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I had intended to make this post an alumni update on local grads who are currently playing in college. But we had a College Corner running in Friday's paper and it made sense to fold the girls soccer information into that story.

So, click here to read the alumni update as the second element of our College Corner.

I looked up everyone I was aware of, but I didn't try to list every single local players who's on a roster. It's kind of tough to write something interesting about a defender who's played in a handful of games.

Thursday was a light night on the soccer scenes, so here are a few random notes:

— Stats and standings appear in Friday morning's paper, and you can click here to view them online. With so few games last night I tried to push through the individual stats so that they'd include Thursday's games. I'm crossing my fingers, because there's a greater chance of error when you do it in a rush.

— I didn't realize until today that Section II's Class D semifinals will be played in Fonda. Yikes. That's a long trip for some of the possible semifinalists up this way. And me.

— If my math is right, Scotia has already clinched the Foothills South title. At 10-0 and with 14 points, nobody else can catch the Tartans. Not that it's a shock to anyone.

— I'm working on the "favorite movie" blog post for the weekend, probably to appear on Sunday morning. I have no idea why I'm doing this. The list will probably confirm any stereotype you have of the kind of life a aging sportswriter lives.

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