Before the curtain falls on this blog, we have a couple of big things coming this weekend.

Section II will hold its season-ending girls soccer banquet Sunday afternoon in Albany, as they always do this time of year. League all-stars will be honored and the sectional all-star teams will be announced.

I should have those class-by-class all-star teams in the blog after everyone has headed home from the banquet, a little before dinnertime.

With a little luck I might also be able to track down the all-state selections from Section II. If I can get that, it'll be a separate blog post about an hour later.

Then late that night, there will be one last entry, and it will be the final girls soccer blog post for all time. The blog will be no more.

If you're late to the game on this, click here for a past post that discussed the issue. I'll have a bit more to say about it on Sunday, but not a lot. There's not much more to say.

I'm going to end it the way I want to, which means it'll be kinda sappy and probably some of you won't like it. I don't care. It's my blog and I'm doing it my way.

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