It was a long and arduous election season that stretched out over six weeks for our editorial board.

The Post-Star editorial board conducted 39 candidate interviews with each lasting about 30 minutes. Many of the candidates we had never met before. For many of us who are not on the front lines reporting, these meetings are the only time we get to converse with town and city leaders.

We get to meet them and they get to meet us.

I want to especially applaud our citizen representatives – Connie Bosse, Dan Gealt, and George Nelson – for their participation.

We saw them all grow throughout the process as the interviews piled up until they were also comfortable asking their own questions. They often led the questioning while Will Doolittle and I took a back seat.

If you are curious about the final political tally, we endorsed 10 Republicans, eight Democrats and one member of the Green Party.

In Glens Falls, where there are more registered Democrats than Republicans, we endorsed more Republicans.

In Queensbury, where there are more Republicans than Democrats, we endorsed more Democrats.

We also chose Democrats in three of the four races in Washington County, which almost always votes Republican. But in northern Warren County, all three of our endorsements were Republican.

Many might consider our board schizophrenic, or maybe contrarian, but we just endorse the candidate we believe is the best.

More often than not, our board members agreed unanimously, which I still find surprising.

I remember one year, someone called to chide me after the election that most of the candidates we endorsed lost.

“You got that wrong,” he laughed.

“No, we didn’t,” I argued. “We weren’t trying to pick winners, just the best candidates.”

If you missed any of the endorsements, we will run a complete roundup on Sunday's "Viewpoints" page.



Ken Tingley is Editor of The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y. and writes a regular blog called "The Front Page."

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