There’s nothing quite like going about your normal day, talking to people who seem to be decent human beings, and then discovering they think your family shouldn’t exist.

I imagine this is slightly like being black, talking with a friendly white person, and then discovering they’re a racist.

The day started off well. My task: figure out what Queensbury folks meant by the “extreme disparity” between the state Conservative Party and Women’s Equality Party. Nobody would simply tell me. Instead, Warren County Conservative Party Chair Carol Birkholz told me to read the Conservative Party platform and figure it out for myself.

So I read the whole thing.

Which is how I came across this gem. The party members “reject government recognition of non-traditional marriages that take place within or outside of New York State.”

In case that’s not clear enough, there’s more.

“We believe the legislature should affirm that marriage is a contract between a man and a woman and call for repeal of legislation that redefined marriage,” the party platform says.

Thanks. My wife and daughter and I should, what? Divorce? Maybe it would be better for our daughter to be sent to live with “traditional” strangers. She would probably be happier, right? Or miserable but at least safe from the horrible example we give her of two loving parents who work hard, provide her with everything she needs, and take unparalleled joy in every step she takes.

I wish I could just shake this off and think to myself: this is an outdated item in a long platform. It’s a meaningless piece of drivel in a state where the elected officials held democratic debates and openly voted on my civil rights four times, the last time deciding that I am worth as much as every other human being in the state. Our state didn’t have to be dragged by the Supreme Court (or any other court) into doing the right thing. No, my fellow voters persuaded our elected officials, who changed the law to welcome me into family life.

But it’s still a deeply unpleasant shock to encounter people who are gunning for my family. It’s so hard to stay pleasant, and polite, and professional, with someone who would celebrate if the essential core of my life was destroyed.

I won’t hold it against her. But maybe next time she shouts at a reporter, “Be more informed!” she should consider what that reporter is going to find.

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