The lawyer for a Lake George resort suggested this week it might be possible to overcome the prohibition of casinos in Warren County by getting a waiver from an American Indian tribe. How would you feel about a casino being located in Lake George or Warren County? Is that something county leaders and businesses should consider? Is it something the governor should pursue at the state level?

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Mary N Mark C
Mary N Mark C

History will show wherever casino's show up TROUBLE follows...Crime will be on the rise and these aren't your average street punks...Be careful what you wish for these are professional criminals..We DO NOT Need these kind of Jobs we DO NOT need these type of jobs like Restraunts, Clerk , Cashier Jobs, ETC...We need Manufactoring Jobs that pay Well....Not low paying jobs.... If you need proof to what I am saying look at the History of Glens Falls.. Crime is on the rise...Every since we tried to be the DIAMOND of the Adirondacks manufactoring Jobs are declining and a whole bunch of restraunts are popping up...What FOR???? Instead Glens Falls is trying to live like A big city INSTEAD of the HOMETOWN USA..


The Racino in Saratoga is in essence a casino. There have been no reports of violent crimes from this establishment. You said crime is already on the rise in the Glens Falls area. This is happening without the casino. Now crime aside the casino will ( If state run ) bring in tax dollars. With more tax dollars you would see lower property tax. Yes the casino would be low paying jobs but still will provide people in need with jobs. Most high paying manufacturing jobs will bring their high dollar employees with them. The average Joe wont see these types of jobs unless they have a college diploma. Now the crime is going to come to the area with or without the casino. thats just the way things are now. .


We need Jobs period. The days of mob run casinos are long gone. Areas where casinos are prosper. I dont see a big crime problem around Turning Stone, Foxwoods, or Mohegan Sun and that is what we are talking about here. Not old school Vegas or AC. BTW Ive been to Vegas its a great place.

Logic Rules

They should also be required to build Rehab center & Brothel just to nip it in the bud ... hey, even more jobs!


It isn't that simple. The Indians can't simply give a municipality permission to have a casino. The issue of whether a casino would violate an exclusivity agreement in any particular area of the State is secondary to the bigger issue - that the State Constitution would have to be amended by two successive legislatures, and a vote by the public, before real casino-type gambling would be lawful anywhere. If that happens, the State will decide the rules on how many casinos will be allowed in New York, who will run them and where they will be located.

BX Boy

We have the natural beauty of the Adirondacks and Lake George. There are events every weekend in the region and tourism continues to be a strong economic engine.
This is not the southern Catskills, we do not to bring in gambling to remain vibrant.
Say NO to this scheme.


Casino gambling is a very bad thing. Period. The Schenectady Daily Gazette's Carl Strock wrote several articles this summer on casino gambling and NY's lottery games. If casino gambling in the Lake George region is seriously being considered, the Post-Star should run those Strock columns. The quality of life in our society has been dragged down far enough. It doesn't need to be dragged down further by casino gambling.


Billybob you are comparing apples to oranges. Those three casinos were built on previously undeveloped land with no businesses around them. There was nothing to destroy. When you look at the casinos in the US that were built in cities and towns that already had businesses in them, i.e. Niagara Falls, NY the casino obliterated the town around it.

Las Vegas is ANOTHER apples to oranges example you may not want to use. Casinos are the core of the towns economy, always have been and always probably will be. It wasn't a case of casinos coming in after the tourism based economy was developed with other attractions. I'm in Vegas 6-8 times a year. NOT what I want to see here. Hard partying, prostitution, strip clubs, seedy street vendors, and the list goes on. If that's the character you want to see, MOVE TO VEGAS!

Bottom line is a casino would change the very fabric of our economy and not in a good way. I will fight it tooth and nail like I have never done it before.

Noah R Bombard
Noah R Bombard

Would a casino create jobs? Sure. But jobs aren't the sole component of a community's prosperity. You have to ask yourself what an industry like that lends to the quality of life of the region. Lake George has a lot of positive things going for it that are marketable and translate into good jobs and a healthy economy. An industry based on getting people to throw their money away while chasing a nearly unattainable pot of gold seems like a poor way to build a better (and economically thriving) community.

LG Bill

Let's listen to Nancy R. & just say NO! And I don't think Casino's will lower anyones tax bill, don't fall for that BS.


you say foxwoods, mohegan sun, and turning stone are bad examples because there was nothing there prior to them. HMMMMMMM have you been to the ghost town called Lake George in the winter. A casino in Lake George would allow the town to thrive year round and not have to close up shop the second week in sept until may.


Billybob, with all due respect, you are clueless in this matter. Folks that would come in the winter time would come to go to the casino and only the casino. IF any businesses are left on Canada Street, they wouldn't have a reason to open.

This proposed casino would suck the life out of the region. The only benefit would be to the casino itself. Examples of this are numerous. You can project whatever you want, facts are your worst enemy here.


evilrichguy I say it is you who are clueless on this matter. Folks who would come for the casino would most definatly shop, dine, and spend elswhere in lake george. Your pile of $$ is blocking your vision sir. I have been to many casinos over the years all over this country as a truck driver. I see what they truley bring in REVINUE. To a local econamy that is non existant in the winter months.

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