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Projects editor

I was trying to make sense of the Roy Moore situation to myself as I fell asleep last night, trying to imagine some sort of comparable situation to illustrate just how reprehensible it is to vote this guy into the Senate.

I thought about him being some other sort of criminal — a murderer! a rapist! But if there were credible evidence he'd committed those crimes, he'd be arrested and tried. At least he would be for murder, because there is no statute of limitations. I'm not sure about rape in Alabama, but that's also a more serious crime than what he is credibly accused of doing.

I came up with this: What if Roy Moore were a drunkard? What if he drank every day and showed up half in the bag to public events, stumbled around, slurred his words? It's not even a crime to be a drunkard, but it's hard for me to imagine him getting elected, or being backed by the Republican National Committee, as he has been, if he were one.

And yet what numerous women have said Moore did, with many supporting witnesses, is worse than showing up drunk every day. Moore sexually abused young teenage girls. In his 30s, he prowled the mall and local high school events for teens and took them out on dates and engaged in sexual activity. Exactly what sexual activity I don't think has been revealed. 

This wasn't 35-year-old Moore and an 18-year-old falling in love. This was Moore acting on an attraction to teenage girls, serially.

Backing him is worse than backing someone who has a beer with breakfast and is slobbering drunk by dinner, every single day. But lots of people are backing him, including the leaders of the Republican Party. It's astonishing.

Will Doolittle is projects editor at The Post-Star. He may be reached at and followed on his blog, I think not, and on Twitter at



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