SNC tank cars

These train tank cars were seen recently on Saratoga & North Creek Railway’s line north of North Creek.

Dylan Smith, via Facebook

The Times Union lambasted Saratoga & North Creek Railway's plan to continue to bring unused rail tank cars to the Adirondacks, saying the company's chief executive is "holding the Adirondack Park" hostage as he pushes a need for more revenue.

Here is the full editorial, with an interesting photo illustration of Ed Ellis. The anti-storage rhetoric, not just from the T-U but from more environmental groups and elected officials, has picked up over the past week or so. It's become clear that a way to stop it on the state level is not quickly forthcoming, or agencies like the APA or DEC would have done so.

U.S. Rep Elise Stefanik's office says she is exploring options as well, but the train cars continue to roll in.

The question now is whether the hard feelings that are accumulating here are going to get to the point that they will start affecting SNCR's ability to do business locally. Will people boycott the company's tourist trains, with the company's busy holiday train season upcoming?

Or will the state blink, and find a way to pay off Ellis to stop the cars?

There are a lot of moving parts here, and those parts aren't just train wheels turning on the tracks.

-- Don Lehman



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