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Cepiel decides to attend Oneonta State

Stillwater senior forward Ian Cepiel, who broke the Section II single-season scoring record this fall, has decided to attend Oneonta State next fall.

The Red Dragons reached the Division III Final Four last season.

February 07, 2015 11:13 pm(0)

Northern Soccer League Div. III All-Stars

MVP: Noah Macey, Crown Point

First Team

Kolby Pertak, Crown Point

Chad Stephens, Crown Point

Judd DeBrobander, Crown Point

Aiden Connelly, Johnsburg

Mickey Johnson, Minerva-Newcomb

Kaleb Helms, Minerva-Newcomb

Alex Shaughnessy, Schroon Lake

Brandon Hall, Schroon Lake

Colton Venner, Keene

Justin Haverlick, Keene

Brandon Dumas, Keene

Coach of the Year: Charlie Platt, Keene

Sportsmanship: Indian Lake-Long Lake

Second Team

Brendon Crowingshield, Crown Point

Moses Mulvey, Johnsburg

Craig Millington, Johnsburg

Nate Prouty, Johnsburg

Jorge Carbonell, Minerva-Newcomb

Riley Mather, Minerva-Newcomb

Jack Higgins, Schroon Lake

Jordan DeZalia, Schroon Lake

Lucas Isham, Keene

Harry Joannette, Keene

Austin Brown, Keene

Henry Sandiford, Indian Lake-Long Lake

November 24, 2014 10:04 pm(0)

Thanks for a great season/our all-star team

The headline says it: Thank you to all players, coaches and relatives I interacted with this season. It was a great one, and you should all be proud of yourselves. Three local teams with sectional titles, wow!

As for our all-star team, I'm in the process of selecting it now, and I imagine we're going to try to move with some speed, but we also have some inner-office things to sort out regarding the all-star teams, so I make no promises.

The one thing I want to remind people of is that we stay true to an actual field setup on our team. By that, I mean we won't have 6 forwards, 3 midfielders, one back and a goalie; we'll be pretty much 3-4-3-1 or 4-3-3-1. That can make for some difficult decisions between first and second teams.

We also take postseason into account (as opposed to league all-stars, which do not). We don't hold it against good players whose teams didn't go far, but it can help certain players whose teams did.

Finally, and I think our past teams have shown this, we do our best at balancing the fact that we represent every single class on one team.

I'll let you know when we have a publishing date for the all-star team, and thanks again.

November 17, 2014 10:06 am(2)

Foothills Council All-Stars

First Team

Name, School Yr. Pos.

Mike Fraioli, Scotia Sr. F

Owen Fingar, Scotia Jr. M

Alec Potter, South Glens Falls Sr. F

Matt Saddlemire, Schuylerville Sr. M

Garrett Wysocki, Schuylerville Sr. M

Claudio Mastrocinque, B-P Sr. M

Teddy Bruschini, South Glens Falls Jr. F

Tom Kirk, Gloversville Sr. M

Cole Crotty, Queensbury Jr. F

Jerald Kilmartin, Hudson Falls Sr. F

Cody Kostrzebski, South Glens Falls Sr. M

Pat Reese, Glens Falls Sr. G

Second Team

Isaiah Cameron-Murray, Amsterdam Sr. M

Ryan Dingman, B-P Sr. M

Jordan Holik, B-P Sr. D

Willy Herrmann, Glens Falls So. M

Matt Smirtic, Gloversville Jr. M

Leonard Kilmartin, Hudson Falls Jr. D

Jonathan Heroth, Johnstown Sr. G

Kyle Chambers, Queensbury Sr. M

Bailey Dray, Queensbury Jr. D

Jonathan Meacham, Queensbury Jr. M

Dom Taylor, Schuylerville Sr. D

Kettrick Bailey, Scotia Sr. M

Billy Bean, Scotia Sr. M

Zach Musto, Scotia Sr. D

Levi Ahl, South Glens Falls So. F

Ryan Buser, South Glens Falls Jr. D

Derek Moore, South Glens Falls Sr. M

Honorable Mention

Antonio Alvarez, Amsterdam Sr. D

Jake Bunker, B-P So. M

John Person, B-P So.

Stephen Spraker, B-P So. M

Logan Kunst, Glens Falls Sr. M

Cameron Stewart, Gloversville Jr. F

Tom Hogan, Hudson Falls Sr. D

Kyle Rich, Hudson Falls Sr. G

Nate Smith, Hudson Falls Sr. D

Lucas DeWeese, Queensbury Sr. D

Luke Geczy, Queensbury Fr. F

Mike Burkett, Schuylerville Jr. D

Dan Kennedy, Schuylerville Sr. D

Jose Mendoza, Schuylerville Sr. F

Sam Carmola, Scotia Sr. D

Colin Farry, South Glens Falls Sr. D

Devin Hazewski, South Glens Falls Sr. D

Pat Kimmel, South Glens Falls Sr. M

Drew Nygard, South Glens Falls Jr. M

November 13, 2014 10:29 am(0)

Adirondack League All-Stars

MVP -- Chris Jackson, Fort Ann F 12

First Team

Chris Jackson, Fort Ann F 12

Ian Quillinan, Lake George M 12

Garrett Bailey, Fort Ann M 10

Osmar Vigil, Salem F 12

Craig Keenan, Lake George F 12

Nick Lehoisky, Fort Ann F 11

Seth Godfrey, Fort Ann D 11

Noah Prime, Lake George D 11

Daren Granger, North Warren F 12

Mike Deuel, Hadley-Luzerne F 12

Jesse DeMarsh, Hadley-Luzerne D 12

Donovan Farley, Hartford M 11

Derek Robarge, Corinth F 12

Jacob Horton, Argyle/FE M 12

Michael Smith, Bolton/Warrensburg F 11

Alex Gilbert, Hadley-Luzerne K 12

Second Team

Jeremy Johnson, Fort Ann F 10

Tyler Mattison, Fort Ann M 10

Connor Worthington, Salem K 11

Luke Vanderminden, Lake George M 10

Jonah Gould, Fort Ann D 12

John Rubado, Lake George F 12

Tyler Ward, Fort Ann F 10

Anthony Briceno, Hadley-Luzerne M 12

Nate Rogers, Hartford F 12

Cooper Perkett, Lake George D 11

Chris Deuel, Hadley-Luzerne D 12

Garrett Corlew, Corinth F 12

Andres Colon, Argyle/FE D 12

Joseph Connery, Bolton/Wrbg D 12

Aidan Mayer, Salem F 10

Dan Caunter, North Warren M 10

Honorable Mention

Jon Allen, Fort Ann

Caleb Bush, Fort Ann

Dennis Galusha, Hartford

Tristian Baker, Hartford

Ryan Kibling, Hartford

Kraig Irish, Corinth

Taylor Fedor, Corinth

Tommy Tichenor, Corinth

Sawyer Kinglsey, Corinth

Daniel Laguna, Argyle/Fort Edward

Kyle Saunders, Argyle/Fort Edward

Ryan Saunders, Argyle/Fort Edward

Noah Markwica, Bolton/Warrensburg

Garry Ross, Bolton/Warrensburg

Richard DeMeo, Bolton/Warrensburg

Jacob Beebe, Bolton/Warrensburg

Dylan Woodcock, Hadley-Luzerne

Trevor Bunting, Hadley-Luzerne

Ryan Beaury, Hadley-Luzerne

Orlan Tremaine, Hadley-Luzerne

Wilson Padgett, Salem

Jacob Jameson, Salem

Kyle Jones, Lake George

Zeke Reynolds, Lake George

Andrew McGowan, Lake George

Matt Flaherty, Lake George

Colby May, North Warren

Justin Needham, North Warren

Chris Defranco, North Warren

Dan Tennyson, North Warren

November 10, 2014 10:17 am(0)

Cepiel named Wasaren’s MVP

Stillwater’s Ian Cepiel, who broke the Section II record for most goals in a season, was named the most valuable player of the Wasaren League for boys soccer.

Greenwich junior midfielder Collin Skiff made the first team.

Wasaren League Boys Soccer All-Stars

First Team

Player Pos. School

Ian Cepiel (MVP) F Stillwater

Jared Morello G Hoosic Valley

Justin Akin F Hoosic Valley

Brody Cepiel M Stillwater

Jared Whitford M Hoosic Valley

Noah Chani F Hoosick Falls

Collin Skiff M Greenwich

Brahe Gazzelli M Stillwater

Nick Lewis D Hoosic Valley

Justin Flanagan M Stillwater

Zach Horton M Tamarac

Second Team

Tyler Gaines M Hoosick Falls

Seth Schreifels D Stillwater

Danny Nealon M Tamarac

Martin Moeller M Greenwich

Brendan Martin G Stillwater

Colby DeMarco M Mechanicville

Jack Boggan F Cambridge

Kyle Suchan M Granville

Justin Gaines D Hoosick Falls

Eric Krazuski M Mechanicville

Pat Michel D Hoosic Valley

Honorable Mention

Sam Ryan D Stillwater

Joe Stewart M Stillwater

Travis Rose G Stillwater

Bryan Walsh F Hoosic Valley

Alex Carlo D Hoosic Valley

Quinn Carlo D Hoosic Valley

Cole Webster M Hoosick Falls

Alex Krause D Hoosick Falls

Josh McCart G Hoosick Falls

Nick Schrom D Hoosick Falls

Chris Robertson G Greenwich

Tyler Matson M Greenwich

Luke Jordan D Greenwich

Sean Estramonte M Greenwich

Hunter Briccetti M Tamarac

Dylan Morgan D Tamarac

Sean Jones M Mechanicville

Anthony Clements M Mechanicville

Mike Bove D Mechanicville

Max Ratelle D Cambridge

Brandon Garretto M Cambridge

Andrew Bearor M Cambridge

Dumaanni Williams F Granville

Zack Vandermindin F Granville

November 04, 2014 11:30 pm(0)

News/Wednesday preview

Here's what we know about the three area teams still alive:

Class D -- Fort Ann will play Mount Academy (Section IX) in the regional final at 3 p.m. Friday at Middletown High School (site of state tournament). Mount Academy beat Smithtown Christian (Section XI), 3-2, on Tuesday.

Class C -- Lake George will play Potsdam (Section X) in the regional final on Saturday at Ogdensburg High School (time TBA). Potsdam tied Lake Placid 0-0 (but advanced 5-4 on PKs) on Tuesday.

Class A -- South Glens Falls (16-3) vs. Jamesville-DeWitt (12-6-2) at SUNY Morrisville, 7 p.m., Wednesday.

The Bulldogs got the monkey of their back Saturday by winning the Class A title their third consecutive time to the finals. Teddy Bruschini had two picturesque assists, while Ryan Buser and Levi Ahl scored the goals in the 2-1 win over Scotia.

This looks like a much more confident Bulldogs team than midseason, which is natural, but that confidence served them well against Scotia, as South High didn't score until there were 6 minutes left, but they never looked flustered.

J-D beat Marcellus 2-1 in its sectional final. Josh Frank had a goal and an assist, although the leading goal-scorer for the season has been Tyler Lictenstein.

The winner of this game will host the Massena/Peru winner somewhere in its section in the regional final on Saturday.

November 04, 2014 11:00 pm(0)

Wednesday review/Saturday finals preview


I'm still exhaling from that Lake George/Stillwater Class C semifinal.

Before I get into that, a word of congratulations to Schuylerville for its fine inaugural season in the Foothills Council. While the Black Horses returned a fair number of players from last year's squad, a 14-5 record with all the losses being to at least sectional semifinalists from classes A and B is above and beyond what most would have said. Well done, gentlemen!

As for LG/Stillwater, first, congrats also to Stillwater for a fine season. Going through the Wasaren League and regular season undefeated is a goal so unrealistic that no coach would put it on the chalkboard on Day 1, but that's what the Warriors did. And if Eli Gowen doesn't practically stand on his head last night, or if Craig Keenan doesn't score four goals? Who knows what the stars would've determined another night? Great season for coach Ian Lewis and Stillwater!

But the fact is Gowen did have the game of his life, and Keenan, too. Also, a tip of the hat to coach Blake White for some personnel moves, most notably having Noah Prime play as center back and being the one most responsible for Stillwater's Ian Cepiel. His ability is one thing, but the unflappable demeanor he has while playing is even better. Even when he got hit in the face with the ball, suffered a bloody nose and lost about 11-12 minutes of playing time, he treated the whole thing calmly. Everyone on LG deserves praise, but I was also impressed with the play of Zeke Reynolds. Also, as always, Ian Quillinan and Luke Vanderminden make that midfield run so smoothly.


Class A Final: 3. Scotia (14-3-1) vs. 1. South Glens Falls (15-3),

2 p.m.

As I've said, a rubber match supreme. There are no surprises with these teams. They know each other very well. Scotia is just an offensive onslaught, and the Bulldogs must obviously not have any hiccups defensively. As for South High's explosive attack, it needs to find whatever seams there may be in the Tartans' defense.

I'm amazed neither of the first two games went to overtime, but if I had to place a bet on one game going to OT Saturday, this would be the one.

Class C Final: 4. Lake George (17-1-1) vs. 2. Greenville (16-2),

10 a.m.

Hello, contrasting styles! With its win Wednesday, Lake George broke a program record for most goals in a season. The Warriors now have 96 goals this year. Contrast that with Greenville, which has allowed just four goals all season.

Something's got to give.

Greenville got an early score on a penalty kick (the correct call, by the way. I know many others don't think so, but the player with the ball in the box clearly was pushed from behind and taken out of the play. Have I seen harder not get called? Yes, but better-hidden, that's the key: The Maple Hill player extended his arms. You have to call that.) Then it was content to play defense the rest of the way. The Spartans had three backs who treated the midfield line like a dog does Invisible Fence. In the final 10 minutes, there were consistently seven back.

Still, with all that, it took a defender's heroic clearing of a ball off the goal line that had eluded the keeper to keep that game from going OT. I remember back in my Hartwick College days (I wrote, didn't play), when we had two teams make the Final 4, coach Jim Lennox said if a team wanted to stack the box against them, so be it. It takes great patience, to be sure, but eventually they'd find a way to score. And Lake George has so many weapons. If you're a Lake George player, stop reading here. Let me just say I think Lake George should be confident in its abilities going into this game.

Class D Final: 3. Northville (11-4-3) vs. 1. Fort Ann (17-0-1),

4 p.m.

Ah, when old friends meet. This marks the third consecutive year these teams are the last two standing, and Fort Ann is going for its fifth consecutive sectional title.

I haven't seen the Falcons play this year, but I call your attention to a four-game stretch they had in which they beat Galway, Fort Plain and OE/SJ, and tied Mayfield by a combined score of 13-3. Let's be honest, it's Northville -- it's going to be solid back to front.

As for Fort Ann, well, the Cardinals are the soccer equivalent of former basketball coach Nolan Richardson's "40 Minutes of Hell" with his Arkansas teams. They come at you all the time, are great defensively (only allowed 7 goals this season) and offensively (have scored 84), and have skill at every position.

Still, this game is never easy for Fort Ann, and I expect it will be the same Saturday.

Good luck to all!


Click here for updated brackets.

October 30, 2014 10:07 am(0)

Tuesday review/Wednesday preview


Was what I first saw from Queensbury last night real or not? As I arrived, both teams were warming up. Scotia players were going full-out. The Queensbury players who weren't involved in the drill were looking over at the Scotia players.

Hmm. Could be scouting their moves. Could be getting a little awed. It's hard to tell from looks on faces, but Queensbury's first half might point toward the latter. As coach Crotty said, they dodged a bullet, as Scotia had a number of chances.

Queensbury controlled the ball much better in the second half, but credit to Scotia's defense, it only resulted in two shots that could've been goals: one that went over the goal and another rolling shot -- probably not kicked as hard as the player would have liked -- that the Scotia goalie saved.

Those who filmed the Averill Park/South Glens Falls game should sell it to Time Warner Sports, as it had great action throughout. Coach Sean Organ's Averill Park teams are always very well-coached and in superb shape.

In the end, it's that old South High dynamic: You never know which opportunity will be the score, but there nearly always is one when the Bulldogs really need it. The most impressive thing about the Bulldogs was that after Averill Park tied it, they stepped up their offense without once forcing an issue or looking panicked.

Having split during the regular season, a rubber match supreme awaits Saturday. Damn the weather forecast, soccer fans, you need to see this Class A final.


Class B semifinal: 4. Schuylerville (14-4) vs. 1. Ichabod Crane (14-3) at Queensbury, 3 p.m.

The Black Horses were tested mightily in their last game, a 3-3 tie (advancing on PKs) with Cairo-Durham. From what I read, captain Matt Saddlemire was also injured after scoring two goals, but I don't know to what extent. If he's not 100 percent, that could be a big problem, as he leads the team in scoring with 16 goals and 9 assists. Schuylerville has other capable scorers such as Garrett Wysocki, Jose Mendoza and Mike Burkett, and they all need to get involved to beat the defending Class B sectional champion. Schuylerville averages 2.39 goals per game, so the offense is plenty capable. How well the defense plays may determine the outcome.

Class C semifinal: 4. Lake George (16-1-1) vs. 1. Stillwater (18-0) at Johnstown, 7 p.m.

Route 29 west, take a left onto 30A/29, second right onto 29 again, follow through downtown (Main), stay on Main after 29 breaks off and make your third right onto Wright Drive. There, I've done my bit.

This is a semifinal that any other year could be a final. The Warriors with their short-passing control game and Stillwater with an all-around solid game and Section II's single-season record-holder for goals in Ian Cepiel. Wow!

It will be interesting to see if Lake George does anything differently, personnel- or strategy-wise to deal with Cepiel. Both teams have talent all over the field, and this should be a great one.

One X factor is who scores first. If it's Lake George, don't think Stillwater hasn't faced that before, as both Tamarac (during regular season) and Berne-Knox (in the quarterfinals) had Stillwater on the ropes before it found a way to rally. If it's Stillwater, here's the chance for Lake George to play with the kind of passion and intensity it needed to, but didn't, when it fell behind to Fort Ann their second game. Those are smart young men, I bet the lesson was learned.

October 29, 2014 10:14 am(0)

Monday review/Tuesday preview

Monday -- I stopped by Lake George on my day off to see the Berlin game and saw what expected to see -- sort of. The Warriors dominated possession and had more skill, and it felt a lot more one-sided than the 1-0 final score. To Berlin's credit, the Mountaineers goalie saved a penalty kick and smothered the rebound to keep it that way.

Tuesday previews...

3. Scotia-Glenville (13-3-1) vs. 2. Queensbury (13-4) at Johnstown, 5 p.m.: The first of the Class A semifinals pits these two Foothills Council foes against one another. Scotia advanced to this point with a solid 3-0 win over the Suburban Council's Burnt Hills. Queensbury had an easy time of things in its 5-0 win over Mohonasen in the quarterfinals.

The first time these teams met in the regular season was a 2-1 victory for Queensbury on Oct. 4. That seems to be the key to beating Scotia: holding its scoring down. In all three losses, the Tartans scored only one goal each game. That makes sense, as they have a bunch of dangerous scorers, like Owen Fingar, Billy Bean and Mike Fraioli, and if you give them room to operate, they will.

Queensbury is led in scoring by forward Luke Geczy with 13 goals and 4 assists. Fellow forward Cole Crotty has 12 goals. The key for Queensbury is to get everyone involved and keep that sharp passing/possession game it has running at its highest level.

5. Averill Park (4-12-1) vs. 1. South Glens Falls (14-3), 7 p.m. at Johnstown: A rematch of the 2013 final, this one will look a little different, as the Warriors' main scorers from last year's state semifinalist team have graduated.

This year's Averill Park team is built around defense. It's held Guilderland to two goals, Niskayuna to one, etc. Like all Suburban Council teams playing a class below what they typically face in their league, don't be fooled by their record.

The Bulldogs seem to be hitting their stride now. A threat to score just about any time they're in the offensive third of the field, they bring a dynamic to the game that's just fun to watch. Alec Potter leads South High in scoring with 21 goals and 5 assists. Do-everything Teddy Bruschini adds 12 goals and 13 assists.

7. North Warren (8-9) vs. 3. Northville (10-4-3), 3 p.m. at Queensbury: The Cougars surprised the field by stunning second-seeded New Lebanon, 4-2, in the quarterfinals. They are led in scoring by Daren Granger, with 17 goals and 2 assists. Dan Caunter adds 10 goals and 2 assists.

Northville isn't quite as high-scoring as in some past years, but they're just as formidable as ever with good skill and solid passing. Plus, the WAC was all-around challenging this year, so they've been battle-tested. But, so have the Cougars from the Adirondack League.

4. Loudonville Christian (9-5-1) vs. 1. Fort Ann (16-0-1), 3 p.m. at Queensbury: Take note of the Eagles' 2-0 win over Salem insofar as Fort Ann only beat Salem 3-1 and 2-0 the two times it played the tough Generals. That would indicate they can hang with the four-time-defending-sectional-champion Cardinals.

Fort Ann, however, is vastly skilled, and can run away from teams if it has its 'A' game going. Chris Jackson leads the offense with 31 goals and 14 assists. Nick Lehoisky has 12 goals and 16 assists. The Cardinals' real strength lies in its defense, which allowed only seven goals all season.

October 28, 2014 6:58 am(1)
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