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I had vacation time left at the end of the summer and noplace to go with it. An employee left, which created scheduling issues, which put the vacation days on hold.

It's use-it-or-lose-it with vacation, and I wanted to use at least a couple of those days. So I'm here in Washington for a quick two nights. There is not much on docket, other than taking in the history of the place and getting lost in a good book on the train (Apollo 8, by Jeffrey Kluger, and I highly recommend it).

It's not a great time of year to be ducking out on work, especially for a workaholic. I was sitting in the gallery of the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday, and while the important issues of the day were being debated below, I found myself thinking "I wonder what's happening in the Scotia/South High game?"

Fortunately I brought my girls soccer record book and my laptop and I have the day's results in my email, so I can turn this into a busman's holiday and provide you with a blog entry.

The aforementioned game was a 5-2 Scotia victory, which simplifies the chase for the Foothills North title to some extent. All three contenders have lost to Scotia, so first place will more than likely be decided by the remaining games among the contenders. Queensbury and Schuylerville have two losses each in the league and South High has three.

The Scotia/South High result also probably eliminates any of the crazy scenarios that might have happened with the Foothills points system, though that may or may not be relevant anymore based on something that may have happen last week in a league meeting. I'm being held incommunicado on that.

Elsewhere: Lake George continues to forge ahead in the Adirondack League, and an 8-0 victory over Whitehall has the Warriors at 11-0 in the league with three games to play. Samantha Jeckel and Rebecca Jaeger shared the shutout, the Warriors' ninth.

Second-place Bolton-Warrensburg was a 6-0 victor over Granville (Jordan Barker with the shutout) while third-place Fort Ann was a 9-1 winner over Salem. Sarah Paige scored five times in that one, putting her at 31 goals for the season.

On a day of shutouts, Queensbury beat Broadalbin-Perth 7-0 (Brielle La Plant in goal) and Shuylerville topped Amsterdam 3-0 (Caitlin Kelleher's 11th shutout). Also, Saratoga beat Troy 6-0 (Lexi Bakkalapulo and Natalie Jillison in net).

The best game of the day might have been up north, where Johnsburg defeated Schroon Lake 1-0. Charlize Bernard got the shutout as the Jaguars improved to 8-1 in the Northern Soccer League, topping the Wildcats by one goal for the second time this year.

Foothills points: I was told last week that the Foothills Council did something to change its points system and/or the tie breakers. Girls soccer chair Stephen Philo referred me to an athletic director or the league president. I contacted two athletic directors who said the league president had to release the information. I emailed him but have not gotten a reply.

I suppose this could be a snub over my recent criticism of the Foothills, and I suppose as a journalist I should be concerned that the information isn't being released, but I can't get worked up about it just now. In the background as I write this, the TV continues to spit out troubling news from Las Vegas. We lost Dave Strader on Sunday. The Foothills points system just doesn't seem all that important at the moment.

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