Bipartisan unity ticket successful

Glens Falls Councilman-At-Large Dan Hall announces his run for mayor in December 2016. Hall was part of a 'unity ticket' was successful at winning election. In the background, from left, are Second Ward Councilman Bill Collins, Fifth Ward Councilman Jim Clark, First Ward Councilman Jim Campinell, incoming Council-At-Large Jane Reid and Fourth Ward Councilman Scott Endieveri.


Before we get to the number one story on my top 10 list of city stories, let’s recap the list so far.

  • 10. Post-Star moves printing off site.
  • 9. Ridge Street construction causes headaches
  • 8. Civic center becomes Cool Insuring Arena
  • 7. Glens Falls Hospital changing.
  • 6. Glens Falls becomes a magnet for films
  • 5. Downtown business comings & goings
  • 4. Downtown redevelopment begins
  • 3. Cooper Street Price Chopper closes
  • 2. Culvert Street House saved

And the number one story is: the election of Dan Hall as mayor and the bipartisan unity ticket winning seats.

In this era of heightened partnership, it was a bit refreshing to see Republicans and Democrats working together.

The current Common Council announced in December 2016 that it was running as a bipartisan unity ticket because the members believed they worked well together and wanted to continue the momentum. Among the accomplishments have been shoring up the city’s finances and leasing the civic center – now Cool Insuring Arena – to a community organization.

The unity ticket was successful as Dan Hall, the current councilor at-large, was elected the 22nd mayor of the city of Glens Falls. Current Third Ward Councilor Jane Reid won Hall’s councilor-at-large seat. Republican Scott Endeiveri came out on top in a three-way race to receive a second term representing Ward 4. After absentee ballots were counted, First Ward Councilor Jim Campinell prevailed over challenger Phillip Underwood. Second Ward Councilor Bill Collins, a Democrat, and Republican Fifth Ward Councilor Jim Clark were unopposed.

The new face on the council will be Diana Palmer in Ward 3. The Democrats will retain their same 4-3 advantage.

The new council has several issues to tackle including addressing abandoned houses, upgrading infrastructure including roads, water and sewer lines and continuing to control city spending.

Happy New Year!



Reporter for The Post-Star, covering the city of Glens Falls, town and village of Lake George and northern Warren County communities.

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