Vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will be squaring off in a debate Thursday night. What do you think of the vice presidential debates? Will you be watching? Are they important? Will you take them into consideration when you are deciding who to vote for president?

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I am now convinced this administration can't be trusted to lead this country. Joe Biden laughed his way through talks about Iran nukes and various other serious matters. If you can't take these issues seriously and just laugh like a child, you can't lead a country.


If our forefathers could get back down here they would take this administration and most of its imbasilic followers and throw them in the middle of the ocean. I risked my life for Americans 40-plus years ago so I know who Americans are, and most of the above mentioned entities are not. The VP debate is over and if this administration gets another four years, so is the country!

7kit, Bing, ETC.

Your convictions aren't in doubt. Your lack of objectivity is.

To exclusively attribute the nation's ills to1 side is blatant absurdity, more disease than solution. Disregard where the nation was before Obama? Flat ignorance. Some remain easily duped. Sadly, it's typical of Joe 6-pk. America - uneducated but highly opinionated, uninformed but anxious to "sound off." They seek improvement but, unaware of what they do/have done to themselves continue to support policies that make THEMSELVES & fellow working class folks poorer while the richest luxuriate.

2 things in particular create greater disparity in this plutocracy. 1 is a GOP tax policy dominated gov't of, by, & for the wealthiest. The other is ignorance concentrated in those who suffer the disparity's increase - the Joe 6-pk relatively poor.

Joe, in candor, your prospects continue to dim because of what you've been led to believe true that's wrong. Evidence? It's overwhelming!

Bing, ETC!,

Just now, Bingo? You're convinced NOW & were open minded before? Biden's demeanor put you "over the top?"

Many castigate Obama for 4 deaths in Libya & fail to note MISTAKE (Iraq) & insist that Bush was responsible for gettin' Osama - that Obama ruined the econ. What's this prove? Only how unrealistic their positions are - how falsely led & FACT DEVOID/polluted positions can extend. These are likely financial victims - their own fault. This while the Mitts' do better'n ever.

Demos ain't good, Joe. But GOP tax policy chokes the mid class & threatens its kids as well. The nation needs good gov't, good prospects & a good eco. None are likely even in view IRRESPECTIVE OF NEXT MOS. OUTCOME when 1 looks at the forces at work shaping the future. Needed are significant tax increases (Dave Stockman's, e.g.) AND spending (entitlement) cuts.

To buy into either side's ads, or candidates' claims is buying "SNAKE OIL." Reliable info IS available, Joe. LOOK!

W Tucker
W Tucker

Hi Bingo
I disagree with your statement. I believe your mind was set a long time before the debate, and nothing that was said in the debate would have changed it. Let me share a story I heard once, it goes something like this.
A psychiatrist was treating a man who believed himself a corpse, and one of the living dead. The psychiatrist asked, “How do you know you’re a corpse?” His reply, “ I can’t feel my heart any more.” So he gave the man a stethoscope thinking if he heard his own heart beating he would then realize he was not a corpse. “See, you’re not a corpse. That sound you hear is your beating heart.” The man looks at the physiatrist and replied. “This proves nothing, I’ve seen devices like this in the movies. There’s a small recorder or transmitter in this thing and I’m hearing someone else heart.” The physiatrist thought, perhaps I can use logic to show him he’s not a corpse, so he asked the man if he knows what the heart does, “Of course doc. It pumps blood thru the body.” The physiatrist smiles thinking he’s close to completing his task. “So, if you cut a corpse will it bleed?” The man looking a little worried now answers, “No…. once the heart stops so will the flow of blood… are you sure you’re a doctor?” Next the physiatrist reaches in his desk and removes a pin, asking to see the mans finger, he pricks the finger with the pin. As several drops of blood hit the desk. The man exclaims. “Oh my god! I’m wrong! Corpses do bleed.”
As to your comment about Iran. After the collapse of the Soviet Union I believe Dick Cheney expressed concerns that Iran could acquire Nuclear Components. Yet in June of 2000 while C.E.O of Halliburton he said; ””U.S. Business should be allowed to do Business with Iran”. The following link ( ) will take you to his explanation. It’s on the timeline it’s at 00:35: 35, it’s quite good; yet there seems to be something intuitively wrong with it. What you viewed as a lack of concern in Joe Bidens demeanor and some others may even quote proverbs to prove this point. I viewed it somewhat differently. We both watch the same debate yet we came away with different views.
Someone once said something like “When faced with a simple lie or a complicated truth, the general public will accept the lie as truth, before investing the time in

W Tucker
W Tucker

It would seam the very last part of my post is missing so here goes again
Someone once said something like “When faced with a simple lie or a complicated truth, the general public will accept the lie as truth, before investing the time in attempting to understanding the complex truth.”

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