Eric Wellwood suffered a cut to the lower right leg, just above the inside of his ankle, in the Phantoms 4-1 loss to Bridgeport on Sunday and was taken to a nearby hospital.

The winger underwent surgery to assess and repair the vascular damage and will likely have another surgery Monday to repair damage to the tendons, according to head coach Terry Murray Sunday night.


UPDATED: As of Monday morning, Wellwood was doing well. The first surgery went well and he was leaving the Bridgeport-area hospital for a Philadelphia-area hospital, where he will undergo at least one more surgery. 

Murray said the second surgery will likely take place on Thursday and will be done by a Flyers specialist. 

The first surgery repaired vascular damage, to stop the bleeding and close the wound.

The second surgery will be more structural to repair damage to the tendons and ligaments. A severed tendon could be clearly seen in the wound and there was also reportedly damage to the Achilles.

"I don't know the names or any of the details of the tendons or ligaments that were cut, so I don't even want to go there," Murray said.

Wellwood was reportedly close to being in serious danger from the blood loss, having cut the artery. Trainer Greg Lowden's quick actions may have made the difference. The artery being further from Wellwood's heart also gave him more time.

Murray credited Lowden and the Sound Tigers' team doctor with reacting quickly to treat Wellwood.


Though he did not see it happen, Murray believes Wellwood fell into the boards and clipped himself with his own skate during a second period penalty kill. 

"I don't think anyone really saw it," Murray said. "It was away from the play. In conversation, everyone figures it was an accident that happened to himself. The play was already in the offensive zone and this happened in the neutral zone, so we're not sure exactly what took place."

Wellwood coasted from where he fell into the boards in front of the penalty box across the ice to the bench on his own. When he got to the bench, everyone saw the blood. One player said Wellwood's skate filled with blood, calling it "scary."

Lowden brought Wellwood off the bench without waiting for a whistle, despite Jason Akeson moving in for a shorthanded goal that had to be waived off, which was the first indication of the seriousness of the cut.

The initial assessment revealed damage to the tendons and veins, but not any arteries. Later reports indicated that Wellwood may have cut an artery in his calf, where the artery splits into three pieces to the foot. Cutting one of those three pieces is not as dangerous as a main artery, but is still rather serious.

Danny Syvret tweeted a picture of what he referred to as Wellwood's "Curt-Schilling skate" later in the night, referencing the former Red Sox pitcher's bloody sock in the 2004 World Series and how much more blood Wellwood's cut produced.

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