We'll talk about the baseball photo later. First, time to catch up on two days' worth of soccer.

Soccer: Not a lot has happened the past two days, as newsworthy stuff goes. The most notable result was Fort Ann's 6-2 victory over Salem on Wednesday.

Salem was ahead 2-1 in that game before Sarah Paige tied it and later put the Cardinals ahead to stay. She ended up with five goals as the Cards, after a rough start against two tough teams, improved to 2-2 in Adirondack League play.

There are a couple of things this game tells us. First, it seems apparent that the status of the traditional contenders — Lake George, Bolton-Warrensburg, Fort Ann — has not changed. Unless something unusual happens, those three will once again be at the top of the league.

Second, Salem is not a team to be taken lightly. The Generals were winless in 2015, but looked much better last year and seem positioned to take another step forward this fall.

Bolton-Warrensburg was a 5-1 winner over Granville on Wednesday behind Hope Boland's hat trick and Gabrielle Mowery's two goals. The Eagles remain unbeaten, as is Lake George, which won 11-0 behind hat tricks by Sarah Kohls, Logan Clarke and Gabby Marchello. I guess that's a triple triple.

There were no surprises in the Foothills results of the day before, but Thursday promises to be a more interesting day. With a little luck I'll see two games.

Baseball: I went down to New York Tuesday for the Yankees' game at CitiField, partly for the (relatively) cheap ticket, partly for the novelty of seeing the Yankees play a road game in their own city.

By the time I went online for tickets, the only seats left were in the back of the outfield. So instead I bought a standing-room-only ticket on walk-up for $15. Just as well ... I stood behind a section down the first-base line and had a view that would have cost me $80 or more at Yankee Stadium.

I think the Mets or Rays — whoever was getting the profits from these games — left money on the table. Every seat was sold for $25 and they could have easily gotten much more for seats behind the plate. If they'd opened up the upper deck and made it general admission seating, I think they would have had an even bigger crowd on Tuesday night.

On the other hand, it's got to be a huge logistical challenge to open up a major-league stadium on just a few days' notice. Hundreds of employees have to be called in — security, janitors, concession workers, ticket takers, etc. They could barely handle what they had in the lower decks on Tuesday. The lines for food were unbelievably long.

Naturally, it was the only game of the three-game series the Yankees lost. But by the time the Tampa took the lead I was already on the 7 train back to Penn Station to catch the last northbound Amtrak of the night.

Key West: Those of you who followed my road trip blog last spring may remember my post on reaching Key West, the highlight of the trip. So you may understand why the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma caught my attention.

I drove to Key West on U.S. Route 1, which was strewn with uprooted trees and wrecked boats after the storm passed. I stood next to the "Southernmost Point in the U.S." marker that was damaged by the storm. I stopped in Marathon and bought a sandwich at a gas station that's now probably damaged and ate it while sitting in my car next to a recreation complex that may be under water.

I don't know anybody down there. My connection to the area is only fleeting, but it still feels strangely uncomfortable to look at the pictures coming out of the keys.

Indirect kicks: Time change on the Oct. 6 Schuylerville at Hudson Falls game. It is now a 4 p.m. start. ... Turns out South High's Tuesday win vs. Glens Falls was actually 10-1, a goal more than we reporting in yesterday's roundup. Add a goal for Amya Naja and an assist to Jess Winslow. ... If you look closely at the picture from the Yankees game, you'll see I got the ball in flight between the pitcher and batter. Always working hard for the reader, even on a day off.


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