Here are your Adirondack League all-stars for 2011, as selected by the league's coaches. Congratulations to everyone.

Player of the Year

Rebecca Kandora (Lake George), defense

First Team

Mackenzie Perkett (Lake George), midfield

Olivia Seamans (Bolton), forward

Kara White (Fort Ann), forward

Rosie Denne (Bolton), goalkeeper

Melissa Ferris (Lake George), defense

Kayla Bancroft (Fort Ann), defense

Jamie Jarett (Lake George), forward

Victoria Christian (Whitehall), defense

Sequoya Fitzpatrick (Hadley-Luzerne), forward

Rebecca Rogers (Salem), forward

Second Team

Emma Underwood (Lake George), midfield

Kelly McGinnis (Lake George), defense

Gretchen Bechard (Lake George), midfield

Kaleigh Foran (Fort Ann), midfield

Molly Bailey (Fort Ann), midfield

Rebecca Lavin (Whitehall), forward

Brittney Putorti (Whitehall), midfield

Abbie Seamans (Bolton), forward

Erin Courchaine (Bolton), midfield

Kathleen McLean (Hadley-Luzerne), forward

Katie McKeighan (Salem), forward

Honorable Mention

Lake George: Emily DeWaard, Amy Sander, Kelly Mellon; Bolton: Sarah Calzada, Kim Wright, Marissa Parrotta, Sydney LaPan; Fort Ann: Casey Batchelder, Demi Stockman, Haley Duggan, Alli Clark; Hadley-Luzerne: Kayla Reynolds, Brianna Streeter; Salem: Shelby Tanaka, Ellen Cassidy, Terri Snowball; Whitehall: Emily Harker, Shelby Keane, Kelsey Farley.

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Congratulations girls - awesome season!!!

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