have woken up and are tired of the lies and news media that will not tell the truth or slant the news one way, we want the cold hard facts not spin. If I get news sources that show us in big trouble and danger ahead whats are you getting? If you want to continue with only putting news out that's good for one side then you will have less readers.
  18. Bingo
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    Bingo - October 10, 2012 5:13 am
    Here is a photo from the "unbiased" Associated Press:

    The AP doesn't seem biased when you're a liberal.
  19. Report Abuse
    - October 10, 2012 12:10 am
    Editor Tingley, OTHERS?!,


    Mo. after yr., "TPS" does ACCURATELY cites facts & figures noting taxpayer tough times & overly "generous compensation" for teachers. Mitt, Scott Walker & theirs are "outta' get" teacher unions too. BE ASSURED, 4 YRS AIN'T ENOUGH; more of this worker/union/TAXPAYER smashing's in the deck. Almost everyone has & does suffer financial & real pain. But what else has been happ'nin?

    1) The stock mkt. crash of 2008 has largely recovered w/ profits NOW at near-record levels. (The $ volume of those profits goes OVERWHELMINGLY TO THE FEW RICHEST WHO ALSO ENJOY CONTINUING HUGE GOP TAX CUTS.) Question: What, impact, if any, do these FACTS mean re: TOTAL taxes pd. by wage-earning workers?

    2) Median household income's fallen significantly. What, if anything's implied re; aggregate consumption levels AND JOB CREATION/RETENTION?


  20. Report Abuse
    - October 09, 2012 11:12 pm
    Bingo doesn't bother to note what coal fired plants do to lungs. What he doesn't say is as revealing of Joe 6-pk as the idiocy he shouts!

    The semi-literate (Joe 6 here) continue assaulting this pres as if he was entirely to blame for deaths in Libya, Afghan, gas prices, nat debt, unemployment & the drop in median household income. Now "TPS," is part of this pro-Obama media conspiracy, while Beck & Fox are "fair/balanced."

    THEN, those Bush II tax cuts for the richest while doubling debt, & handing off a 2nd GOP policy-dominated CRASH in the past 100 yrs is on Obama. Manufactured reasons, LIES, (Boat's cited 5 SPECIFICALLY) to get us into Iraq, &... a biggie, Bush was responsible for getting Osama.

    What a tragedy for this nation & these Joes' in particular as their lives DID & LIKELY WILL get worse so the GOP can & DID cut Mitt's taxes while raising Joe's TOT BILL!

    Seeds for this disaster germinated in JOE 6-PK'S BLIND IGNORANCE BEFORE OBAMA'D BEEN HEARD OF!
  21. Bingo
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    Bingo - October 09, 2012 6:49 pm
    Mr. Tingley, you just put up an editorial stating you would like to see the electoral college abolished. You cited the 2000 election which made it obvious you're still bitter about George W. Bush winning. You probably dabbled in those conspiracies around that time like most Democrats did.
    You're correct that your paper in a blue state will have no effect, but by the paper's own admission it would like to have more sway by making a popular vote count.

    You have spent the last four years going bananas over Obama conspiracies. You spent a lot of time defending that disgraceful Imam at the Ground Zero Mosque. Ibn Warraq had the best press coverage of who the real man was. Instead of looking at the facts, your paper only seemed to highlight the hysteria and bigotry surrounding the ordeal.
    You have spent an inordinate amount of time on gay marriage, a complete non-issue in a country with much more serious problems.

    It's not a conspiracy the paper is slanted left. Face it.
  22. Bingo
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    Bingo - October 09, 2012 4:37 pm
    Under Obama, the middle class has been buried as Joe Biden himself has said. The average middle class family has lost $4,000 in income. Some people like the ones at the Post Star just like shooting themselves in the foot. All so they can support gay marriage or a global warming cause or whatever other leftist clap trap that is so much more important than the decaying economy and massive deficits the President has run up.

    Think for a moment how insane it is for this administration to be trying to bankrupt the coal industry at a time like this. We get it. The New Left ran out of causes after the country won all of the civil rights stuff back in the day. So now they have clung to environmental activism.

    But enough is enough. You can't be envirofascists when we need jobs. When I think of all those coal miners and the families who are being gutted of the American dream all so these New Left hippies in the administration can live in "clean air", it makes me sick to my stomach.
  23. Ken Tingley Staff
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    Ken Tingley - October 09, 2012 3:31 pm
    So what you are saying is that The Post-Star and myself personally are engaging in a high-level conspiracy to swing the election to President Obama in a blue state that is already a lock for him to win as we try to swing the opinions of the 30,000 or so readers that we have. Just to be clear, I was only 7 in 1963 and could not possibly have been on the Grassy Knoll.
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    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 09, 2012 2:01 pm
    Nice catch Patcher. The stories about the economy and jobs will be out almost every day and the post star will tell us that this is from creditable sources and its true. It is going to be a full court press with all the lies from the liar in chief and the FAX machine media that will print every lie without 1 question. Maybe the post star feels that if they back obama they will get a bailout if he gets elected again and everyone can see that the media is all in for obama,just watch msnbc.
  25. patcher
    Report Abuse
    patcher - October 09, 2012 11:55 am
    Imagine that. Obama got thumped in the debates because Mitt looked presidential and he looked like the bumbling wind up toy he is. In order to hide the fact our president cannot think on his feet or hasn't the slightest idea of what's going on because he just is in over his head, the Post Star has a front page article about Government Motors plans to hire 10k workers. Read closely on how they use such words as "plans to hire", "in the next three to five years", "other technical experts at the site, including the team that created the Chevy Volt". They really still believe they can lie to the public and get away with it, as long as the headlines support "the empty chair" president.
    Report Abuse
    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 09, 2012 7:53 am
    Romney-Dishonest as usual? If you think Romney is dishonest then how low do you have to go to get to Obama? Remember obama won with only in the 40%'s so I didn't vote for him so all the American people did not want him, he is the president not a KING he doesn't get to do what he wants. Maybe if you were awake for the last 4 years you would know what was going on. Remember 2010 when the democrats lost big time because they went against the will of the people. Obama had the house and senate for the first 2 years and did he fix the tax's, or make anything better for the working people (NO) he spent all his time on obamacare the nobody then and now wanted. Obama has spent 6 trillion dollars and no bridges or jobs came out of that, remember when he said shovel ready jobs were not shovel ready? The problem with people like you is that Romney looked and acted presidental and Obama stood there with his head down and without his telepromter he can't talk, thats because Obama is an empty suit.
    Report Abuse
    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 09, 2012 7:41 am
    sasquatch maybe you should be like the real animal stay in the woods.What you saw was the real obama and Romney looked and acted like a president and you haven't seen on in 4 years.
    Obama's 6 trillion dollars in less then 4 years and the country is still in the pits. Afgan. war how much money and how many lives on his war? Bankbailouts? obama voted for them and wanted the money in place when he took office. 13-15% income tax? Its not income tax its the tax on there investments, they already paid their income tax on the money they earned, I know its hard for some of you but get it right. Nobody is going to spend there money or invest it when you have a president who is out to destroy them and they don't know what next new law or tax obama will make. The only dishonest one here is OBAMA and all you people who stuck your heads in the sewer pipe to avoid haw bad obama was and is.
  28. sasquatch
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    sasquatch - October 08, 2012 7:16 pm
    If you want a concession that Romney won the debate, read FoxNews. But I'll never ask a Republican if I want to know what media is the most accurate. The last source I'll trust for fact is the Republicans. I don't give a Hoot what Republicans think is best. Republicans have stolen and wasted Ten Trillion Dollars since 2001, on the Bush Wars and Busheconomics and Bush Banking Bailout. The Bush Beneficiaries, who've been paying 13%-15% income tax versus the 28% you and I pay, haven't been creating jobs. They've been creating and accumulating wealth for themselves, and they've been keeping it. Shame on Republican crooks.
  29. k
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    k - October 07, 2012 12:19 pm
    It doesn't bother me at all that the PS chose to not have a banner headline. It is healthy to let people have some room/time to think. Also, I did not think Romney was so great or anything. Aggressive. On the "bully" side. Dishonest as usual. None of these items denote "winner" to me. The folks writing in want their "team" to win no matter what the candidate would actually DO once. Eeks. Danger signs abound. And the GOP in general has obstructed most everything the President the American people elected. idk. To me that is just not patriotic. Like the House of Representatives refusing to bring the President's Jobs Bill up for a vote, for instance. Yeah, we wouldn't want our crumbling bridges fixed and Americans working. Nah. That would be for "Good of Country". All they did was push crazy social stuff, like Ryan's federal Personhood bill he co-sponsored with Akin. Eeks Deluxe. Like I want to be thrown in jail for 30 years for aborting a zygote? or lose my bc pills??
  30. Bingo
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    Bingo - October 06, 2012 4:14 pm
    To shed more light on the subject, I suggest people Google search Arthur Brisbane. He was the NY Times public editor. When he was leaving the paper in August, he wrote a final column discussing the rampant bias at the paper. The executive editor came out on the defensive dismissing the claims as ridiculous.

    Everyone knows the state of the NY Times. The last time they endorsed a Republican was in 1956. Many liberals have deluded themselves in our day to think along the line 'facts have a well-known liberal bias.' It's dangerous because they don't think of themselves as biased.
  31. adirondackluger
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    adirondackluger - October 06, 2012 9:12 am
    I cannot believe I just read that response from a staff writer. And you wonder why we cry out for objective reporting and respect for the office of the President.
  32. Jonny
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    Jonny - October 06, 2012 8:14 am
    Anyone with an IQ above 70 knows where the PostStar stands politically. The PS just becomes less credible by not admitting it. meh, nothing new.
  33. Report Abuse
    - October 05, 2012 10:35 pm
    Question 4 K. Tingley,

    No prob w/ media ("TPS" here) drawing conclusions OR not. Romney clearly "PERFORMED" much better.

    Our politics IS "dirty business." Seems winners are the 1's who attack opponents (lie?) most convincingly, promise all (lie?) & OVERWHELMINGLY the 1's that SPEND the most & investment expects a return. IT'S CORRUPTION 101!

    LIES? Obama suggests spend the Iraq savings on infrastructure. Those total ZERO; ALL was borrowed. Romney claims his plan would NOT cost the mid-class. False says the (non-partisan) Tax Policy Cntr. & however they do the math. Both claim they'll create jobs; Romney says 12 million. Really? He's a virtual 0 chance - neither's Obama. Obama claims that we're better off. Who's we? Since median household income's DOWN 4 yrs runnin' in aggregate - that's FALSE.

    Poorer, Joe 6-pk ain't EVER likely gonna' be rich. The GOP continues to favor MORE tax cuts for the rich? Question: Editor Tingley, IN FACT, who's PAYIN' for those?

    Report Abuse
    IWILLNOTCOMPLY - October 05, 2012 10:25 pm
    Look its quite clear the post star is going to endorse Obama, everyone can see that. We will get the standard lines, don't change horse's midstream, things are starting to look better and the rest of the crap they use to cover them self's. Oh and low and behold after Obama was destroyed in the debate guess what came out today the news that unemployment is below 8% its a miracle. Just 1 month before the election and no president has ever been reelected with unemployment above 8% and the editor does not think that is funny? Please Mr. Editor don't insult us and try to tell us you don't have a slant. Remember how you were so interest in the occupy movement and the stories you covered? that was until the drugs, rape, filth, destruction of public and private property and them the riots, then all of a sudden the articles were gone. How much coverage did you give the tea party and there was not 1 shred of trouble with them? If you were at least 50-50 coverage you might have more readers.
  35. Bingo
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    Bingo - October 05, 2012 4:01 pm
    It's ridiculous to think you can separate the two. Your bias will always find a way to slip into how you cover the news. People have to make decisions on what photos to use, which AP story they'll use etc. Bias will effect these decisions. Again, I have no problem with that. The issue arises when people delude themselves into thinking bias may effect others, but not themselves.

    The reason intelligent people don't mock Fox News (besides the fact we elitists don't watch cable TV) is because they're upfront about where they are coming from. How could you complain about bias when they tell you they're a conservative news network? As I said before, the worst news organizations are the ones who never admit to any bias, and try to play the 'we're completely objective' card.
  36. Bingo
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    Bingo - October 05, 2012 2:10 pm
    Hopefully this gets through the censors. You never quite know what will get through.

    Brian, credible newspapers did spell out a Romney win on their front page. Maybe the Post Star is lacking in so much humility that they think they're a credible newspaper, but the Washington Post isn't? When the Post Star claims the people saying newspapers around the country said Romney won are liars, you have a problem. When I post a link showing credible newspapers say Romney won, it disproves that. The Post Star is trying to misinform the readers by saying newspapers aren't in the business of reporting debate winners. Clearly many of them are.

    Brian, bias reflects the news. If you read the NY Times and can't figure out they're cheerleaders for the Obama administration, then I feel bad for you.
  37. brian
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    brian - October 05, 2012 9:50 am
    Bingo is obviously not clear on the difference between news articles and opinion/editorial pieces. Besides, most of the presidential coverage in the Post-Star is written not by the PS but by the Associated Press and other wire/syndicate services.
  38. brian
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    brian - October 05, 2012 9:48 am
    Sceptical: you're an intelligent, informed person who apparently watched the debate. Do you really need a newspaper manipulating you by saying who "won" the debate? Or can you make up your own mind yourself?

    I'm no Obama supporter but this whole silliness about who "won" is nothing more than a distraction by partisans of the two corporate party candidates from the real issues they (occasionally) discussed. That's what we should be talking about.
  39. brian
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    brian - October 05, 2012 9:42 am
    "It is not our job to say who won."

    I'd go further. I'd say it's AGAINST your job to do so. This whole "who won the debate?" nonsense is fine for little fan boys and girls of the two (corporate party) candidates but it's not what a serious news outlet that purports to be objective should be engaging in. Report what they said. Do the fact checking. You're being criticized for letting the voters make up their own minds as to who "won" (for what little that's worth) rather than manipulating them. Good for you.

    Besides, anyone who lemming enough to vote for a candidate because he or she "won" a debate in the eyes of the masses (as opposed to the actual content of what was said) probably should be discouraged from voting entirely.
  40. Sceptical Mass
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    Sceptical Mass - October 04, 2012 11:46 pm
    It might not be a newspaper's job, that's certainly arguable from a totally idealistic perspective, but it is certainly their right (if they simply choose to do so) to interpret, and report, what EVERYONE with an ounce of intelligence could see for themselves last evening: Barak Obama got his clock cleaned...plain and simple.

    There really is no debating the result of the debate...that's nothing less than denial.
  41. Bingo
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    Bingo - October 04, 2012 6:48 pm
    So you take no issue at bad mouthing the Bush presidency, but you are not in the business of bad mouthing the Obama presidency? The worst news organizations are the ones who aren't honest with the readers about their bias. I have no issue with news outlets that make it clear their slant.
  42. Ken Tingley Staff
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    Ken Tingley - October 04, 2012 4:42 pm
    Considering how the Bush presidency turned out, I don't think we regret that endorsement.
  43. Bingo
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    Bingo - October 04, 2012 3:57 pm
    But it is your job to endorse candidates? Remember in 2004 when you endorsed a man who flip-flopped on a war to get votes? That was disgraceful. Here we had a guy that voted to begin a war, which we couldn't have gotten out of right there and then. That was the worst flip-flop of all time, and the Post Star was right on board.


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