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Not a lot of action Friday in girls soccer. Certainly nothing unexpected in the Foothills Council as we await the big games of next week.

The one result that caught my attention was Johnsburg's 5-2 victory over Keene, capping a home-and-home series with the Beavers. Khaleah Cleveland scored four times in that one as the Jags finished off a busy four-game week.

The Jaguars' only league loss was to Crown Point in the first game of the season. Since then Johnsburg has lost only to Old Forge, improving to 10-1 in the NSL.

The updated standings are attached to this blog entry for your convenience.

Foothills points: It has taken a while, but I have the information on changes made to the points system for the Foothills Council in soccer and other sports that use a similar two-division breakdown.

Foothills president Steve Nolan said the league's athletic directors have changed the points system so that ties within the division are worth half a point and ties in interdivisional games are worth one point. The soccer leagues had begun the season with the understanding that ties would be worth half a point no matter who the opponent was. Points for wins remain at two outside the division, one inside the division.

This change eliminates some of the odd scenarios that could have happened had there been an interdivisional tie between two contenders. It is all kind of a moot point, however, now that Scotia has run the table on all the contenders from the North. I will have to rework my math over the weekend to be sure, but I think the remaining games among South High, Queensbury and Schuylerville will decide the title pretty much as one would expect.

The points system will break any tie among the contenders. Nolan said overall league record is the first tie-breaker, followed by head-to-head.

Nolan said the points awarded for ties was changed due to a "misunderstanding." He also said the development of the points system is a work in progress.

We (and other Capital District newspapers) ran a story several months ago about changes in the Foothills Council, including the fact that ties would be half a point. So it's somewhat curious that the difference of view on ties was not caught until the season was underway. Then again, I read that article too, and didn't make my own fuss about it until the fall.

Indirect kicks: Schuylerville's 7-1 victory Friday was noteworthy in that Hudson Falls became only the third team to score on the Black Horses this season. ... This has nothing to do with soccer, but if you have some spare time, read Whitehall native Tim Layden's Sports Illustrated story about growing up playing football in Whitehall. As with anything Layden writes, it is well worth your time. ... I failed to get a Games of the Week blog done last week, but I promise to have one done by Monday morning.

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