The 'TV Game'

South Glens Falls players and fans celebrate Wednesday's victory over Queensbury.

I'm still sensing some confusion among Foothills coaches as to how the North will be decided if there's a three-way tie after Friday, whether the points system will be used or even if there's a North and South division.

So this is how we're going to do it in the newspaper and in this blog:

1. Scotia is the league's overall champion. That's one thing I think we all agree on.

2. If one team has the best record among the five northern teams in the Foothills Council (that would be Schuylerville with a win or a tie on Friday), we're going to call that team the North champion.

3. If we end up with three teams with the same record, we're just going to say three teams tied for first place and leave it at that.

I don't care if this does or doesn't match what the league has on a piece of paper. I'll make no claim that this is "official," just the way we're seeing it, which, I think, is the common-sense way most of you would see it. Anybody who doesn't like it can write a letter to the editor.

Adirondack: Wednesday's results produced some good news on several levels, even sometimes for the losers.

Lake George, obviously, has to be happy to lock up another Adirondack League title. The Warriors can start looking ahead to sectionals, where they'll be one of the favorites in Class C.

Bolton-Warrensburg took it right to the end and looked sharp, which has to give the Eagles a boost heading to sectionals. They're are up in Class C this year, but a good record and a narrow loss to last year's sectional finalist should give them a shot at a decent seed.

In a less obvious way, Fort Ann's case for a top seed in Class D got a little stronger. The Cardinals' only losses have been to Class C teams, and they tied Bolton-Warrensburg, which took Lake George to the limit, which makes their resume look just a little better.

Wasaren title game: We have a date for the Wasaren League championship game. Battenkill Division winner Cambridge will take on Hudson Division winner Mechanicville on Friday at 4:15 p.m. on Mechanicville's field.

Sectional charts: When sectional pairings are announced next week, we're going to present the online brackets in a different form than we have in the past. They won't be connected to the website where you could fish through brackets from past seasons.

But that website still exists and you can click here to use it for any sport. Just change the sport tab to your favorite sport and change the school year to the year you're looking for. The archive goes back about a dozen years.

Oh, those names: You may recall me grumbling last year about trying to keep the names straight with Bolton. The challenge has not diminished with the passage of time. There are now four spellings of Kaitlin/Kaytlyn/Katelyn/Caitlyn. There are two Speranzas and two Monroes. Also, a Barker and a Baker. Oy.

Weekly state rankings: They were posted Wednesday while I was driving around, so click here to view them. Lake George is still No. 2 in Class C. Several other Section II teams made the top 10 in their classes.

A sportswriter's life: I had everything planned out so nicely for Wednesday. Two games on the schedule, a quick stop in between. It seemed pretty straightforward.

The game in Bolton went to overtime. I got in my car and realized I was almost out of gas, necessitating a stop at the pumps. I brought my laptop into Stewart's and tried to type the first game story, but my fingers were slow to work because of the cold. I plugged my cell phone into an outlet to get some juice, but I don't think it connected. On the way down Route 9N I was stuck behind a driver who must have feared his next speeding ticket would have him peddling a bicycle the rest of his life. I went to Exit 17 and cut back to avoid stop-and-go traffic coming through Glens Falls, but it only made the trip longer. Then I realized I'd taped the Schuylerville roster to the back of my cell phone instead of Queensbury, which was no problem since I had the full rosters in my backpack, until I looked in my backpack and found only the Schuylerville roster.

On a positive note, I have yet to leave my backpack behind at a field this season.

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