No one ever notices their water until it stops running. We take it for granted.

It’s considered such a commonplace item that I can’t write a front-page story with the headline Town Properly Maintains a Water Line.

But really, we should care. I’ve written about all too many water districts that have more breaks than the residents can afford to fix, because the pipes weren’t replaced on a regular schedule. 

So here's the boring but crucial news: people on Cronin Road – from 222 Cronin Road to the intersection with Ridge Road – are getting a new water pipe. Until now, they’ve been depending on an old, old, old pipe. It’s made of cast iron. Seriously.

So the town is replacing 1,500 feet of pipe for $209,000. Anjo Construction Limited won the bid and was awarded the contract Monday. The town is paying for it with savings (fund balance, to all you accountants out there).

But what do you want to bet that the only notice Cronin Road residents will take of this work is that their street will be dug up?

They won’t notice when their brand new pipe doesn’t break over the next 30 years. They’ll just go on counting on it, assuming it will be fine. And they’ll be right.

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