OK, time for the second or third cup of coffee or the vigin bloody mary and the frittata and to recap/preview a few things:

1. One of the regrettable cuts to my Fort Ann/Whitehall story was a quote from Fort Ann coach Dane Clark about what he said to his team following its upset loss to Warrensburg on Wednesday.

"Well, that's personal between me and the team, but I held every person accountable for things that have been going on," Clark said. "We've lost two league games in eight years, or something crazy like that, so it's hard to really get on people, but they were getting a little lackadaisical in the way they were doing things, so it was time to recommit. Great practice (Thursday) and they came through (Friday)."

2. One of the moments that I should have taken a photo of -- as Danny St. Clair's uncle astutely pointed out to me -- was of Fort Ann's Tyler Mattison putting his arm around St. Clair and saying what looked to be words of encouragement to the Whitehall pitcher a moment after the handshake line. Both pitchers played their hearts out and had strong games. Mattison got the upper hand, but he's a future Division I pitcher, so that's not surprising. What also should be noted is that Mattison is a "Division I" person, no matter the circumstance. I look forward to seeing the next chapters of his career.

3. I didn't mention how the rest of the Cardinals' runs were scored because of space, but also because they were anticlimactic. Fort Ann tacked on two more in the sixth following Johnson's two-run homer on wild pitches and an error. Then they scored three on reliever Kyle Welch -- two on a single by Mattison and another on a sacrifice fly by Johnson. That's not to say they weren't significant for Fort Ann, as every run counts, but Whitehall's body language after Johnson's blast kind of told the story.

4. The first state poll came out earlier this week, and while it should be taken with the usual several grains of salt, there were some notable items. One is, the people who put the poll together weren't fooled by Queensbury's 0-4 start. The Spartans have righted the ship and are ranked fifth in Class A. Another is Section II's strength in Class B. No other class has three in the top 10 (Ichabod Crane 2nd, Hudson 3rd, Spa Catholic 9th).

5. Fans of MVAC baseball won't want to miss Monday's Johnsburg at Bolton-Schroon Lake contest, as it looks like a clash of Division 3's top squads. Johnsburg has outscored opponents 32-2 in two games, while Bolton-Schroon Lake -- since its opening 5-4 loss to Hartford -- has scored 75 runs in its last three games.


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